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  1. You got it, I'm sure you can do X-23 on your own but here's a couple of tips. With #9 make sure that when doing the assist that it's mid screen making it much easier to connect the super. If the opponent is in corner it's much harder. With # 10 just do it in X-factor.

    I just got 500/500 missions. Decided to play umvc3. In 4 or 5 hrs i got my remaining 6 missions that i needed. Now i have all missions done for both mvcs. The missions were very easy and fun. Some missions were better with the x factor like phoenixs and x 23's #10.

  2. I am looking forward to this challenge once I'm done with my second playthrough, any tips on which chapter I should use my first save?

    Ch 6 , ch 9 on the save right before ch 10. last save at the very end of 11. I would recommend to save on 13 because ch 11 & 2 were super easy and i didn't die. My saves were 6,9,11 but you should save on 6, 10,13. Good luck. It's not a difficult mode, but you can't rush. You'll be alright. Just keep calm and buy ample amount of health. 


  3. As of 3-30-2014


    Injustice Gods Among Us 40-platinum.png





    Battle Fantasia 40-platinum.png





    I just went ahead and posted both of these plats because they are very close in rarity. To answer the question... Injustice is my rarest platinum.


  4. 9/10  :yay:

    Your most impressive platinum is Star Ocean 4.

    I would recommend finishing the simple trophies in SSF4. Like arcade on hard and online etc. Me personally I would knock out the trials first.