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  1. But practically almost everyone has it. It's been on PS4 for 5 years. Anyone who doesn't have it probably isn't interested enough to play it. Otherwise they would have had it a long time ago.
  2. I see a lot of people saying "Sony hasn't released anything big this year because PS5 is on the way." I don't see how that has to do with anything. Were talking about games not the hardware. Any PS5 exclusives probably wont come till like 2022. PS4 had no games in 2014 other than Killzone and Infamous and Knack. Plus PS5 probably wont come till late 2020 or 2021. So that's well over a year from now. Anyways, Nintendo is killing it this year probably because they have been focusing on games. The new Fire Emblem, Astral Chain and Luigis Mansion 3 plus Animal Crossing is on the way. Not to mention BOTW 2 and Smash DLC. Who knows, maybe a 3DS successor. Nintendo is definitely killing it in games but I wouldn't say Sony is doing horrible this year. There's an edit option lol.
  3. Has anyone gotten Astral Chain? It's like an anime Cyberpunk game only on Switch.
  4. lol I still haven't even finished Yakuza 0
  5. after the ending credits. The trophies didnt pop. I just reload a save from the cloud in case of something were like this to happen. Had the same problem with Season 1. From my knowledge I only had this issue with Batman Telltale Games. none of the other telltale games had this issue.
  6. I platinum JoJo ASB on PS3. It was awesome. Wondering if i should get eyes of heaven soon.

  7. I mean. Inception was inspired by Paprika. But it doesn't matter. Needs to be based. Not inspired or tribute.
  8. Film was great. Saw it in IMAX 3D and now I own it on 3D Blu ray. First Hollywood film to based on a manga and be good. Edge of tomorrow doesn't count.
  9. Bought Three houses and I'm enjoying it so far. Kind of wish there was a Voice Actress for the female avatar like I choose. If you can't customize the avatar, at least give them a voice during interactions? Doesn't make sense that the NPCs do but you don't. Maybe it's an interactive.
  10. Sign me up! I'm a Jōnin. I platinum Senran Kagura EV and Senran Kagura PBS.
  11. I'd rather play mein leben than deal with collectibles. Collectible trophies just aren't fun unless if the collectibles themselves are cool. Unlike Battlefield 1.
  12. You know, it makes me sad that a post like this is allowed but posts that I've made that aren't harmful get warning points. What a fucking disgusting thing 2 say. Not cool mate. Also it's just a bronze trophy. Get over it
  13. it means: Aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice) Kind of like Sony is doing censoring anime games on PS4. Sony is woke. That's just an example. Mk11 is also woke for too many reasons to list. There's a saying to games that go woke. "Once you go woke you go broke."
  14. It's got a lot of SJW shit in it. I've been playing it on the Switch (platinum is too hard for me) And I've been enjoying it. While I do like Nazis because they have cool outfits I still think it's fun to slaughter them. To answer your question, the game doesn't feel political at all. Sure there are SJW crap in it like a pregnant woman fighting Nazis made no sense. But I honestly don't care, the game is just fun as hell. I still think DOOM is waaaaaay better. Hell, Old Blood was freaking awesome. Wolfenstien 2 just doesn't feel like "Wolfenstien". If that makes sense.
  15. Ever since 2017, I've been playing BOTW. I finally beat it today. I avoided spoilers and I liked the ending and give the game a 9.5/10. Too much rain lol.