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  1. Is it just me or doesn't it show up in the playstation store? I'm from The Netherlands but this may or may not count for the EU.
  2. Alright thanks! Have fun! It looks great.
  3. Im entered My favorite game from 2016 was Overwatch And my name is: BestGregger
  4. Hey, so I bought the vinyl for Bruno Mars' 24K Magic, which I love, but I don't need the digital version of it, so I'll just give it out here! The code is: AUUB6V88FNYW To redeem it go to I the person who gets it has fun listening! Let me know if you got it or not!
  5. No worries! Have fun with it!
  6. Definitely Overwatch!
  7. I hope so, I want to change mine
  8. T O M O R R O W |-/

  9. School starts tomorrow... But atleast I get to see a certain someone everyday now :)

    1. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Hier starte shool eergisteren al (^_^ )

    2. A little fluffy cat
  10. In my opinion it doesn't look that difficult It looks alot like the trophies from Far Cry 4
  11. Im really having fun with this beta right now, its great in my opinion Its quite challenging but I remember when I had the first on my PC (which I loved btw) and I got pretty good after a while, so this is 100% gonna be a day 1 for me
  12. Im from The Netherlands, but it was one of the first when I just went to the Themes section in Settings, but it should be somewhere there, I dont know if its regional exclusive though
  13. The limited edition of NMS is packed so nicely! Its literally a book :o

    1. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Couldn't believe it either, I did not know this in advance, looks awesome!

    2. BestGregger


      I thought it would just be like a sleeve with everything in it, but this is something else!

  14. Source: I understand, but that doesn't make it any less annoying
  15. Gonna quit trophy hunting for sertain games, games like Overwatch & No Man's Sky, games like that I'll keep doing it for sinse it keeps me busy, but games like Uncharted & The Last Of Us games like that, I don't want to worry about achievement, nor do I really care. So I just wanted you all to know :)

    1. skateak


      I finally beat The Last of Us Remastered a few weeks ago after being lucky enough to never have anything spoiled for me, and it was as good as everyone has said and a lot of fun. I personally only have 3 more trophies for the plat but the multiplayer trophies are a pain and kind of time consuming,

  16. I was kinda expecting trophies like where you need to find a rare creature, but even though its not what I expected, looks cool, but grindy
  17. I have had 3 17 Killstreaks in Overwatch in less than 2 days... CAN I JUST GET 20 FOR THE F*CKING ACHIEVEMENT PLEASE THANKS

    1. Superstarmaste1r


      I have it worse in a similar situation but it's Guilty Gear Revelator where getting 150 badges is fucking hard that I just want that trophy so much.

    2. Waffle-Sensei


      I got the trophy when I played as, so I think a tank with lots of health or ack... I mean, Bastion, might be your best bet.

      That's just me though. Might have more luck playing as your favorite hero instead.

    3. BestGregger


      I have gotten 2 as Soldier: 76, and 1 as, but a few weeks ago I got a 19 killstreak with Bastion...

  18. Gonna wait, and buy the retail version when it comes out. I love the case
  19. The free Suicide Squad theme which got released 2 days ago I love it! Im really hyped for the movie aswell
  20. Lowkey pretty exited for Tricky Towers Looks like a fun game
  21. YESSS
  22. Haven't been on my PS4 & PC for like 2/3 days mainly 'cause of the heat, but its decent now, so Im back :P

  23. I always asked my friends this question, what are your most and least used heroes in Overwatch? And its always interessting to hear These stats are with 34 Hours of playtime My 5 most used are Genji - 5 Hours Roadhog - 3 Hours Soldier: 76 - 3 Hours Pharah - 3 Hours Junkrat - 3 Hours And my 5 least are Torbjorn - 4 Minutes Zarya - 4 Minutes Symmetra - 8 Minutes Lúcio - 9 Minutes Winston - 10 Minutes
  24. I made this