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  1. 4 minutes ago, aCCzTaurin said:

    Thanks! I’ll try to get the plat sometime. I only wish I could play it with a regular controller instead of the small Vita. 

    As for you, not much to chose from. Impressive completion! Soul Calibur VI, or if I can give you a advice not from your list, Cuphead! I enjoyed it on Xbox a while back and will try to get the plat myself sometime. . 

    Well you could get a PSTV , but it honestly wasn't necessary. Thought that may be the alternative that might help you enjoy the game a bit more. I will say that the touch controls are absolutely atrocious for the vita, and that's because how the game incorporates it with the vita.


    Cuphead has always interested me and now that it's out on PS4 I might actually get it. The game looks and sounds phenomenal.


  2. Without a doubt NGS+ for the Vita. That platinum was one of my most enjoyable plats I've ever unlocked! It's honestly such a great game and the difficulty is actually rewarding because of the great gameplay. You might find it difficult at first, but you'll be having a blast playing it.


    So... yes NGS plus! 


  3. 46 minutes ago, scemopagliaccioh said:

    Mate, I know this is not my business, but why are you asking this? If you can complete it legitimately just... do it, you make it seems like you're asking this in order to "correctly" pop the trophies on an external device.

    That's what it sounds like to me. I checked his profile and he has the same question for vanilla SF4. Why would anyone ask the same question twice in that manner?

    The games are old and there is a ton of info out there. It doesn't take much research to figure out the answer to his question.

    When I played SF4 and SSF4... worrying about the order of how something pops was the least of my concerns. I just simply went for it. I'm not saying the man is a cheater in any way whatsoever, but it definently is an odd question to ask. Anyway good luck to whoever is attempting to plat any of the SFs. Excellent games! 


  4. I've been on YoTube looking at Doom Eternal videos and man it makes me question why I never played Doom 2016... I knew about it, but I really "didn't look into it" extensively. Man oh man I plan on getting Doom 2016 down the line sometime in the near future. I want to start off with that one. The gameplay has really captivated me from both Doom 2016 and eternal. Well anyway have fun peeps playing it. Looks phenomenal and like a real blast to play.



    See the source image




    This is amazing. I don't watch many things or keep up with many shows etc., but this is an exception. I highly recommend this to all of you. You won't be disappointed at all. This is a show that I pride myself in liking. I love everything about it... the artwork, story.....you name it and I like it.






  6. It's realistically about 5 games or less. As I grow older I just want to play games I actually want to play and look solid. I wanted to play Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z because of the name Ninja Gaiden in the title, but I realize that the game is terrible, so why would put myself through that? 

    This is what I mean by games that I actually want to play. I would say that most of the games on my list are actually games that interest me and thought I would like. I'm open for new games of course and won't just stick to my old "preferences". Though gaming should be enjoyable and that is what I keep aiming for.


  7. Hmmm I don't want to sit and dwell on this, but if I had to choose off the top of my head in no particular order it would be as follows.....


    1. God of War II

    2. God of War III

    3. Dead Space 2

    4. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    5. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

    6. Resident Evil 4

    7. Power Stone 2

    8. Batman Arkham City

    9. Ninja Gaiden Sigma

    10. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 



    I would need a top 20 list because I would want to include SF3 and SF4, but this was just a quick little list. Ugh Sonic Adventure as well!!!! Anyway this was just a quick list. lol