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  1. Finally I got 100% in Control. Great game. 

  2. The Order 1886. Wasn't that bad. Kind of enjoyed the gothic horror werewolf theme. I did like graphics in it but man the story was ehhh. Overall I enjoyed the experience with it. I'd say it worth at least 1 playthough. Easy platinum too lol.
  3. Finished Blue Exorcist Season 1. I started on season 2. I might make a Funimation account to start watching a few dubbed anime.
  4. Prince of Persia Sands of Time was fun of ps3 and I enjoyed getting the platinum after figuring out the controls. But the port is just a cheap one. I did say this series could be revived if got a remaster or a remake. Coincidently this same year Ubisoft announces a remake. And it looks like ass.

    1. Copanele


      Yeah ot kinda looks like a demaster. 

      I still believe that Ubisoft saw the magic of FF7, RE2 and the upcoming Demon Souls and went "oh we want a slice of that sweet pie too". But they forgot to... Actually put in the effort. I mean the other remasters are made with the fans in mind also(pleased fans = lots of cash), not just "for the numbers". 

      I am sorry for the new dev team that was tasked with this remake. They will catch alot of bad comments just because Ubisoft being Ubisoft. 

  5. Sign me up! I got one platinum for The Sands Of Time!
  6. What about remaster PS6 games on PS5?
  7. I like how you post a pic from the game and calling it +18 when it's rated M +17. Although idk what the pegi rating is for this game lol. I don't think the AO rating has anything to do with it. Sony is just cucked. Also do we really need an AO rating in general? We already have the M rating +17 I think that's high enough. Games like Hatred or Agony don't deserve the +18 rating. I say its fine with the m rating. Games like lou2 are way more violent than that. As for porn games, well do porn games even need a rating? It's freaking porn. As for Waifu uncovered, it's an ecchi game so I'd say the M rating is justified.
  8. For real, I love Laura. She also voiced Lucina from Fire Emblem. Lucina is best girl. I do hope that she's doing fine after all the death threats because of voicing a terrible character like Abby. People can be really immature sometimes.
  9. One word........"heat"
  10. Just bought Trials Of Cold Steel on PS4. Look and runs way better than PS3. Been wanting to play it more now that I got that horrible 100 hour trophy out of the way. (I hate trophies like that).

    1. AlchemistWer


      Well, you can simply let your PS4 afk since you don't need 100 hours in order to finish the entire game (the turbo mode help a lot)

    2. The Titan

      The Titan

      lol true. I mostly bought it now because it was on sale. 

  11. Trophy icons look horrible. As for the anime, I stopped after season 3 because of how boring it got. But hey, that's just my opinion could be a great game.
  12. Never. Will probably buy ps3 games i haven't gotten yet.
  13. Honestly bro, I don't think I could ever play mine without the 3D feature
  14. Not sure what sales have to do with anything. But I see exactly what you mean, especially on censorship. It's the main reason why I'm not getting a PS5. Rather have my games be less powerful and uncensored than be powerful and censored to please the NPCs. Before getting into PS4 I was always a Nintendo fan. And then the Wii U happened. However, when I got my Switch I sort of just fell in love with it. It's one of my favorite gaming consoles. I love the New Nintendo 3DS too! I play both my Switch and 3DS a lot so I think since you missed on some great 3DS games. Now, would be great to play them. Both Switch and 3DS have tons of great games! Take a break from Sony and don't come back into it until you have an interest again.