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  1. I agree. As long as it's fun it doesn't need to have a plat. Buying a game just for the plat isn't always a good idea. 20 bucks for this is worth it. a plat would be nice but I'm not crazy about it. I already have CastleVania 1 and 2 on NES mini, CastleVania 3 on Wii Virtual Console and CastleVania 4 on SNES Mini so I might skip on this one.
  2. Try Shareplay with a friend
  3. Thank you! It's hard to perform these fatalities. They work perfectly fine in training but in actual matches it never works.
  4. why isn't this topic closed yet? We have trophy thoughts for a reason.
  5. I'm hoping a KZ3 MP remaster happens. All DLC and trophies in one big trophy list. Make it free for ps plus. That would be so cool. But too good to be true.
  6. Kinda wish we get a new Killzone game but Oh well
  7. I fucking hate DICE. I can't believe how fucking shitty they are. They only fucking focus on MP. That's fine but if your gonna put a single player then make sure it's not fucking broken and shitty. I wasted an entire day on battlefield 1 campaign because of how fucking glitched it is. I can't believe how they haven't patched the codex entries and how lazy the story is. Fucking battlefield 4 campaign still has save data corruption, star wars Battlefront 2 has a shitty ass story and battlefield 1 is fucking broken. I'm so sick of DICE. Why the fuck would you make a majority of the trophies be campaign related? Either make a good campaign or no campaign at all. 


    I'm sick of shitty campaigns with a lazy boring story and glitches and having 60% of trophies be single player related. It's a fucking nightmare.

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    2. Spaz


      I was looking forward to Need for Speed 2015 a few years ago until I realized that it was essentially single player that requires online. That is a good example of a game that is basically live service.


      You say you don't buy a EA game, but I find that even when they simply publish the game they themselves generate a lot of controversy. I think back to Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3. Were those all coincidences? All three games were massive hyped but when released to the public they generated a huge wave of controversy, largely in due part to how stuff had drastically changed.


      There is an article floating on the internet on how an ex-Viscereal developer who worked on Dead Space 2 mentioned that it didn't sell enough copies. So that may of been a motive for EA or whomever was in charge of things to drastically change the setup of the game, and it was obvious by the time Dead Space 3 arrived in times. I don't think that was some coincidence, because I look at The Sims 3 and other such games and I see that EA fucked up a lot.


      EA has been around for decades, but they aren't the once noble, honest company they once were.


      You can continue to buy such games even when stuff like Star Wars Battlefront 2, Fallout 76, Battlefield V and Metal Gear Survive generate a shit load of controversy. People are tired of Madden, but since so many of them keep buying that crap EA continues to make it. And they have a monopoly on the NFL license for video games, nobody else can step in and make a NFL game. And then the people who continue to buy them wonder why the games still suck.


      There's no point arguing any further with this with you. You blame DICE just like how people blamed Bioware for Mass Effect 3 and Viscereal Games for Dead Space 3. I don't think it's simply the developers fault and only their fault. Publishers have a massive influence on how AAA games are made in this day and age.

    3. The Titan

      The Titan



      Well if it makes you feel any bit better. I'm not gping to try to platinum another DICE game again. I already platinum Battlefield 1 and learned that getting a plat from a DICE game is torture. I hope you're happy that I suffered from a really boring single player.


      @Spaz well yes, gamers fault as well. Today's gamers are so casual that it's damage on the gaming industry is so fucking strong it causes companies like EA to strive. They are losing cash. But they are never going to die. Not when people keep buying shitty madden. Battlefield 5 and Anthem flopped. Maybe they will have to let go more people. But that new star wars game by respawn is going to get a lot of people buying it. EA is will die when gamers will stop having causals who buy garbage from them. And I don't see it happening.

    4. Spaz


      EA has let people go for over a decade. There's entire studios that have been stripped down and those developers who worked for them had to find other jobs.


      I think the problem is people can't remember past a couple years. They forget what happened back when Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3 came out so they assume that these modern era games like Anthem and Battlefield V are going to do well. Battlefield 1 wasn't too terrible, we should expect the same with Battlefield V, right?


      Amy Hennig probably would of made an Uncharted esque Star Wars that was single player with some multiplayer thrown in. Who knows, but that's my hunch given her history with Naughty Dog. Sadly it will never come to be.


      EA can brainwash the stupid casuals out there who continue to buy Madden games for $60 and other such titles. Madden NFL 19 from what I seen is awful and had a lot of problems on launch, with physics regarding passing the football not being quite up to tune. Then they have the temerity to charge 60 bucks for it. Ridiculous.


      They should change the price from $60 down to $40, and that goes for Sony's exclusive MLB the Show since both that and Madden mostly attract casuals.

  8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or maybe Bloodborne. Had a blast with both games! And the DLC Wine and Blood is probably one of my favorite gaming experiences. I seriously can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077.
  9. inb4 this topic gets locked
  10. no......that trophy is evil
  11. Why not add 1 free VR game? or maybe DLC packs that are free? Or even a free movie? Just anything! add something! Having just 2 shitty games for free is not enough! I thought dropping support for PS3 and Vita would better PS Plus content but clearly that's a lie. It's worse. Much worse.
  12. This is it. The Big finale. thanks telltale for all the great games you made. I can't wait to play this.
  13. Green Book Despite some inaccuracies to the story. The film has good performances and can be funny at times. I'd give it a 7/10.
  14. No online, timed or difficulty related trophies. Doesn't look like there's missable trophies either. Can't stand those kind of trophies.