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  1. T O M O R R O W |-/

  2. School starts tomorrow... But atleast I get to see a certain someone everyday now :)

    1. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Hier starte shool eergisteren al (^_^ )

    2. A little fluffy cat
  3. The limited edition of NMS is packed so nicely! Its literally a book :o

    1. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Couldn't believe it either, I did not know this in advance, looks awesome!

    2. BestGregger


      I thought it would just be like a sleeve with everything in it, but this is something else!

  4. Gonna quit trophy hunting for sertain games, games like Overwatch & No Man's Sky, games like that I'll keep doing it for sinse it keeps me busy, but games like Uncharted & The Last Of Us games like that, I don't want to worry about achievement, nor do I really care. So I just wanted you all to know :)

    1. skateak


      I finally beat The Last of Us Remastered a few weeks ago after being lucky enough to never have anything spoiled for me, and it was as good as everyone has said and a lot of fun. I personally only have 3 more trophies for the plat but the multiplayer trophies are a pain and kind of time consuming,

  5. I have had 3 17 Killstreaks in Overwatch in less than 2 days... CAN I JUST GET 20 FOR THE F*CKING ACHIEVEMENT PLEASE THANKS

    1. Superstarmaste1r


      I have it worse in a similar situation but it's Guilty Gear Revelator where getting 150 badges is fucking hard that I just want that trophy so much.

    2. Waffle-Sensei


      I got the trophy when I played as, so I think a tank with lots of health or ack... I mean, Bastion, might be your best bet.

      That's just me though. Might have more luck playing as your favorite hero instead.

    3. BestGregger


      I have gotten 2 as Soldier: 76, and 1 as, but a few weeks ago I got a 19 killstreak with Bastion...

  6. Haven't been on my PS4 & PC for like 2/3 days mainly 'cause of the heat, but its decent now, so Im back :P

  7. I have 3 legendary skins at level 52 in Overwatch... I just got one again... BUT ITS A FUCKING DUPLICATE KMS

  8. How do you make your Playstation App/Close Friends Only profile picture availible to public?? I always wonder but I can never find the answer :P

    1. minh2t


      You can't, you can only use the PS avatar for public, they don't want you to put custom stuff but rather make you spend money on buying nice avatars.

  9. I've been really inactive trophy collecting wise, but Im just really enjoying Overwatch right now, its the most fun game I've played in a long time :P

  10. Battlefield 1 doesn't look interesting to me at all.. Granted its only in Alpha, but I had higher expectations...

  11. Its crazy how many names are taken.. Im trying to get SO MANY names based on songs.. but they're literally all taken..

    1. --Deleted--




  12. The Witcher 3 or Destiny? Im leaning more towards The Witcher, but which do you think I should get?

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    2. Cobby


      Yoshi, you rebel :o

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Everyone loves a rebel.

    4. BestGregger


      Lmfao I guess I know what the fan favorite is, Lets hope it deserves the title of me which it got. Getting it soon :_

  13. If it wasn't for Rainbow Six: Siege I'd be on like 15-20 platinums lmfao

    1. Obscure_Ale


      The multiplayer no trophy phase... Happens to the best of us :P

  14. Just got back from the Panic! At The Disco concert! Was amazing!! =D November is Twenty One Pilots <3

  15. Questions about PSNow: Can you get trophies? - Does your save file of a game go away if you dont re-new your subscription? - Are the games availible forever? Or do they dissapear and other games go in stead of these ones? - Is it worth it? - (If they do) When are new games added? Thanks if you took the time to read/answer. I really appriciate it :)

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    2. BestGregger


      @usrmd Thanks for the reply! Will get into them shortly then! :)

    3. BestGregger


      @Superstarmaste1r No, It doesnt sadly, I just checked

    4. usrmd


      if you haven't used the free trial, got nothing to loose! :) just remember to cancel the sub because its set automatically to renew. best part is no downloading needed.. the games stream, and its actually very smooth.

  16. I really.. REALLY want to start the PSNow Trial since its now availible in The Netherlands, but its only for 7 days, and atleast 1 day will go to waste since I cant play at all that day... So I have to wait 2 days..

  17. Downloading Overwatch now! Played the Beta and loved it! Super exited for the full game =D

    1. TigressLion


      Whenever I Super exit I usually find myself outside, unless I'm excited, then I'm inside playing something. Jks, hope you enjoy it, it's all the hype right now.

  18. Just hit 1000 trophies! :D Gave the milestone to the ''Stage Fright'' trophy from Uncharted 4 as it was hilarious in my opinion :P

  19. I think its safe to say (even though its just May) that Uncharted 4 is my Game Of The Year. It was amazing! The graphics were insane aswell! :o

    1. AlphaTrash


      It's not safe to say at all lmao.

  20. I don't care which, but my 1000 trophy (I need 20 more) will be something from Uncharted 4 :P

  21. Yeee, 2TB upgrade done! =D

  22. Gonna be upgrading my harddrive from my PS4 from 500GB to 2TB today :D

  23. FUCK! Is there a way to remove a save in Dark Souls 3 so you are where you left of you when opened the game that session?? I may or may not have killed the Priesteress by ''accident'' and now Im at Dancer of the Boreal Valley as my SECOND BOSS OF THE GAME... I dashboarded the game, hopefully then it doesnt save. (It most likely will have...)

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    2. Saltyie


      Yeah you don't have to go back until the endgame. Live and learn.

    3. BestGregger


      Ok, great to hear I dont actually have to restart :P

    4. BestGregger


      Also Najinceil, When I killed her and I moved to the statue behind her chair, a cutscene went off where it showed that boss coming in. Now that place is just a fog door as always

  24. FUCK! Is there a way to go back a few minutes/hour in Dark Souls 3??? I may or may not have '

  25. FUCK! Is there a way to go back a few minutes/hour in Dark Souls 3??? I may or may not have '