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  1. Made a couple of changes for my final list ahead of the event starting, largely because I've began making progress again in both Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) and Watch Dogs (PS4) this month.. They've been sat in my backlog for a while (especially Watch Dogs), and I don't really want to forget about the progress I've made and have to start over again.. I may aswell continue those games and attempt to finish them as part of the event.


    They've taken the place of DiRT 4 (PS4) and Republique (PS4).


  2. 2022 has been my best year for Platinum trophies to date - first year into double digits - and I'm hoping that I'm not quite done yet!


    1.) Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO - PS4 (Feb)

    2.) The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - PS4 (Feb)

    3.) Final Fantasy VII - PS4 (Mar)

    4.) Stories: The Path of Destinies - PS4 (Apr)

    5.) Table Top Racing: World Tour - PS4 (May)

    6.) Life is Strange - PS4 (May)

    7.) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - PS4 (Sep)

    8.) Monster Energy Supercross - PS4 (Oct)

    9.) Rocket League - PS4 (Oct)

    10.) Dante's Inferno - PS3 (Nov)

    11.) Onrush - PS4 (Nov)


  3. On 27/10/2022 at 3:54 PM, HattFox said:

    If I receive a veteran certified item in a trade, I get certifiable trophy?

    On 02/11/2022 at 10:19 AM, RAGEKlTTEN said:

    I have seen that reported by some, yes. It has to be fully upgraded, otherwise the progress will reset.


    Can confirm - I loaned mine out and they got the trophy.


  4. That's been a common problem for years, and nobody knows the exact reason why it works for some people and not others.. Heck, at this stage it may no longer work for any new players, difficult to test.


  5. 11 hours ago, Colin_Raleigh said:

    Someone I know recently finished 5th in a 6 player game yet got credit for the win a bowling game with 6 players trophy. About 20 minutes ago, I finished 3rd in a 6 player game and also got the trophy. After seeing evidence of this twice now, it seems all you might need to do to get this trophy is simply play a full game of 6 players from start to finish. For the other person and myself, this was the first time either of us had played a game with 6 players. So that might be what triggers it regardless of your score or how you're ranked against the other 5 players.


    Can confirm, this is also what happened when I unlocked the trophy.. Not too surprised it hasn't been patched, it takes them long enough to react to monetary and RP exploits.


  6. 18 hours ago, ResiGamer_28 said:

    Nothing illegitimate about them. They work and friend challenges are finally obtainable. Just because psnp crt think they are illegitimate doesn't make them so, they are a good alternative to the abysmal former ones.


    Whether we agree or not, they're the rules to remain on the PSNP leaderboards as it stands.


  7. ConventionalImpureChital-size_restricted



    Final list...

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS4) 25%

    Driver: San Francisco (PS3) - 31%

    Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) - 37%*

    Heavy Rain (PS3) - 11%

    Jak II (PS3) - 18%

    Sephirothic Stories (PS4) - 5%

    Watch Dogs (PS4) - 29%


    One game can have a completion percentage of up to 50%, but the rest must be 33% or under.



  8. On 08/10/2022 at 5:09 PM, iXanon said:
    // Blur (PS3) [iXanon]



    Updating this report with my latest testing..


    I'm including Friends make better enemies because it seems unattainable for the majority, though I can't confirm whether still actually attainable without the use of a third-party servers.


    // Blur (PS3) [iXanon]
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/321-blur
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/1-platinum-trophy
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/10-friends-make-better-enemies
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/16-tourist
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/40-giant-killer
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/41-challenger
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/42-all-rounder
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/43-paint-job
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/44-living-legend
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/45-for-your-consideration
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/46-modder
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/47-photo-finish
    // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/321-blur/48-motor-mash-king
    "321": [1, 10, 16, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48],



  9. I realise there's a few people wanting this, but if anyone could loan me a Halo topper or Ion rocket boost, it'd be much appreciated.. 🙂


    I ended up buying one from an RL trading site.


  10. 2 hours ago, ZedsDeadStevo said:

    The Path More Travelled trophy, which I haven't earned yet, is going to be a grind of it's own too but you can play this slot with the lowest amount possible as to not lose too much. You have ti reach the end room and not find the (bonus) treasure 5 times and I haven't even got it once yet so is going to be quite a long trophy to pop.


    At least 5 times. From my experience and other's, that trophy is glitchy. It took me 6 or 7 times, but I've known it to be double..


  11. The only ones that I believe *may* be attainable for new players are:

    • Friendly competition
    • Friends make better enemies


    Additionally, those who have previously played online I believe *may* still be able to attain (if they fulfilled the requirements):

    • Tourist
    • Challenger
    • Paint Job


    All other onlines I think, are probably unattainable.


  12. Just in case anyone is wondering, LAN doesn't appear to unlock Online trophies.. at least, not from my initial testing (primarily of the 'Modder' trophy).


    People unlocking these trophies are most likely doing so by using the third party server, which has been deemed to be an illegitimate way of doing so.. 🕵️


  13. Question 1: No, I've never played it.



    Question 2: Yes, I'd probably play it given the chance - although my backlog stands at a meaty 600+ due to playing to get platinums + 100%.. Shamefully, I haven't even tried MGS3 yet - let alone any of the more modern ones!



    Question 3: It would probably depend on what was on any PSN store sales at the time.. Heck, I might even be tempted to look into some PS3 digital-only games or DLC since we don't get sales on them anymore.