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  1. Enjoys mastering third person fast action titles- and probably an Arab? Salam!
  2. Hey everyone, made a video showing a hint or two for most of the parts in this game that would make you anxious in a no death run. This is a cherry on top to DropeRj's written hints- which covers everything important if you prefer reading ( video has been deleted, sorry!
  3. I love your Kid run of Hell lightworld, im not too familiar with this character as I want to stick with meatboy for my trophies, but seeing you pass all the elevator and moving platform levels is convincing me to start switching.
  4. Its true, my brother took much less time achieving this trophy as he switched to Jill and Kid for certain levels (thats why I emboldened who to switch to if youre having trouble for each level). The point of using meatboy everywhere is to be able to make cotton alley's flawless run less frightening.
  5. Do you love this game but are having a hard time earning the flawless run trophies? Here I will share some probably already well known techniques that will make things a little easier, specifically for the first 'hard' run 'BLOOD CLOT BOY' which requires you to beat the Hospital Dark World without dying- This trophy is a rare GOLD trophy, you would enjoy having this in your collection. The picture of this trophy is also very cool. First, there are a couple of hidden rules which you should already know about this game: 1. With the exception of a few painful levels, Super Meat Boy rewards the speediest course- After you play this game at length you will notice that certain obstacles (enemies, saw blades, moving platforms) will be in convenient positions as you bolt through the level. A good measure of whether or not you are on this course is by attaining the A+ speed rank at the end of the level. Finishing quickly also saves your time! 2. The controls are the best features of this game and is what separates it from titles like Kung Fu Rabbit- Meat boy himself is the best character to use for all levels in my opinion (that's why the final chapter is the hardest and limited to meat boy controls), if you master control over his speed and fluid maneuverability (from walls, in air, and on platforms) you should overcome most of this games obstacles with confidence. 3. Prepare for long continuous practice runs; other characters are there for convenience- If you are sure to game for a few hours, have a treat by your side (I prefer a club soda and some chips). Your motivation will grow as you begin to single out levels you mastered in your practice runs. Once your are confident in beating the individual levels, its up to repetition, diligence, club soda, and chips. If you are playing on a PS4 then enhance your motivation by recording your runs. Other characters are extremely useful for certain levels, but mastering the single jack of all trades character meat boy will place you on a higher pedestal than the plebeians who switch characters in flawless runs (not really). 4. Are you using the game pad correctly?- This is coming from me who played through meat boy using the keyboard. Ill let you in on a little secret, a reason why the keyboard trumped my ps1 controller which I used for gaming on my PC. It is because I can easily put two fingers of my right hand on each of the left and right buttons at the same time. This is important because you need to be able to more quickly change directions at many points in the game. So for people holding the PS4 controller, despite the arrogant notion of some individuals about using directional buttons for 2D platformers, rely now on YOUR LEFT HAND THUMB, and the ANALOGUE STICK. If you feel bad using it, it will take a few days to get used to. The sprint button, preferably , should almost constantly be held. Tips for overcoming each level (numbered 1 to 20 and not 2-1x to 2-20x for convenience): 1: requires everything basic you've learned from the forest dark world. If you are uncomfortable playing this level then you have not embraced meat boy's fluid controls yet. To master the controls, the most important thing is knowing your jumps. 2: this level has a leap of faith which is very easy to perform if you practice the jump numerous times. If you are precise with meatboy's location during his fall (which can be controlled with higher precision using the analogue stick) then you can beat it easily. Switching to Jill will solve any problems you have with this level. 3: start immediately as the best saw blade positions are if you move the fastest as shown in the video. If you miss the mark, then playing this level slowly should also work. The toughest parts are the saw blades hitting you in the corners as you move one platform below, so before you move to the next corridor containing dual saw blades, make sure the dual saw blades has just finished or is about to finish its track. 4: the trick to using meat boy here requires that you stay in a specific fan flow for a very short time. This fan is the third one counting down from bandage girl. Switching to Pink Knight will solve any problems you have with this level. 5: requires forest light world expertise. Switching to the Kid will solve any problems you have with this level. 6: this level is perfect for Meat Boy's speed. The most frequent death is at the beginning where you will fall into a pit or be blown left to your death. The trick to avoid falling into the pit, if you are using meat boy, is to fall from your starting position without holding the left directional button; this way you will be able to tap jump onto the next platform and not into your death. 7: One of 3 hard levels in this run, the best time to move is at the start, as the blobs are just beginning to open your path. If you miss your mark, then playing very slowly will result in this level's completion. Switching to the Kid will solve any problems you have with this level. 