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  1. 49.13% Uncommon Skystriker Defeat an enemy with a Skystriker.
  2. hey hows it going
  3. Awww yes. I need more indepth atmosphere-setting games like this. I loved Wasteland through and through, and I'll love this one, no doubt. Here's hoping one of my gaming friends get it, too. Or maybe my brother.
  4. naaah, i'm way too weak at these games to even get the plat to begin with. Your time is safe
  5. 48.11% Uncommon This is My Rifle, This is My Gun Obtained 10% of all available weapons. Halfway there with the weps.
  6. Too bad I've played through it like 5 times already. Probably still get it, though.this is probably the closest we'll get to a 2nd one