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  1. Well do as much as you can. Sometimes this happens. An example would be like the gold trophy for finding all collectibles in The Last of us remastered. I got that trophy before finding all collectibles. Its just a glitch.
  2. Whats ur percentage on the game? Are you close to 100%?
  3. I wonder why they never made pyshical copies for the next gen versions.
  4. Boy you weren't kidding!
  5. I remember that Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3 censored decapitations in the European and Japanese versions. So its not just Japanese but also Europe. Only the N. American version was uncensored.
  6. I keep failing the "Recapture the oilfield" dispatch mission. Ive failed it 9 times with 64% odds of success. What the fuck man. Edit:15 attempts later and i got it lol
  7. I've been watching "Skeleton Knight In Another World" and "Love After World Domination." I'm currently on episode 6 for both series. Both are amazing animes and I highly recommend both of them. The first is an action comedy and the other is a romcom power ranger parody.
  8. Max memory is 8 GB but you can upgrade to a 32 GB micro SD card. That's the maximum! These videos tell you which 3DS games to get. My Personal recommendations from the eshop: Gunman Clive 1&2, Liberation Maiden, Africa Safari 3D, Kersplooosh!, All the 3D classics especially Kid Icraus and Kirby, All the 3D Sega games, Soul hackers and Mario Vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars. Check out the videos above under spoiler.
  9. Having the same issue. I just want to upload a good cover image from Fire Force lol
  10. I haven't played this game since 2015 so I decided to give it another go yesterday. I was surprised to see that there was no save data. So I guess my save data has been corrupted as well.
  11. True, but I feel you should play it on 3DS. The 3D effect in Gunman Clive is just soooo good. Trust me, playing it on 3DS is the way to go. And I've beaten Liberation Maiden. It was short but it was fun to play. It sucks that it sold poorly both in and outside of Japan. I haven't played the VN sequel mostly because it hasn't released outside of japan. Maybe if they re-release Liberation Maiden on Switch, people will give it a chance?
  12. For my top 10 most played games on 3DS they are: 10. Kid Icarus: Uprising 30 hours 9. New Super Mario Bros 2 41 hours 8. Super Mario 3D Land 50 hours 7. Ocarina of Time 3D 51 hours 6. Fire Emblem Awakening 58 hours 5. Paper Mario Sticker Star 61 hours 4. Mario Kart 7 94 hours 3. Luigis Mansion Dark Moon 96 hours 2. Animal Crossing New Leaf 202 hours 1. Super Smash Bros 4 333 hours With a total of 85 titles played and 1287 hours play time. I hardly touched my Wii U. Only 28 hours in Mario Kart 8 and 330 hours in COD: Ghosts. I still have a lot to play on my New Nintendo 3DS XL, got to beat Ocarina, Bravely Default, Majora's Mask, Mario/Luigi Paper Jam. I really think Nintendo should reconsider this decision. But just in case, PLAY GUNMAN CLIVE 1 & 2. Both of those games are extremely underrated. Please buy them before it's too late.
  13. I actually bought a bunch of games off the 3DS eshop during Chsirtmas too. I hope Nintendo rethinks this decision. Maybe they will do what Sony did and reconsider this decision.
  14. I ended up buying Stella Glow and a handful of 3D arcade games for my New Nintendo 3DS XL. Also, Blasphemous was on sale for 6 bucks on Switch so I bought that too. My Nintendo backlog needs to be cleaned up lol.
  15. I've never seen someone get so mad over a game for not having a platinum. Calm down lol.