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  1. I like what you're doing man... I see you started Battle Fantasia, that one was a fun one, and I think you will enjoy that one too. The gold trophy is the only real trouble, but after you nail the parry, it becomes second nature and feasible. Best of luck with that one. P.S. I wish they came out with more games of game franchise. Really digged it.
  2. If I had to choose one from this album. Only one. It has to be "She Said She Said" hands down. One the greats in my opinion. This and "Rain" have to be my most heard Beatles tunes.
  3. # 108 Fantasy Strike Fantasy Striker Had a great deal of fun in this one. Really enjoyed the simplicity of the game. Great for beginners. Only obstacle in this one is survival mode, but you can leave fight request on which makes this one easy as pie. Didn't realize my last platinum was earned almost 5 months ago. Time flies.
  4. A free fighting game. No complaints here. Trophies are a plus.
  5. Well you could get a PSTV , but it honestly wasn't necessary. Thought that may be the alternative that might help you enjoy the game a bit more. I will say that the touch controls are absolutely atrocious for the vita, and that's because how the game incorporates it with the vita. Cuphead has always interested me and now that it's out on PS4 I might actually get it. The game looks and sounds phenomenal.
  6. Without a doubt NGS+ for the Vita. That platinum was one of my most enjoyable plats I've ever unlocked! It's honestly such a great game and the difficulty is actually rewarding because of the great gameplay. You might find it difficult at first, but you'll be having a blast playing it. So... yes NGS plus!
  7. #103 Not as great as UMVC3, but still kinda fun.
  8. A few years after release... YEP
  9. 👍👍
  10. Ninja Gaiden Sigma!
  11. I need help.... I just updated my profile and it is saying that I have zero trophies that this profile might be private. I haven't done anything and my trophies are set to anyone. Please if anyone knows what's going up let me know.
  12. This is one of my favorite tunes from The Beatles and that's quite a statement. The Beatles have a ton of great songs.