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  1. I actually loved RE2R so much that I made it my 100th plat. 10/10 game.
  2. Not a PS game but instead a Nintendo game. The recent Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Engage was censored by the localization team from NOA. The game censors a lot of romance dialogue between The main protagonist and other characters in the game. Here's one where the main character and Anna an 11 year old girl confess their love for another. At least in the Japanese version they do. In the west, it is more platonic if anything. I feel this is necessary to bring up even if its not from Playstation. These localizers aren't doing their job and are inserting their own morals and beliefs (sometimes memes) in the game. When all they have to do is translate the game. This is just one example of the many changes they made in the localization for Engage. It's not just in Playstation and Nintendo games. But anime as well! Exhibit A: This got me like:
  3. Is it possible to 100% the game from scratch? Like earn all 89 trophies in 2023?
  4. I got the platinum for Yakuza 0! One of my biggest achievements yet!

    1. Annoyingtiger888


      Congratulations! I hear those games are super fun, can't wait to start them.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Nice job! i never had the patience for the mini games. 

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  5. 100 platinum trophies!!!. Very proud of this milestone! :)

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    2. D-E-U-S-X


      I've also combined the 100th platinum and 5000th trophy milestone back then but with Final Fantasy 9.

    3. Blitz-tek


      Great! Looking to get to that real soon!

    4. Maxximum


      Nice milestone

  6. I finished Vinland saga and I can't wait for season 2 on Netflix next month. Give it a watch. Its good asf especially if u like Vikings!
  7. I really dont like that the words "man" or "woman" are being removed. Or how when you create a character the gender options are no longer "male" or "female" but instead "body type 1" or "body type 2". It's so stupid, what a dumb trend. I even noticed it in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This is why I hate localization teams. We need to gatekeep these sjws.
  8. Attack On Titan W.O.F for PS4 is never on sale and its still $60. The game came out back in 2016.
  9. U right bro. Studies have shown it also lowers your testosterone. lol
  10. Beyond Two Souls is one of them. Its even on this list. And yes I do think devs have the right to censor thier game if they want to. But I dont think they should ever do that just to get a lower rating and make more money. Besides why even have a Pegi 16 and 18? Just make it 17 like North America. Then they wouldnt even need to censor the game.
  11. Disagree about Pegi being the best because some games in Europe have been censored to avoid getting an 18 in order to get a 16. Even though its only 2 years apart, devs still feel the need to do that. Granted, not many games have been censored to get a 16 instead of an 18 unlike tons of games getting censored to get a T instead of an M. Imo the Esrb should just get rid of the AO rating and just ban pornographic games from consoles. Getting rid of the M rating wouldnt make any sense. As you said, its only a year apart from the AO rating. Not only that, the M rating has been around for over 20 years. And its on thousands of games. Seeing it gone would kinda suck. Btw, when I say pornographic games. Im not talking about ecchi games like Sakura Succubus or Hentai vs Evil. Im talking about games like Rapelay or something like that.
  12. I saw this coming a mile away. There hasnt been a Mortal Kombat game being released in Japan in over 20 years due to violence. Seeing how violent the trailers were, this was going to be revealed sooner or later. It just makes me wonder, why bother having a CERO Z 18+ Adults only rating in your video game rating system if you're going to either censor or ban the game? Resident Evil has been censored there despite having a Z version. It just makes no sense. I respect the devs for not giving into censorship
  13. Rumor has it that the remaster of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is going to have "Slightly altered costumes"
  14. It sucks really, thought Nintendo was based for a bit.
  15. I only got a refund because the game never showed up on my download list. The person who told me what to do about this was a friend of mine where he was in the same issue. He got a full refund as well, if a game doesnt show up on ur download list after doing a chargeback then u gotta do something about it. However, thats just full games. OP has a DLC problem so Idk if it will 100% work.