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  1. Managed to blitz a runthrough of Dante's Inferno (PS3) this weekend.. Really enjoyed it, why has it been sat in my backlog for so long?!

  2. Hi MMDE,


    I initially tagged B1rvine in my post, but now I see you're probably the guy to ask about this.. I also tried to PM you, but the site said I couldn't.


    The official servers for Blur (PS3) appear to have gone offline without warning, with no definitive date of when they went down.. However, someone has created a custom server for PS3 gamers to join and they can continue to earn trophies. However, it doesn't appear to be open source..



    Just thought I would ask for your take on this, since many seem to be already using it without checking first..



  3. I'm currently being reminded why I never finished NFS: Hot Pursuit on Xbox 360.. I don't really like the game 😅

    1. iXanon


      Wow.. Kudos to whoever suggested using the square button (I think it may have been over at PST). Makes a substantial difference!

  4. So close to finishing up F1 2017, I can almost smell the exhaust fumes..


    Surely just 1 or 2 more upgrades needed for On the shoulders of giants (I've surpassed 75% of upgrades for Power, Aero, and Chassis). A few more races after and the platinum will be mine! 😁

  5. I got emailed a 40% discount code for PlayStation Store purchases (maybe because my 25% code in August expired?), and have stocked up on as much PS3 DLC as I could fit.. 😜😅 #skint

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    2. Otonio_Bruno


      I'd definitely do the same. In fact, I want to buy a bunch of DLC this week for Playstation 3 games and since I know these DLC never had a sale in the past, I'm searching for a 10% off code so I can spend a little less.

    3. Deceptrox


      Me too, if I get want I'd buy Assassin's Creed Odyssey Season pass and a few PS3 DLCs that never go on sale (Payday: The Heist, and Duke Nukem Forever, to name a few).

    4. iXanon


      Captain Obvious moment, but make sure you're subscribed to PlayStation Newsletters.. Mine also said something like "We noticed you had an item in your cart", so keep putting sale item(s) in your cart without checking out - but if you really want the item(s) don't forget about them!

  6. About to buy some PS3 DLC and discovered the 25% EU discount code expired two days ago.. D'oh! 😓