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  1. Just started playing the game and it skips the cutscenes here aswell 😬 When you're on Feshyr and you travel to the cave with the witch and then defeat the boss in there, I was taken straight to the beach on the next island, no idea what was happening haha 😂 PS: I own the digital edition so like people say, maybe that's the reason?
  2. Best: 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Dragon Age: Origins 3. Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4. Dead Space 1 5. Bioshock 1 6. White Knight Chronicles 2 7. Sleeping Dogs 8. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 9. Mafia 2 10. Assassins Creed 3 Worst: 1. Truck Racer 2. Agarest: Generation of War 2 3. Terminator Salvation 4. Trine 2 5. Magus
  3. 1. Doom Classic Complete 😂
  4. You are quite right, it's not the best comparison 😅 But my personal opinion lies in the fact that even though this trophy could be changed, I don't see why they should, they have no reason to do it other then to cater to the people who can't live without their 100% (Even though it might be possible, we won't know till' people get the trophy) As someone else said, while we are at it, why not nerf Wipeout, Star Ocean 4, White Knight Chronicles and all the other games with hard trophies so we can all have My Name is Mayo, Nubla and 1000 Top Rated skill level trophies...
  5. You can't expect them to change it, that's like buying the Iphone X, knowingly what the specs are, and then demand that they put in higher specs because you don't feel like they live up to your standards. The product has been shipped, nothing has been taken from the product, you weren't in anyway mislead since they never said anything about making it an easy platinum. I could understand if it was something like, say, Destiny and the developer said "We will support this for 10 years" and they stopped at 5 years, but I fail to see where Machinegames made an error? There's a danish saying going "If you don't like the smell in the bakery, find another one" and that's pretty much my thought on the whole Mein Leben trophy petition.
  6. Must admit, I enjoy the salt of this thread As someone said before, not all games needs to have piss easy trophies. Atleast the trophy is obtainable, might require an insane amount of skill, but it's possible. There are no closed up servers or glitched out trophies (Well can't say that one for sure, yet.) I'll get the game when it gets a discount, as i've enjoyed Wolf games since Wolf3D, am I expecting to 100% it? Probably not, i'll give it a try, but I won't lose sleep over a single trophy. Just a shame that some people are talking about boycutting the game because of a single trophy, missing out on a game that will most likely be really good, but to each his own.
  7. Was there seriously a trophy in ToB that was like that? The only thing I had a little trouble with in that game was the challenge/trial mode, i'm pretty sure I would remember such an ordeal ! Anyways list doesn't look too bad, curious about the sidemissions... Also no MP already makes this game so much more appealing!
  8. Really looked forward to Dragon Fin Soup myself, even added the game, but after news broke that it was unplatable, it is now way back in the backlog. White Knight Chronicles 2, while it isn't technically impossible (But almost), it's grind and difficulty would been much easier and a fun ordeal, had the servers not closed down, it's a plat I would love to get, but after the server closure... I don't see myself getting it anytime soon. Of games I don't have on my profile I would love to add some of the Need for Speed games that are unobtainable.
  9. Mass Effect 1 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect: Andromeda What can I say, I love me my Mass Effect! (Still need to go and do all the DLC's for ME3 tho'!)
  10. EA = Enormous Assholes. Seriously. Dead Space? The hell are they thinking at EA. I know that DS3 didn't fare well in the eyes of the masses and that BF: Hardline wasn't the experince that veteran Battlefield players wanted. But killing off a studio like that, one which had truly created an amazing games, atleast imo... It's a sad day indeed. I was looking so much forward to the next installment in the series after the cliffhanger that DS3's DLC ending had, guess that's never going to happen now.
  11. I need this in my life. I will never get the plat, but one can not have too much Star Ocean
  12. Prolly going to go with my standard PS1-era days setup: Zidane, Garnet, Eiko, Amarant not because there is any tactical advantage (I think?) but just out of nostalgia, i'm already loving playing through it again! 😁
  13. When did you start gaming? Started playing on an Commandore 64 and Amiga but I don't really remember those that well, I wouldn't be able to point out which games I've played so my first real experience and one which I remember must be my days of playing DOS games on PC (Which had 500mb of storage capacity, wild stuff back then!). Games that comes to mind from this early 90s era is: Doom 1+2, Quake, Jazz Jack Rabbit, Outlaws, Commander Keen, Redneck Rampage, Megarace etc. But my hayday gaming was deffo in the PS1 era, this is the era where I learned of RPGs when Final Fantasy VIII and Pokemon launched... After playing those I went on to get Vandal Hearts 2, FF Tactics, Azure Dreams, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Tales of Eternia and the list continues... And to this day, I still love me some RPGs What consoles did you play as a kid? My first console experience is NES, but I only borrowed that one, my very own was PS1 and it was glorious 😁 Back then I was more of a PC guy, but my friends had Sega and Nintendo machines, when the PS1 launched, everyone in the circle bought it and i've been in the PS family ever since haha. Not sure if Gameboy counts as a console, but I had that aswell. What consoles and systems do you own? As of right now I own a PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita. However I have owned aswell: PS1, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Xbox 360 and Gamecube. What do you have set up and currently play? Right now my all the above mentioned systems that I currently own are set up (Well maybe not the PSP, but it's nearby if I ever should desire playing on it :P) What do you collect for, if anything? I used to collect collectors editions, especially for the Tales of series... But I burned out on the series around Xillia 2 and havn't brought a collectors item from that series since that entry... However in general I wish I could buy more collectors items, but I don't earn enough to justify such a buy anymore and I begun buying games from the PS store instead of physical copies so yeah... And finally, Are you going for a full collection or just a curated library of your favourite games? I'm just going for a curated library of my favourite games, I pretty much have all the PS1 RPGs that I want and honestly that's the only collection that I truly wanted to complete, still missing out on that Granstream Saga... One day when I return to Ebay...One day
  14. Resonance of Fate and Shadows of the Damned comes to mind.
  15. 1. Vandal Hearts 2 2. Shadow Hearts 3. Star Ocean: The Second Story 4. Azure Dreams 5. Final Fantasy IX 6. Suikoden 7. White Knight Chronicles 2 8. Dragon Age: Inquisition 9. Mass Effect 2 10. Doom 2 11. Dead Space 12. Sleeping Dogs 13. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 14. Tales of Eternia 15. Shadow Warrior 16. Final Fantasy Tactics 17. Legend of Dragoon 18. Bioshock 19. Lost Odyssey 20. The Last of Us Tried to keep it one per franchise, but had to cheat with Final Fantasy (Even though Shadow Hearts 2, Suikoden V, and Mass Effect 3 would have been on the list) Lots of nostalgia I see as I look over the list, but i'm sure I love them just as much in this day and age 😁