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  1. Just did the revive trophies, I can confirm that Retry works, which immediately restarts the mission without you having to go to the mission preparation screen like Retreat does. Makes the process go much quicker.
  2. Messaged the publisher, they said they would review and get back to me.
  3. Physical PS4 Monster Boy to digital PS5 Monster Boy is upgrading fine, but digital to digital isn't. Should be fixed today, I believe.
  4. Character: Mom (she has stealth bonus) Loadout: Light Bolt Rifle Seed: A15D8CF7A. Easily the best seed I've found for doing the stealth trophy. First upgrade is Camouflage, second is two more hearts, third is a companion with five hearts. You get a light volley gun in 1-2 for your companion as well, which is their best weapon. You can barely see it, but there's a mask icon on the bottom-left corner when Detailed Hud is enabled, specifically for this trophy. If it's gone, you've been seen and need to restart.
  5. I know the game was busted on release and kept locking up during a cutscene on a boat, but I can verify the devs finally fixed it. Honestly I think the game is just drawn out and boring to the point that hardly anybody gets past the halfway mark.
  6. 1000 achievement points on XBox but no plat on PSN. These companies are leaving money on the table.
  7. You can actually change several settings for each run on the character select screen (there's a small cog wheel ⚙️ on the top-left, easily missable). Most of these settings will disable trophies per the trophy icon on the screen, however you can lower the HP of bosses to 75% without disabling trophies. You can also immediately start a looped run instead of having to get to the end of a normal run, but I wouldn't recommend that until you're very familiar with the game.
  8. This was the slowest, clumsiest, most awkward musou I have ever played. Just put it on Easy if you're going for the plat.
  9. They fix that input delay on these versions?
  10. Working through this glitchy nightmare right now. Few things I'd like to add: at the very start of Stage 4, when you drop down the pit, hold left! Very missable gem (you can get game over and start back to get it, at least). if you die at a boss, the monsters in the stage will respawn but your kill count will be the same as when you died. This is a glitch that will not get you the trophy. You have to actually kill every single monster in each stage at least once. Watch the Evil Alucard videos, he pauses to show his stats at checkpoints if you're not sure. watch a video of the Super Baduk fight before attempting it. You only get one shot at it since the fight glitches out if you die. EDIT: And it's done, thank god. Tried my hardest to get a save file glitched out to where it erased all of my kills so I didn't have to slog through that pacifist trophy, but no luck. I have no idea what went wrong with this game during development, but I think I'm gonna take a break from downloading random indie games on PSN.
  11. Is this a JRPG
  12. So the downloadable versions of these games have their own plat but the physical is just one plat for all three games. That's kinda lame...
  13. Addams Family metroidvania when?