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  1. Leaving such a good game like Mafia 2 uncompleted in your backlog, should be illegal. Go finish it up dude
  2. Interesting topic. I agree with you in particular parts of your arguments. I kinda feel that only platting easy games, such as My name is Mayo, cloud up the leaderboards in the sense that they overshadow people whom work hard in earning their trophies. Also i think it's wrong that you bash these people for doing easy plats, while you have done platinums like My name is Mayo, Goat simulator twice, it's kinda hypocritical
  3. The drive runs through an external power source so the drive is most likely defective :/ . Well thanks for the information :D
  4. Only 1 lettered drives shows up, so thats probably not the case. Thanks anyways mate Lucky americans, hopefully its free for me to
  5. Well shit, here where i live the 5TB seagate costs about 277 dollars. If im going to buy it, it will definitely be from amazon lol. It looks like the offer of 122 dollars for the hard drive still is there. Hopefully the shipping won't be expensive Im not sure exactly what partitions are, and the explanations on google seem advanced. How can i find out how many partitions my hdd has?
  6. Yeah, its about 110 dollars.And the software is already on the drive. Ill check if the seagate 5tb is in Norway, because if it is i might buy it. Does it work good? Seagate it is then! Definitely not cheap, but it should work in contrast to the maxwell.
  7. Sounds logical. Hopefully they add a new patch or something for that, or i think im better off with delivering the hdd back, and buying a new one, although many of them are expensive and i bought the cheapest one for that size Probably. Either that or ps4 hasn't added support to all the externals, like ERGOPROXY-DECAY says.
  8. Wow, after i thought i had researched the whole internet about failing external hdd, im surprised how you even found this. Thanks mate, i will probably keep myself updated on that forum until somebody has an answer.
  9. Nice advice, but sadly for me, that didn't work either ;(. Im beginning to think my external hard drive isn't supported or something
  10. I can't even get to the first step, since the drive isnt recognized The power button is on. When it comes to the USB ports, there are only two in the front. Ive also heard that the rear usb port might help, but ive heard its only on PS4 pros, cuz i only got two in the front. Also the usb i got with the external harddrive, has a weird SS sign on it im not sure if thats the fault.
  11. Yeah, i meant the USB storage devices, sorry if i wasn't specific. It just shows up that there is no usb devices connected
  12. The hard drive doesn't show up, so i can't really format it through that way
  13. So, i was stoked to get a new external hard drive to use for the new 4.50 update, so i bought one for sale. The shipping took about 2 weeks, so i was finally happy when it finally came today. When i connected the 4tb external hard drive, it did not show up on usb devices, even though i tried formating it to fat32 and exFat. Im also sure it matched the criteria of it being a 3.0 usb. This was the one i bought. By the details, is this compatible for the PS4? If so does anyone have an idea of how i can fix this problem? Thanks in advance
  14. Miharu and Steve Give it a try
  15. Well that sucks Thanks for replying tho