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  1. Damn....I've done that atleast 50 times and nothing for me.
  2. I have done this multiple times. Tried doing what a guide said about changing the shape and size after you have a regular ball in. Also did it regular. Cant get it to pop...any advice?
  3. Update: I could never get the Touchpad to work on this very well. I literally took a break from it. A couple month break. Came back to it and figured out the Touchpad well and did it in about 20 tries. So definitely can confirm is not impossible, just very hard, mainly because of the randomness of the AI. I dont know how anyone could do it with the D-Pad.
  4. Ok well if I cant get it to come up, I guess I cant do it. I hope that's right that it doesn't count towards the trophy. Thanks.
  5. So I'm one that used the Restart checkpoint in the "polite society, valentine style" mission because I got confused. The articles I read said that the glitch should not impact quests. However, I finished Paying a Social Call several missions ago and still have not got the John Marston mission "Paying Forth Oil" to come up. I dont want to miss it, but I dont know what to do. Any advice?
  6. Any advice on the Threat Neutralized trophy? I can get to the last wave sometimes without being hit, but the last wave always gets me. I read about a glitch where you can get it even if you do get a couple hits, I could not figure that out. Also someone said to save after every wave, well it seems to bring you back to the start everytime and wont let you save after every wave. So looking for any advice on it?
  7. I got ya. That makes perfect sense, I guess I just had never thought about it before.
  8. That makes sense. I don't have a lot of gamer friends, so I have actually never used shareplay for any reason.
  9. I'm not asking anyone to share this, I don't care about playing this game that bad. But I noticed that to posts asking if anyone was willing to share it were deleted for some reason. So my question is what is the reason behind that. I've never asked anyone to do that and wouldn't, because my trophy list might be limited, but it's still all earned by me. But is that against psnprofiles rules...just want to know. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Wasn't sure the best place to post this. So thinking about trying to get some Japanese games to get easy trophies. I've never ordered anything Japanese. My questions are about how easy is it to set up a Japanese PSN account and if that's the best method? I found and anyone have any opinions on that site? Is it trusted and is there a better option to get better deals somewhere. I might sound dumb here, I just haven't done it before. Also any easy Japanese games to recommend?
  12. Probably not as impressive as a list of some other people...but my 5 are The Last of Us Remastered, my first platinum The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, took a long time Fallout 4, took a long time, esp with getting 100% Fallout New Vegas, was very difficult to deal with the glitching, a lot of careful reloads at the end Assassins Creed 3, my first assassins creed platinum, and I love the games
  13. Thanks for the info. Had not heard of this site....much appreciated.
  14. Is there a way to know ahead of time when a game or dlc is being removed from the PS store?