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  1. Yes, it's my best waifu
  2. #41 Lords of the Fallen Lords and Judges Unlock all Trophies
  3. Chain Master Get a 500 chain combo. Devil Hunter Kill 1,000 enemies. Faith is weakness Led Rhogar to Victory Lords and Judges Unlock all Trophies
  4. Whole world in his hands Bring balance to both realms Way of the cleric Complete the game as Cleric
  5. My private stash Get 12 special weapons Way of the rogue Complete the game as Rogue
  6. Fullblown Thorn Defeat Blueblood Dragon. Are you not entertained? Complete all Proving Grounds By the book Find 60 audio notes Harkyn collection Collected 20 armor sets
  7. Summon Beginner Summon familiar for the first time. Please Accept! Director familiar for the first time. Extra strong Upgrade the Health Potions Solitary Met a strange person in a strange place
  8. Only after Disaster Defeat the Worshiper The real Lords starts here Entered the Rhogar realm He speaks in riddles Meet the Blacksmith