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  1. If I had to choose one it would definitely be UMVC3. I love the MVC series. Huge fan for sure. Although there are a ton of great fighting games out there and more on the way. This is just my personal opinion. Might change later... maybe. 


  2. On 2/20/2019 at 10:06 AM, Vizard-Ichigo-- said:

    My third platinum and yeah veteran almost brought me down to tears.  8-9/10 in difficulty because of that trophy but also possibly the greatest COD I've ever played.  9-10/10

    I love the campaign for this one. Within the top 3 in regards to CoD campaigns...if not the best! This is of course my own personal opinion. Veteran mode was a fun challenge. It has its moments of difficulty, but nothing that anyone can't do with all the available guides out there. 👍


  3. Read the title of the forum and just came in here to say that this game was such a blast to play. I have never played it on PS2 and it was still amazing despite of its age. Love this a ton. This and CoD Classic are special, but this one a little more. 


  4. 45 minutes ago, Phil said:

    What the actual fuck is this? What has SNK become? I heard right before development of King of Fighters 14, SNK was bought up by a Chinese company. The direction shows. What a stark contrast between kof 13 and 14 and now this. The character models are atrocious. What is all that shit coming out of each strike thrown? Cupcakes, rainbows and stars? Are you fucking kidding?! SNK has definitely left their golden years in the 90s. 


    Yeah man I'm with cha. Rubbish. 




  5. I remember when I did this... I'm thinking of doing hardcore again. Probably hmmm maybe 

    Anyway my 3 save points were towards the beginning of ch 6 then towards the end of ch 8(basically the beginning of 9) and my last was right before the drill ride.


    Ah what a great experience and excellent game. One of the best survival horror games. 


  6. 55 minutes ago, Phil said:



    Dead Space 2, used, $4. Just the outside looks a little beat up from all the sticker residue. Maybe I'll try to get it off.


    Falling Skies, new, $5. Loved the show. Only reason why I bought it. Hear it's an Xcom rip off, which, from what I've seen, isn't a bad thing.


    3D Dot Game Heroes, used, $17. Was actually astonished at how good this copy looks for being used. 


    Pretty happy with this haul over all. I also got two Vita games with this pick-up, which I will now go post in the appropriate thread.

    Nice pick ups especially 3d and eSPECIALly ds2. Ds2 is like one of my favorite survival horror games. Right up there with re4. Ds2 is a game I cannot recommend enough. One of the goats. Love that game.