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  1. I thought it got delayed to next year!
  2. Yep! Sounds like it was fixed.
  3. Gotcha. I checked and unfortunately it's just "various bug fixes and improvements". Hopefully they finally fixed it.
  4. New update for this game started downloading this morning. I don't have access to patch notes on PS5 (thanks Sony), can we confirm that Sovereign of Eggs has been fixed?
  5. These games should be kept in a separate "budget" section of the PSN store, for anything that's under $5. Keep them off the regular store page entirely. I almost missed out on Lost Epic because it was buried by those stupid Jumping Taco Turbo games.
  6. Also if someone could please tell me where to find the dread tiger, I would appreciate it. Been all over the sunken cemetery, no luck. [UPDATE: Several are in Ancient City boss fight]
  7. Does anyone know what armor #42 is? I've gotten everything outside of it.
  8. Finally got the platinum on this game after buying the DLC that came out today. Still gonna do a Hell Mode run for YouTube, but I got four of the new accessories on my first run and the trophy popped. For anyone struggling to get the third version of those stackable accessories, that $3 DLC works for it.
  9. I remember watching a video where somebody showed that the starting rifle actually does more damage than any other weapon. Between Anthem, ME Andromeda and The Old Republic, I have no idea how Bioware is still a studio.
  10. I am also greatly disappointed when a game requires me to get good at it before I can earn the platinum trophy.
  11. Why did it take almost two years to get folders? Computers/operating systems have supported storing files in folders for decades. And don't get me started on how the Vita is their only system with trophy sorting options, I was using my Vita to track things until I found this site.
  12. Anyone experiencing this on the PS4?
  13. This is actually good advice!! Like losing to a boss in a Souls game repeatedly; after the fifth loss, just go to bed and you will almost always beat it on your first try the next day.
  14. That Mummy game from a few years ago was awesome! But I'm pretty sure WayForward isn't involved with this one.
  15. Good stuff, thanks for putting this together!