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  1. These Chibi versions of them are just too cute. Especially Yumi
  2. I think it is hard since that permanently kills ur operators. Lose them all and then it's game over.
  3. Damn it and I had just 100% the game not too long ago. Freaking Ubisoft.
  4. I finally platinum Yakuza Like a Dragon. A really damn good game. Loved it. I even own the steelbook edition for it.

  5. No dude it's because its unprofessional. Like it's not an accurate translation. Has nothing to do with it being amogus related.
  6. This is supposed to be a joke right? Anyone who just skips through dialogue in an MMO probably doesn't care about the story and then complains about it after not understanding the ending. Why are you defending this translation? I wouldn't even call it a "translation" though, I think SnowxSakura is right by calling it "unprofessional". It's not a's more of an abomination if anything.
  7. Nubla or Orc Slayer. Those games were worse than bad. I regret spending less than 7$ on both of them. Charging people money to play those "games" is a joke. I wish I never played them and its super embarrassing to have helped normalize the trend on shitty 3$ games that have an extremely easy plat.
  8. Classic one that I like
  9. Are you actually banned? Please tell me you're not banned and let it be a coincidence. 

    1. Sergen


      Probably not, he was recently involved in a thread about people being banned. 



    2. Helyx


      No, I'm not banned. Parker & Stevie have been lenient, but I know not to try my luck with those hard-ass mods Daiv & BTG.


      Thank you for caring enough to check on me. 


      @Sergen maybe it was this? 


  10. Reminds me of the North American translation of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and adding a doge reference in the game. This honestly looks like a translation that was done by normies who work at Crunchyroll. I'm surprised there was no forced Amogus references. Adding shitty memes and cringe lines is a great way to keep fans from buying your game. EDIT: Nvm there was an among us reference. Fml
  11. Now that is truly disappointing news. I was planning on buying it for switch and I was happy to finally play this game. Oh well, it saves me money I guess. Skip.
  12. As someone who lives in Cucklafornia...........Please get me the hell out of here lol
  13. Hey! Wouldn't it be ironic if this topic got locked too? lol that would be funny I think.
  14. I had a bad experience with Ubisoft earlier last year. I pre order the Gold edition for Watch Dogs Legion just to play as Aiden Pearce. However, I had to wait from October until July just to finally play it and on top of that I noticed the Gold edition was going on sale frequently throughout the year. I payed a 100 bucks just to play something that wasn't even finished. Even worse, the game was shit and boring. At least the Bloodlines DLC was good but I had to pay 100 bucks and wait almost an entire year just to play the one thing I wanted. I'm kind of done with Ubisoft at this point, but that's just my personal experience with them.
  15. I believe they do international shipping as well. Just keep in mind it will probably be more expensive.