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  1. Read the title of the forum and just came in here to say that this game was such a blast to play. I have never played it on PS2 and it was still amazing despite of its age. Love this a ton. This and CoD Classic are special, but this one a little more. 


  2. 45 minutes ago, Phil said:

    What the actual fuck is this? What has SNK become? I heard right before development of King of Fighters 14, SNK was bought up by a Chinese company. The direction shows. What a stark contrast between kof 13 and 14 and now this. The character models are atrocious. What is all that shit coming out of each strike thrown? Cupcakes, rainbows and stars? Are you fucking kidding?! SNK has definitely left their golden years in the 90s. 


    Yeah man I'm with cha. Rubbish. 




  3. I remember when I did this... I'm thinking of doing hardcore again. Probably hmmm maybe 

    Anyway my 3 save points were towards the beginning of ch 6 then towards the end of ch 8(basically the beginning of 9) and my last was right before the drill ride.


    Ah what a great experience and excellent game. One of the best survival horror games. 


  4. 55 minutes ago, Phil said:



    Dead Space 2, used, $4. Just the outside looks a little beat up from all the sticker residue. Maybe I'll try to get it off.


    Falling Skies, new, $5. Loved the show. Only reason why I bought it. Hear it's an Xcom rip off, which, from what I've seen, isn't a bad thing.


    3D Dot Game Heroes, used, $17. Was actually astonished at how good this copy looks for being used. 


    Pretty happy with this haul over all. I also got two Vita games with this pick-up, which I will now go post in the appropriate thread.

    Nice pick ups especially 3d and eSPECIALly ds2. Ds2 is like one of my favorite survival horror games. Right up there with re4. Ds2 is a game I cannot recommend enough. One of the goats. Love that game. 


  5. 10 minutes ago, Sergen said:

    Unreal Tournament 3: Platinum Trophy #105

    Difficulty: 5/10

    Time Taken: 60+ hours



    Let's just say that even a few weeks ago, I never thought that this platinum would be something I'd have in my collection. The servers for the game were officially shut down in July 2014, but with one man's networking ability, he was able to find a way to get the online for Bulletstorm and this game into a working state, which makes all trophies from both games currently obtainable. Here is a link to a guide that allows you to connect to the online for either of those games at any time: https://github.com/gonespy/bstormps3#in-order-to-use-the-server-you-need while Gonespy only currently makes those two games fully obtainable, there is a likelihood that more games will be included in the future. 


    This thread also acts as a support thread to those who are struggling to get Gonespy to work: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/58974-bringing-em-back-from-the-dead-the-gonespy-thread


    Using Gonespy to earn trophies has been accepted by the very owner of this website and here is a link to his post regarding the matter: 


    When I went for the Online Champion trophy, it was my first trophy on the game because I played Team Deathmatch with bots and allowed my teammates to do all the work, which resulted in my main account not getting a single kill, which meant I didn't fulfil any other trophy requirement except Online Champion when I was working on it. I did stream a lot of the grind for the trophy, but here is the final 3 hours, which shows my last 93 wins toward the trophy and the trophy is earned within the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35i8JuSx16A


    Now, about the game... It is a fairly lengthy grind, which requires hundreds of matches and kills to fulfil requirements for the trophies. A lot of the requirements are using the same weapon and getting 15 kills with it in the same match, which requires you to get the kill amount then end the match to do it again, this is rather annoying and I'd prefer that the requirement was simply to do the award a certain amount of times overall rather than in separate matches. When going for the kills with specific weapons, for the most part the Facing Worlds map in Capture the Flag is the best, because it basically has a spawn trap at the blue base, which allows you to kill your alt account/second controller fast. For the vehicle related trophies, the Suspense map for Vehicle Capture The Flag is the best map to use because it is a small map and basically any vehicle you need is on that map. 


    The campaign consists of very boring and lengthy competitive game modes that you need to complete along the way with a team of AI bots and you need to defeat a team of AI bots in each of these battles. Only one of the battles is quite annoying and that was for winning a Warfare match on Avalanche, mainly because your team is handicapped by having less team members than the opponent, in Warfare it is very important to have an even playing field, otherwise you can't control it very well. Luckily when you play the campaign, you only need to complete the last battle of every chapter on Insane to get credit for completing the whole chapter on Insane, so you can just quit to the main menu when you reach the last mission then switch to Insane. Akasha on Insane would have surely been quite brutal, however the trophy guide for this game on PlayStationTrophies.org does mention a very useful method, which allows you to hide out the entire battle as long as you get a 1-kill lead against her. To truly glitch out Akasha you need to have a USB keyboard and hold the "C" key, this allows your character to crouch, a function not available on the Dualshock 3, there's a specific spot on the map which has a wall on the edge of the map that you can use as cover, then the rest of the battle is just patiently waiting for around 20 minutes until you win. 


    The reason why I was able to complete the co-op campaign while also only doing 1 co-op mission was because I backed up my save file before fighting Akasha on Insane, this allowed me to simply load up the battle against her and fight her on the spot, rather than re-doing the whole chapter to reach her again. In co-op, you can play on Casual difficulty, which is incredibly simple, at least in the Deathmatch and Capture The Flag modes, Warfare can still be annoying. 


    The most boring trophy overall on this game is the "Get a Life" trophy, which has a very unrealistic requirement of getting 200 kills on 50 different days. Luckily this trophy can be exploited by using your system clock and putting the date ahead by 1-day after you fulfil the 200 kills. The fastest way to rack up 200 kills is to play on Morbias Arena (DLC map) and also pick the Titan modifier (DLC modifier) and also use the Speed Freak modifier. Once you get enough kills, you can become a killing machine by transforming into a titan and you can basically use the titan for the entire battle after that to demolish the AI opponents. Luckily in this game's case, the DLC wasn't delisted and it was also free DLC so it was a win-win that it helped out with a trophy on this game.


    I do have a video of my platinum for this game, but it isn't uploaded yet, but once I have uploaded it I will edit it into the post. 

    Good stuff man congrats! You've been keeping yourself very busy. 


  6. It would have to be God of War 2 purely because of what it did. It made me view gaming differently. Amazing game. Timeless..... Maybe I have nostalgia glasses on. Lol. Dead Space 2, Arkham Asylum, power stone 2, umvc3 and Resident Evil 4 are not too far behind, but these are always hard to choose. Too many choices, but God of War 2 is the one. 


  7. 2 hours ago, RabidAbel33 said:

    Hi, is this trophy cumulative, or do I need it all at once? There are conflicting reports on various sites.

    I believe it was cumulative before the patch update long ago. As of now you need to have all the world dollars at once since it's not cumulative.