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  1. - the game feels weird. - u can take damage while backstabing even if its just a tiny amount - the backstab animations suck. - the atacking sound sucks, its way to crunchy munchy - the movement is weird, not just for your char, but also for humanoid enemies (the falconers are the worst) - you have to spent levels to get i-frames on your dodge roll - weapons break to quickly - the enemy design is weird (elephants, dwarfs and angry hippos) this is all that i have for now, there is probably more, but those are the most obvious for me
  2. i also remember them being easier i struggle right now also on those games, but i think the issue is just that on an emulator or playing them on a pc u can play it more smoothly. what i mean by that is that holding the shoot button (square) and then jumping (x) and dashing arround (circle) is pretty diffcult to do at the same on a controller. i was thinking for a while to just bind the shoot button on r2, but havent done it so far and i already beat x1-x3.
  3. thats normal. i also completed it in 1 day 7h and i didnt rush at all. i took time to collect all items and even made my pvp build on that run. i had experience with the game before, but thats it. if u plan your route and skip many of the not needet stuff u can complete the game very quickly.
  4. congrats and welcome to the club
  5. the best thing u can do is just wait for events that have higher crown chance and while waiting just farm tempered elder dragons until u get all the crowns from them. its just going to waste so much time if u try to get every monster trough investigations. there are some events where its even guaranteed to get some high and small crowns. i think there was 1 for giant barroth, small and big odagaron, giant anjanath and i think giant kulu ya ku. maybe they release even more events with guaranteed crowns. take the patient route and play some other games in the meantime or do what u can on trophies pet hunting and miscellaneous stuff. just check every friday for any usefull events and hope for a festival like the spring blossom. the time will come and u will just get all the crowns in like a few days trust me. this guy posts weekly quests and events all the time check him out. https://www.youtube.com/user/Darcblade15/videos?disable_polymer=1
  6. dont start with the threaded cane. thats like the only thing that comes my mind right now. the axe is ok, but i would recommend for a newbie the saw cleaver. its a easy to use weapon, quick and overall one of the best weapons in the game, even at the end of the game its one of the strongest. you can do nothing wrong by picking it. edit: what i totally forgot is skill. that stat is ridiculously op. it does not only increase your weapon dmg, but also dmg for a parry. so i go highly in favor for skill a build.
  7. keep going u will eventually get them. i did also struggle for a long time. my last 2 were small kirin and big black diablos. just look at the time stamps. something that motivated me was the fact that most monster crowns show up on the range of 50 to 90 kills. so i was just spaming investigations until i got them. i didnt bother to measure monsters anymore and it worked way better by just killing everything. i just looked at the number and i was like 70 kills i will soon get it and i got the crown a few kills later.
  8. i miss the exact same 2. im farming mini kirin right now
  9. why do u grind them on mobs? get the mound maker covenant and start invading people. thats by far the best way to get them and u will have fun grinding them. the only thing that u need to grind are the ears from the darkmoon covenant. with invasions u will get the shackles in like 1-3h.
  10. Best 1. Demon's souls (and Dark Souls series) 2. Shadow of the Colossus 3. Ratchet & Clank (series) 4. Kingdom Hearts 2 5. Sonic Adventure 2 6. Castlevania Lords of Shadow (series) 7. God of War (series) 8. Zone of the Enders 1 (didnt play 2, but im going to) 9. Okami 10. Prototype 2
  11. for me its also crash 2. crash 2 is just perfect. the mechanics, levels and style got worse with crash 3. there are just so many shit lvls like the jetski, bike, flying and cat lvls. what i mostly like about crash 2 is that u can slide, spin, slide, spin in order to go faster, its very fun to do. u cant do that in crash 3, all u can do is slide, jump, slide, jump and thats very boring imo. im not trying to bash crash 3 here, because its still a great game, but its just not as good as crash 2 and 1.
  12. you earn trophies for yourself. nobody gives a shit about your profile thats just the truth. if u are fine with having a game with trophies that u didnt earn yourself then just do it, but i couldnt do it. i would always have it in the back of my head that i didnt do it myself. its all about the challenge u get your ass kicked for a reason. to be and get better at video games.
  13. there is a glitch where u can get trough a wall in the medusa room for unlimited magic and there is also the ares armor (costume) that doubles your dmg. use these 2 and it should be a cakewalk.
  14. u can still parry him, but i dont think u can backstab him. try going for more skill. parrying is so much more rewarding on a skill build. u get like twice as much dmg. i get with 50 skill and a 30% rune 4k dmg wich is rly nice.
  15. ludwigs is a quality weapon. it gets bonus dmg from strength and skill. boost your skill stat if u can, for the fight with gherman idk what to say. just play as aggresive as u can and only try to parry what u can. he is one of the bosses where u can parry almost everything u just need to get the timing right. for now just try to parry his charge atack and his 1 handed spam atack. its an atack where he just swings blindly its very easy to parry. but what i see right now is u didnt do the dlc. maybe u should do it first. everything gets harder on ng+ so its best to do it now otherwise u will fight against even harder bosses.