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  1. Just finished Arcade Mode on the most recent patch, without the credit farming exploit. My advice is to sell off everything outside of Shot Power and Shot Spread. I kept a level in Fire Rate, but I maxed out shot spread as soon as possible since that seems to increase damage much more than shot power. Like somebody said earlier, it's much easier to take the secret path at the bottom of level 1 and level 3. For special weapons, I used bomb on both sides - it does a ton of damage and stops Galactic Chaos from firing for a while, which you'll need. Also switched to arcade controls after beating the final boss and it still popped. Please don't forget to do that, it would be a tragedy lol
  2. Yep, it finally got patched last month! I should have updated the thread. On launch, yes. Only game I can think of that had it worse was the Spyro trilogy (still can't believe how long it took to patch)
  3. Shouldn't be too tough for someone with a good amount of shmup experience, since the 1cc trophies don't have difficulty requirements.
  4. Man, if each game has a plat I'm gonna lose my mind. In a good way.
  5. I've been a completionist with video games since I was a kid, so achievements and trophies were awesome to me. I did burn myself out several years ago with crappy games like Splatterhouse and Neverdead, but now I just play what interests me. Much better that way.
  6. Earth Defense Force. Those games are the sheer embodiment of "grind". Also anyone who has platted White Knight Chronicles after it went offline...I can't even imagine going for that. And much respect for anyone who has to basically troubleshoot their way through a glitchy, unsupported indie game. I went through A Hole New World a while back and nearly went insane.
  7. Darksiders 3. I know it didn't have the budget of the second game, but there was no reason for an entirely different developer to step in and start implementing Souls mechanics in an established series. It took me half an hour to get past the first boss because of the terribly long dodge animation that only had i-frames at the start, and it took over a month for them to add a classic Darksiders combat option that made the game actually playable.
  8. Year of our Lord 2022 and games are launching on the latest consoles without performance modes for 60fps 🤣
  9. Finally finished this last night after multiple character trophies bugged out on me. Deleted my save data, ran through story mode on very hard which unlocked everything, and then tried finishing story mode on easy with Mr. White. This didn't unlock his trophy. However, when I went through arcade mode on easy, the trophy popped immediately afterwards. I did the same with the other two characters - no story mode, just arcade on easy - and their trophies also popped without issue. If you can finish arcade mode on very hard, you should have absolutely no issue doing it on easy with the unlockable characters.
  10. Waiting for the DLC that adds this as BGM
  11. My dad works for Sony, he told me Vita 2 is happening. One of the launch titles will be a Hyperdimension Neptunia remake 🤠
  12. I will say that I do use this site primarily for my own trophy tracking, since the Vita was the only system that allowed you to sort trophies for reasons known only to Sony and God.
  13. People on this site will pop hundreds of plats for games like this, and then get self-righteous over a blue H on someone's profile. Never understood how that works.
  14. The hardest part is the third phase, where you have to deal with the homing spikes. My advice is to ignore the YouTube videos where people are doing full laps around the boss and just stay in place, doing small left-to-right movements.
  15. In my 30's and I feel like I've only improved with age. There's no way I could've pulled off platting both of the Bleed games, or Star Hunter DX and Space Moth back in high school.