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  1. Thanks everyone for the response!
  2. About to finish my first playthrough in this game, played on Normal. For my 2nd playthrough, can I New Game+ and go to grounded and still get the rest of my upgrades and supplements? Like I said might be a dumb question, but would definitely rather get right into grounded cause I don't expect it to be too difficult at all!
  3. Anyone have any advice for the Flawlesd Lazy-Eye trophy? The guide I found mentions a glitch that never works for me. I've only tried a few times so far because you have to replay the entire mission, but looking for another method before I go at it again!
  4. Thanks...I don't like being flagged, it's not like I'm ever going to be very high up on that leaderboard, but still like being recognized haha
  5. Agreed....that dialogue over and over was so annoying.
  6. Yes...what Harlequin-Girl said. You can only get a few stars a week, but since your Vita already has it downloaded it tallies the star totals even though in the game it will still say whatever you had when the servers went down. I logged on once a week for a couple monthes and played the challenges. I only discovered this method from others on here. Literally nothing shady about it. So does that mean someone else will review it? I mean you can look at many many others who have gotten the trophies since the servers went down to realize they are still obtainable.
  7. How long until someone reviews this?
  8. It seems the guide needs updated, because yes it's unobtainable if you had not started Street Smart before servers went down. However, they are obtainable if you have it just takes time and a slow method of getting them. If you look at the forums, others have done this same method and there is no cheating involved. It's just logging in and playing the StreetSmart games once a week.
  9. These games can be disputed: Smart As • Reason: Some trophies are impossible to unlock because servers are down.. This is what it says. I hope it gets lifted because I only went back to the game when I found out that the platinum was still obtainable for me since I had played it before.
  10. For some reason I got flagged for this game. I started this game years ago and earlier this year picked it back up to finish it. I spent weeks getting stars every week in Street view since you could still do that if you had started it before servers were down. I did change the date on my Vita to speed up the unlocking of games all of that, which seems perfectly legal and even suggested in game guides. I have looked at other achievers who clearly did the same thing by time stamps and they haven't been flagged. I'm really just confused by this and have never been flagged for a game before and did nothing wrong. Can anyone tell me why? I mean seriously just look at the faster achievers. Took days for some people and years for me. I'm so pissed right now.
  11. So I've gotten flagged for this game. I don't understand why, it's the only time I've been flagged for a game. I had started the game years ago and finished it this method, collecting stars every week for monthes. I'm very pissed right now.
  12. neobowler Smart As I have no idea how I am flagged. I started this game a couple years ago before the servers went down. If this is because of street view, I just played this game every week for a couple monthes to get the stars. It is still a legit way to get the trophies. I did nothing to glitch the game. This game literally took me monthes. I don't understand this.
  13. I struggled at first and my high score was like 17,000 for 30 tries and then the the 31st reached 50,000, and 32nd 300,'s hard until you get every aspect of game play and controls down, then becomes a lot easier. Just my opinion.
  14. Damn....I've done that atleast 50 times and nothing for me.
  15. I have done this multiple times. Tried doing what a guide said about changing the shape and size after you have a regular ball in. Also did it regular. Cant get it to pop...any advice?