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  1. Finally got the trophy for finishing a daily hardcore challenge today. If the challenge is exactly the same for everyone in terms of powerups, boss order, etc., I highly recommend doing it today if you still need the trophy, there are a metric TON of health powerups (I almost had 50HP at the final boss). The challenges are also easy - no HP drops, no core or movement augs, and no boss powerups after the third fight. You can take your time through the stages without rushing or dealing with superpowered bosses that have a ton of HP.
  2. Wheeew, that's a relief.
  3. Serious question about the DLC trophies, were those characters patched into the game? Or did you have to go into the store and download them? I may be screwed out of 100% if so.
  4. Very good. I'm assuming you can skip animations now, which will VASTLY speed up progress in this game. Hopefully they remake Disgaea 2 so we can have a full set of platinums for the series.
  5. Maybe we'll finally get trophy sorting on the PS4, nearly five years after the system released. I just want the same options that I had on the Vita.
  6. I've got Vita TV and a Hori PS3 controller with turbo/autofire. Does anyone know of an easy way to get the 30K monster trophy, preferably without me having to keep putting in inputs? Is there a specific part of a dungeon that will allow my party to stay moving in a loop while going through encounters (Ex: Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls)?
  7. Thanks archinero, hopefully that fnal battle trophy gets fixed. I'm gonna message the devs. EDIT: PATCH IS IN THE WORKS
  8. The story mode is pretty challenging, I haven't tried the Relic Hunter mode yet, but Survival is insane. I have no idea how that guy made it to stage 10, I keep running into these boss enemies that block everything and throw boomerang blades that have hitboxes as wide as the entire stage.
  9. Survival Mode trophies are going to make this a very, very difficult plat, and for the wrong reasons.
  10. Odd. I just encountered the same issue earlier, but not only did the God Killer trophy refuse to unlock, but the trophy for praying to the goddess statue with Gadiel also refused to unlock! All I did was upload my save to the cloud, delete the game, redownload it from the PSN store, got my save back from the cloud, and continued. Both trophies unlocked without me having to go through all the routes again, and it was also on version 1.01 of the game.
  11. Finally got the trophy! Turns out I was missing not just one, but two treasure chests, both of which were in the Ancient Labyrinth, Cause of the Cursed. For anyone reading this, DO NOT SIDESTEP OR MOONWALK IN THE DUNGEONS WHILE FILLING OUT YOUR MAPS. You do NOT want to go through every map in the game twice for the sake of this one trophy! EDIT: I've still got the 50,000 monster kills trophy. I can probably knock out my anime backlog and this trophy at the same time.
  12. Just an update, guys: on the official developer forum for this game, one of the inXile developers said a patch was in the works. This was posted on 10/26. It's not much, but a little bit of hope is better than nothing. If we don't see or hear anything else by March, I think we can assume this is another Dragon Fin Soup.
  13. Ah, so it looks like the treasure chest count in the Yearbook is including the chests that are opened from battles, while the Treasure Hunter trophy is only for chests in the dungeons. I've went back and explored almost everything today, found two chests that I missed but the trophy still isn't popping. Man, this sucks. If only they put the chests on the map when you walk over them.
  14. How many treasure chests are in this game? The Yearbook shows that I've opened 464, but the trophy didn't pop...
  15. I know somebody else in this thread already submitted a bug report to inXile, but I went ahead and submitted one as well. Hoping for a patch. I'm gonna be really upset if this is another Dragon Fin Soup.