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  1. No you can't use the manipulate PS3 clock trick to get "Dedication." The time it uses is kept on the Crysis 2 servers and was already very glitchy. I wish I could have done that. I can't believe this happened so close to my 6 months. I was worried about it the whole time but I thought I might be safe when I only had a couple weeks left.  

    Yeah I just looked it up. I hope they get the servers back up like BFBC 1. I'm glad I'm done with all my online games. Only need 1 game, but that's offline stuff. Well I do have a few games in the backlog that have some online, but are short and quick. 


  2. You have to be joking. All I need is the "Dedication" trophy which I can't try to obtain until this Saturday. 4 more days is all I needed. I really hope they fix the servers and this is just a temporary thing.


    I was hoping if they were going to shutdown the servers they would at least make an announcement before they did it. Plus, this game was just on sale a week or so ago. I'd be extremely upset if I just bought it and they shut the servers down a week later.


    I think you could of manipulated the clock on your ps3 six months further and you would get it. It worked for Batman Arkham City. I would assume it worked for Crysis 2 since the top 50 earned the plat in less than a month. That sucks man if they do shut it down. That has always been my fear with online. I usually always go for online trophies first. 


  3. I'm not a god I'm just good with fighting game trophies if that makes sense. I have yet to complete P4A. When I do I might consider that title. Just kidding I don't have those type of egos. Really just practice and watch pros play and research. I'm definitely not a competitive/tournament player. I'm just some guy that enjoys fighting games. I've always considered myself average. Oh and for the question pad or arcade stick? It's really just personal preference. I've played on fight sticks, (I have 2) but I just love the regular ps3 controller. It's great. 


  4. guys i killed `Him` two times with the EMP grenades but i didnt got the trophy. as the guide says he zapped me one time before killing it could this be the reason ? any help please?


    Yeah if you get zapped it negates the trophy. Best way to do it is with 2 players and let your friend beat him because they have patched it. In release date you could get zapped and still get the trophy now you can't. You must not get zapped at all. 


  5. 1. Which games do you focus on first?

    - I usually focus on the games that I think I'll enjoy the most first.

    2. How long will it take you to complete all trophies in your list now?

    - It can take from 1 week to multiple weeks since Persona 4 Arena is heavily skill dependent, but I'm going to play a few more games before I get back to it.

    3. What is the next game that you will playing after you finish all trophies on your profile?

    - I might finally start the InFamous games on the PS4 which I haven't touched. I really don't know.

    4. Do you have any tips on how to maintain your average completion rate?

    - Don't give up and try to keep 5 incomplete games at MAX. I remember I was like at 70%. It felt so far from 100%, but with time I'm getting closer. Also play games that you think you might enjoy or else playing the game will feel very forced on you.