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  1. how ya been hommie?. been a minute since I anything from Ur part of town.

  2. I've got the same username here, as I do over on PS3T.
  3. Nice touch, Sly. Unfortunately my 500th Trophy was from Captain America.. Here's to a better 1000.
  4. Nice touch, Sly. I'm liking the little perks you're adding to the site.
  5. Straight from the US Playstation Blog, Sony have announced that Playstation Plus Members will be able to download 10.. Yes 10, free PSN games coming this month, including the Resident Evil Trilogy. On top of this, there will be discounts, including Resident Evil 4 (9/20,) and Resident Evil Code Veronica (9/27) being 50% off. This is part of the RE 15th Anniversary special. Be quick though, as they will only be be available for the cheaper price for 2 weeks only. And it doesn't stop there. Sony promises plenty more content making its way for Subscribers, including new full game trials, and free themes and avatars. Source: US Playstation Blog
  6. It's becoming quite a trend lately, as now another Team has been scrubbed. This time it is the Split/Second developer, Black Rock Studio's. They officially closed their doors today. Confirmation of the news comes from Nick Baynes, the former director of the Disney-owned studio. "@blackrockster officially closes its doors today," said a statement from him on Twitter. He continued; "Thoughts go out to all facing their last day. A bright future awaits all though I'm sure!" News emerged back in July that the former Disney-owned studio was forced to close its doors due the cancellation of a free-to-play DOTA-style project, which was going by the working title of Champions Alliance. Other projects that got terminated include a sequel to 2008 Quad-Bike Racer, Pure and a follow-up to last year's Split/Second. Source: Gamasutra
  7. Watch the Event Live here Decided to make a thread to keep all discussion of the Modern Warfare 3 XP event in one place. It takes place today and tomorrow. I'll keep the thread updated, when more news gets announced. Robert Bowling's Introduction Videos Multiplayer Reveal Trailer Announcements Hardened Edition
  8. The final Downloadable Content Package for Rockstar's Worldwide Success of Red Dead Redemption, 'Myths and Mavericks,' has just been given a date, including all of the details. The DLC will also be free. A definite token of appreciation on Rockstar's part, in rewarding Gamers for being so Loyal. Included in the deal are new maps, and characters for multiplayer. You will be able to get your hands on the DLC this month.. on September 13th. Source: Eurogamer
  9. Great Competition, Sly. A nice bonus for it being one of the greatest games of the year, so far. Good luck all.
  10. Only today, Gearbox have released an Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer, showcasing for the first time, actual in-game footage. It offers a sneak peek at the dangerous Xenomorphs, and overall tone of the atmosphere that we should come to expect from the ever-so-popular, 'Aliens'. Featured in the Action-Packed trailer of the upcoming First Person Shooter, is Humanoid Xenomorphs, M41A Pulse Rifles, exosuit cargo-loaders, the infamous motion tracker.. And an Alien Queen. Just the usual day at the office for these Marines. You're behind me, aren't you? Gearbox Software CCO, Brian Martel, recently discussed the studio’s upcoming franchise tie-in, in which he explained what kind of things will be on offer, including new unseen Xenomorph types, as well as a solid story that takes place after the events of Alien 3, but utilize the “Marines in an over-run facility” ambiance of James Cameron’s Aliens. Sounds good, doesn't it? On top of this, the developers are really focusing on the feeling of survival and teamwork, in which you MUST rely on each other to Survive, so tactical combat will be emphasized over the 'run and gun' approach. Also, there will be 4 player drop in, drop out online Coop, and 2 player Split-Screen. Anyway, enough talk. Check out the latest trailer below. Prepare to keep an eye on those motion trackers, when Colonial Marines releases in early 2012. Source: FEARnet
  11. Would have expected more discussion. Plenty of new media added to main post.
  12. GamesCom is under way, and there's already been quite a lot of new footage revealed. Battlefield 3 Conquest Trailer Devil May Cry Trailer Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour Trailer
  13. are U gonna go for the Plat on Resistance 2.? I'm but an hour away from it. leveling the co-op is even worst than going for killing machine.

  14. Bethesda have just untangled some new details on the Collector’s Pack, which will only available at GAME and Gamestation, the popular U.K retailers. The Pack will be the same price as the regular game. The Collector’s Pack includes a copy of the post-apocalyptic shooter, alongside a ‘Making of’ DVD, two RAGE comic books, focusing on events before the game takes place, as well as all the in-game content available in the Anarchy Edition. Check out the details, and the image of the Package below. Prepare to enter the Wasteland on October 7th this year. Source: VG247
  15. One Shot.. Can Change History Gaming Developer, Rebellion, are taking another shot at the sniping genre, with Sniper Elite V2. The first teaser for the game has just launched, and it shows off a bloody new addition to the game. Unlike other War games, being a Sniper here is all about having the patience and precision of a true marksman, as that one shot will make or break your entire mission.. but that just makes the success of a headshot that much more satisfying. Sniper Elite V2's kill cam will make your one round a sight to behold, as you can see on this trailer. Sniper Elite V2 is scheduled to come out sometime in 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.