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  1. Goals I have left are:


    Komplete 5 Shmups = 1/5

    Unlock all Trials related trophies from all my Fighting games = 8/10 (UMvC3 PS3 & Vita left)

    Reach 85% completion = 78.88% at the moment


    I think I kan do it ^_^


    UMVC3 trials are my favorite and very easy to me. I got 500/500 of the missions on the ps3 and 480/480 on the vita. If you need any advice just ask. I'll try to reply as soon as I can.  :D


  2. It is not as bad as you may be thinking. The trials are not too bad since there's a lot of guides out there. Since you plat UMvC3 I have no doubt that you can 100% SSF4. In my opinion UMvC3 is much easier, but you have the skills to get it done. I recommend you start playing asap. A very fun game you cannot pass up. I remember some of my friends had issues with some of the trials, but I motivated them and helped them to get it done. If you ever need more advice on the trials just ask me, but I doubt it since you are no stranger to combos and kornstew's youtube guides were more helpful than vespers. Although vespers guide are still awesome. Good luck.




    I may have a pantera addiction. I haven't really heard much apart from pantera in like a month. Slayer here and there and megadeth. I was singing this during the day. I just started out of no where. I was just occasionally walking and just heard myself singing in my mind.