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  1. Marvel's Spider-Man would be a nice addition to my collection.
  2. Thanks for the great deed. 1. I would love to see a Power Stone 3 on the current gen consoles. Power Stone 2 was superb as was one. 2. Desd Space 4 would be an awesome game too! Amazing series even DS3, but not as much!
  3. 5/10 Solid collection. The list will get much better when the unfinished games are completed. Some of these are ultra rare. Keep at it!
  4. I would like to, but I'm probably going to be really busy during that time. I don't want to commit to something that I won't have the time to fullfil. I appreciate the kind offer. Thanks regardless!
  5. Never! I'm just kidding, but back on topic I think there are still some ps2 servers still up??? Correct me if I'm wrong. If this is true then it is going to be along time until ps3 servers start to shutdown on a grand scale.....quite awhile
  6. This is a pretty cool idea. It expands beyond the comfort zone. Growth is imminent. Wow nice idea!
  7. Being a music junkie myself... I am curious to know who are some of your favorite artists or bands and why?
  8. Wipeout HD since racing games are not my forte.
  9. The first PS4 game that I ever purchased was DOA5 Last Round. Loved that game to bits. Excellent fighting game.
  10. #95 BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (PS3) Great. That's BlazBlue!
  11. Read the title of the forum and just came in here to say that this game was such a blast to play. I have never played it on PS2 and it was still amazing despite of its age. Love this a ton. This and CoD Classic are special, but this one a little more.
  12. Yeah man I'm with cha. Rubbish.
  13. I remember when I did this... I'm thinking of doing hardcore again. Probably hmmm maybe Anyway my 3 save points were towards the beginning of ch 6 then towards the end of ch 8(basically the beginning of 9) and my last was right before the drill ride. Ah what a great experience and excellent game. One of the best survival horror games.
  14. Batman Arkham Asylum was my first PS3 game. Still one of my favorites as of now... A perfect start.
  15. MK for the vita without a doubt.