8: this level only appears hard. If you take the upper route at the start, your jump should be 3/4's of the way down on the wall you are going to leap from. The next obstacle involves breakable walls which should be removed by jumping to and from while observing where the blobs on the left are moving as you jump back. Reaching bandage girl can be done with comfort as you have not 1 but 3 breakable squares to time your jumps. 9: You start mid-air in this level, so wait a second before moving. Meat Boy is the easiest to use if you slide down the walls to measure your jumps, otherwise switching to the Kid will solve any problems you have with this level. 10: No problem if you can handle Meat Boy's controls, otherwise switching to the Kid will solve any problems you have with this level. 11: When you collect the second key, you are standing on a single square's length platform. The moment the key lock that is directly above you (part of the unlocking cascade) opens, perform a high jump and push right at meat boy's zenith. Switching to the Kid will solve any problems you have with this level. 12: One of 3 hard levels in this run, some of you may enjoy going through this level very quickly (by letting the first ever saw blade that is launched chase you) but that will result in your tears as you realize that this meaningless death will require a replay of the first 11 levels. The saw blade chase in my experience requires one initial death which will load you into the level quicker which then allows you to surpass the saw blade. 13: requires forest light world expertise. 14: This level is easy if you are comfortable moving around using fans. Be cautious when passing the blobs close to the ceiling. When falling back down, use the fan slow your fall; if you wish to land on the square next to the fan then do so while moving downwards and not when youre floating upwards. 15: A good level to be cautious in, all obstacles are easy to overcome. The first wall jump which will make the level easier if performed in the first few seconds is the only hard part, and requires a long press with no directional input. 16: One of 3 hard levels in this run, if you get hit by the first 2 lasers then you are too impatient. The tough part here is the final jump off the horizontal platform before reaching bandage girl; it simply requires a little running space and not letting go of the direction before exiting the building. 17-20: if you managed 1 to 16 then you are home free if you are cautious. All obstacles are easy to pass and are well spaced, its just that there are more than usual. So if you fail this run in these levels... . Being cautious means staying on a vertical wall by jumping to and from the same wall if you are waiting for a laser to switch off, it means waiting for a blob to be out of your way, it means obtaining a key when there is no enemy in sight, it means being comfortable with the rhythm of the game's controls. feel free to add to the topic. I wrote this because the existing trophy guide doesn't explain certain aspects that can be confusing if just watched on video. Im not even sure if im allowed to post this topic due to the existing guide.
  6. Hey dont see any replies here, so ill add from my experience with the Naginata. Holding triangle vaults you high enough to reach the wing tips and horns of the Frost/Bladewings, if youre wondering about this enemy specifically, due to the low health of the wing parts, it can be destroyed eventually if you focus on them first with a follow command; when the enemy gets knocked down flat on the ground, Naginatas can be used as a lawn mower on the wing if you are glowing red- more so with a SPD or ATK build. For tall enemies like the Putrox whose back horns are way up high, a weird tactic I found useful is using parry against an attack mid air which will vault you to eye level, following a destroyer. All this aside, careful playing means saving your team destroyer on awkwardly positioned parts when the enemy is downed.
  7. Come now, Ive never had so much fun in any other multiplayer game- Aero dash + Shotgun always catches by surprise and trampling foes as the big daddy never gets old.
  8. Alright, just got the trophy. So its a little annoying how they placed this quest. After I failed to give it materials, I did another mission (that I have done before) and there was no marker over the tree. After doing another 3000 haku cycle and getting materials from him however, and then choosing no to give him haku again, he will reset and have a new material quest. Hope this helps: fail tree quest give haku to tree do a mission (preferably new one) take materials from tree and refuse haku request do a mission new quest from tree
  9. Sounds like a problem im about to face as well , just missed the opportunity to get it because I didnt have some insane ultimate materials which I dont have access to yet. Ill update you if the soul tree gives me a new quest. I believe you should not give it any Haku, and after any following mission, he should reset and offer a new task.
  10. This maintenance actually hit me hard yesterday, was looking forward to playing some Gauntlet. Most offline games like super meat boy have a leaderboard, and that damn maintenance message kept popping after every level I completed! Only after I found out that you can switch off these kind of notices in the settings.
  11. Ended up playing the last third of my first playthrough with Gall (and it was extra worth it after completing the new dungeon with him). His insane combos tend to sweep all the enemies in a fight. The rest of the party: Ines (favorite dual mystic arte), Beryl, and Hisui.
  12. For me as well. I enjoyed this game a little too much. Now if only KotOR 1 and 2 will come with trophies (KotOR 2 already has achievements on steam!), then my gaming needs will be fulfilled.
  13. Would love to see this take place, the next trophy in my advisor is always from a game i hate or dont have anymore .
  14. Dragon's Dogma for me, cant get enough of slaying a few beasts and taking pictures.
  15. If I'm ever desperate for long gameplay videos, I prefer the no commentary uploaders like hassan al-hajri.