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  1. I hope so, but we’ll see..
  2. Anyone knows how much the game costs? Cannot find it in EU PlayStation store..
  3. Well I don't bother posting all of them so here's the recently trophy that got me to level 16
  4. Well if you are looking for easy earned trophies or platinums so the game is something for you, I bought this game while it was on sale and when exploring that the game does is really easy to complete I would be crazy for not buying it because why not. And it doesn't matter if you're into the story of Goosebumps or not, seriously the game is really easy and cheap enough.
  5. The plat for the game will be mine soon..
  6. Conjuring 2! Creepy ass movie..
  7. Already finished the game but otherwise I wish you good luck! The game and the storyline was very awesome, I wish that they could may make a sequel but we'll see.
  8. either
  9. Banned for too much anime pictures hoho
  10. Eh, I recommend you to get a PS4 than upgrading the PS3 because it won't work.. If you wanna fuck the PS3 up then this is how you do it.
  11. I just bought Farcry3 after hearing that it was better than the newer farcry games.
  12. Actually I bought them years ago and I wasn't interesting in collecting trophies then but I still have the PS3 so I decided to start over again and play them, it was very nice to look back on games I played as kid and I just decided to focus on collecting trophies from them because why not. They was acutally just laying on my shelf and I only watch them laying there like museum. And when I checked that they was easy to collect so I didn't mind to start over haha. Yeah sorry, I am new here so I know less than you but great to know, haha. Thank you, now I think it's not embarassing anymore.
  13. Yeah you're right but for me they was the most embarassing I've earned according to my friends. They literally just asked me how old I am but they didn't even realize I just played them to earn platinums Vent jeg merket ikke at du er norsk, så det er vel ikke nødvendig å snakke engelsk eller er det? Haha.
  14. Only one, and it is from Surgeon Simulator and I guess it won't be under 1k soon..
  15. Sailor moon!