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  1. Currently playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and honestly... I don't have that many gripes with the game, certainly not as many as everyone seemed to have when it released. My only problem with it so far is the openworld, it's just... Too large for me, I understand that openworlds are selling like hotcakes at the moment, but for me it just ruins what could have been an awesome story narrative. With that said, the game is about exploring planets and expanding settlements, so it has meaning to be there, still... I think there's too much of it haha Encountered a few glitches, but none of them gamebreaking, and I guess this is what we can expect from huge openworlds these days... I love the interaction between the crew members, it really feels like a Bioware game in this aspect. While I don't have as much love for the Andromeda team as I did the original Normandy team, I have found a few favs. such as Vetra and Jaal! Drack is bascially Wrex, Peebee is an annoying Liara and Cora is a fanatical asari lover instead of the space racist that was Ashley 😁 The rest are a nice bunch as well (Don't want to drag it out). Oh yes, the Initiative console which has messages between members of the crew always makes me laugh, great implementation! Still not done with the main story, it seems a bit reharshed from ME2 with the Collectors/Kett, but I guess I don't have a huge problem with it. Anyways, i'm really liking the game, but I do see minior issues with it and I guess the game was in a worse state when it released, but as it is now, it's a nice little (huge) game PS: Kadara is beautiful
  2. Loved the outdoor segment in Metro Exodus! And digged the setting of AC:O 😀
  3. A fellow Mass Effect fan, cheers! 😁
  4. - Star Ocean: The Last Hope - White Knight Chronicles 2 - Mass Effect triology
  5. LiS, Killing Floor and WRC 5 for me, this is a really sweet month 😁
  6. Wow... Just went back to this game yesterday to finally give it a try and now this topic shows up haha... I'm really liking the PS3 release so far, so I might consider this remaster in the future, will keep my eye out for this one 😀
  7. Just started this yesterday, been quite awhile since I played this one, was thinking about Croc 1 but I played that not too long ago and my memories of Croc 2 are vague compared to 1, so here we go 😁
  8. As a kid, went into a video game store to trade in games for a few bucks so I could buy condoms I mean... Among these games were Shadow Hearts 1 and Grandia, never forgave myself for that sin. Ps: The sex wasn't worth the trade off
  9. Hail to the King! Completed all trophies for the game! (Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Tour) Think I got this back in december, so i'm a little late to the party haha! Choose this game (And plat) because of the name of the platinum (I mean, who doesn't want to be king?) And the fact I spent hours upon hours playing this game as a kid, so it was fun memories (Even though I speeded through it haha) Now if only Doom 1+2 had plats...
  10. Is the plat for Lumo still glitched though? Would love to try it out, but will probably skip if it still is glitched ): PS: Great month, looking forward to trying out most of these :-)
  11. Probably my Doom 3 or Shadow Warrior plat. Doom 3 took ages, had to complete both Doom 1+2 on Ultra Violence, Doom 3 and all it's expansions on Nightmare, loved the two first Doom games, as I also grew up with these, but Doom 3 was a slugfest, really happy to see Doom 4 return to roots with the fastpaced gunplay! And Shadow Warrior had to be completed on Heoric, which meant if you died you would return to the start of the level, and these levels would sometimes branch into 30-45 mins, and a death was sure to get me raging
  12. Wow... I have had dreams of this game getting a HD remaster for PS4 but I never actually thought they would do it... All they need to do is bring this to PAL/NA now! While I do fear what kind of trophies will come with the title I won't let that stop me from playing this amazing game, I tried several times to fire up my PS2 and do a full playthrough but I always get sucked into the PS3/4/Vita trophy grind Perhaps with the implementation of trophies I can finally beat this sucker once more! Now SE... Do Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria, and my Tri-Ace needs will be complete! PS: Why didn't you bring over SO2 to PAL/NA, that's like the best Star Ocean title ): Oh well, hoping for TTEOT gets here!
  13. The hardest part of this game was getting through the "Story mode", I was so bored throughout the whole ordeal. Had a couple of go's at Deathmode at a friends before I dipped into the game myself, which I loved even though I was so fustrated at first haha. So I had no idea there was a story mode and all I could do was wait for Deathmode, which really isn't that bad! But I can understand some would have a tough time on Deathmode, but damn do I love it haha
  14. Don't know much about TESO, but I would imagine SO4 got quite hard on the hardest difficulty... Anyways my vote goes for WKC, as I am one of those that really didn't get to experince it much while the servers were up and now the grind is killing me. I also heard rumors that Veilgander (Think thats the name of the dungeon) Should be pretty damn hard when soloing it, which you have to do now that the servers are offline.
  15. I don't know if you are aware of it, but the Ouch trophy requires a combination of two different power ups at the same time (Don't remember the combination) where a bunch of missles will come raining from the sky, this is how I got that trophy. Also the camera one popped randomly for me, I didn't even notice I had gotten it, my only advice is to just fire rockets all over the place and experiment with different power ups combination and try to fire it as often as possible, it should pop sooner or later like that. Good luck :-)