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  1. Mass Effect 1 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect: Andromeda What can I say, I love me my Mass Effect! (Still need to go and do all the DLC's for ME3 tho'!)
  2. EA = Enormous Assholes. Seriously. Dead Space? The hell are they thinking at EA. I know that DS3 didn't fare well in the eyes of the masses and that BF: Hardline wasn't the experince that veteran Battlefield players wanted. But killing off a studio like that, one which had truly created an amazing games, atleast imo... It's a sad day indeed. I was looking so much forward to the next installment in the series after the cliffhanger that DS3's DLC ending had, guess that's never going to happen now.
  3. I need this in my life. I will never get the plat, but one can not have too much Star Ocean
  4. Prolly going to go with my standard PS1-era days setup: Zidane, Garnet, Eiko, Amarant not because there is any tactical advantage (I think?) but just out of nostalgia, i'm already loving playing through it again! 😁
  5. When did you start gaming? Started playing on an Commandore 64 and Amiga but I don't really remember those that well, I wouldn't be able to point out which games I've played so my first real experience and one which I remember must be my days of playing DOS games on PC (Which had 500mb of storage capacity, wild stuff back then!). Games that comes to mind from this early 90s era is: Doom 1+2, Quake, Jazz Jack Rabbit, Outlaws, Commander Keen, Redneck Rampage, Megarace etc. But my hayday gaming was deffo in the PS1 era, this is the era where I learned of RPGs when Final Fantasy VIII and Pokemon launched... After playing those I went on to get Vandal Hearts 2, FF Tactics, Azure Dreams, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Tales of Eternia and the list continues... And to this day, I still love me some RPGs What consoles did you play as a kid? My first console experience is NES, but I only borrowed that one, my very own was PS1 and it was glorious 😁 Back then I was more of a PC guy, but my friends had Sega and Nintendo machines, when the PS1 launched, everyone in the circle bought it and i've been in the PS family ever since haha. Not sure if Gameboy counts as a console, but I had that aswell. What consoles and systems do you own? As of right now I own a PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita. However I have owned aswell: PS1, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Xbox 360 and Gamecube. What do you have set up and currently play? Right now my all the above mentioned systems that I currently own are set up (Well maybe not the PSP, but it's nearby if I ever should desire playing on it :P) What do you collect for, if anything? I used to collect collectors editions, especially for the Tales of series... But I burned out on the series around Xillia 2 and havn't brought a collectors item from that series since that entry... However in general I wish I could buy more collectors items, but I don't earn enough to justify such a buy anymore and I begun buying games from the PS store instead of physical copies so yeah... And finally, Are you going for a full collection or just a curated library of your favourite games? I'm just going for a curated library of my favourite games, I pretty much have all the PS1 RPGs that I want and honestly that's the only collection that I truly wanted to complete, still missing out on that Granstream Saga... One day when I return to Ebay...One day
  6. Resonance of Fate and Shadows of the Damned comes to mind.
  7. 1. Vandal Hearts 2 2. Shadow Hearts 3. Star Ocean: The Second Story 4. Azure Dreams 5. Final Fantasy IX 6. Suikoden 7. White Knight Chronicles 2 8. Dragon Age: Inquisition 9. Mass Effect 2 10. Doom 2 11. Dead Space 12. Sleeping Dogs 13. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 14. Tales of Eternia 15. Shadow Warrior 16. Final Fantasy Tactics 17. Legend of Dragoon 18. Bioshock 19. Lost Odyssey 20. The Last of Us Tried to keep it one per franchise, but had to cheat with Final Fantasy (Even though Shadow Hearts 2, Suikoden V, and Mass Effect 3 would have been on the list) Lots of nostalgia I see as I look over the list, but i'm sure I love them just as much in this day and age 😁
  8. So I guess essentialy what people are so afraid of is the same microtransactions that "killed" the Dead Space 3 experince? There was such a huge outcry from fans back then, and honestly, it was pretty skipable, I almost didn't notice it myself when I platted it. If this game is anything like DS3, then people need to calm themselves. I could understand if the items in questions were items that was in no way achiveable playing the game normally, but as far as I can see, it's possible to gain access to these without too much hassle. I've still to play one of these singleplayer games where microtransactions have been so heavly incorperated that the game is unplayable without spending money.
  9. DOOM, Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition for me.
  10. If I remember correct there were alot of shittalk between Tarja and the band, because Tarja (Said by the band) began to make demands of getting a higher payment than the rest of the band, therefore they threw her out... Something like that atleast
  11. Shadow Warrior and Medal of Honor: Frontline (Both which have been mentioned) would be my first recommendations. You could also give Doom 3: BFG edition a go, getting the Doom 3 + Expansions on Nightmare and the Doom 1+2 on Ultra Violence can prove to be difficult at certain areas, but great fun as well! Call of Juraez: Bound in Blood had it's moments aswell. Edit: Didn't see this was in the PS4 section, I guess my only recommendation in that case is Shadow Warrior so far
  12. Probably Doom II as whole, it was the shit back in my younger years, loved the fast-paced combat, the big maps, the sounds of the guns, well just about everything haha! I only had the shareware version of Doom 1, meaning I only had Episode 1, but man... I loved it and I must have played that episode 50+ times, I remember being amazed by the blue colors, they were so shiny back then haha Since I had a shit PC and never owned an Xbox, I had to wait to play Doom 3 until the BFG version came on PS3, and... I didn't like the slow-paced combat, it really felt like a slugfest, also the guns felt so weak... Which brings me to Doom 4 (DOOM), it has brought back everything I loved from the old ones, and it is my second fav. Doom game, really had a blast playing and platinuming it, I hope they do some SP content soon, the MP is great fun but I want to see what happens next! PS: Never played the Doom 64 so can't comment on that one, looks alrightish from what i've seen tho' but by the looks of it, it will either be rated worst for me or second worst (Can't say for sure though before I play it)
  13. Listened quite a lot to them back when Tarja was still kicking around in the band. Also quite enjoyed Amaranth with Anette on lead, but havn't really kept up to date on them since then. Sometimes the mood strikes me for power metal/Symphonic (Whatever people call this kind of music these days) and I pop in my copy of Angels Fall First album. Good times 😁
  14. Telltales Game of Thrones at the moment... So far (In chapter 2 right now) i'm really digging it. My first encounter with Telltale games was TWD, because everyone praised it and tbh I really hated TWD, it felt like a slugfest, maybe it just wasn't what I needed at that time. So a little while ago I decided to give Tales of the Borderlands a spin, and I fell in love with it, I liked how it was paced and the humor was well written... Well atleast better than mainline Borderlands games, but I found it quirky and fun! Now PS+ has given us GoT and thought to myself, why not? Might started out rough with TWD but Tales of the Borderlands changed that... And i'm so happy I gave GoT a spin, it really is a good game, maybe i'm a bit biased because I also enjoy the GoT show very much haha Anyways great game so far, not regretting firing this one up 😁
  15. PC: Heretic: Serpent Riders PS1: Driver & Duke Nukem: Time to Kill PS2: Metal Gear Solid 2 and Shadow Hearts PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4 PS4: Need for Speed: Rivals PSP: Tales of Eternia VITA: Tales of Hearts R Gameboy: Gameboy Gallery Gameboy Color: Star Ocean: Blue Sphere GBA: Pokemon Emerald Super Nintendo: Star Ocean 1 Gamecube: Tales of Symphonia Nintendo DS: Taos Adventure 3DS: Tales of the Abyss Xbox 360: Lost Odyssey Wii: Tales of Symphonia 2