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  1. 8,5/10 ๐Ÿ˜„ Darling in the franxx opening
  2. Yes, itโ€™s my waifu
  3. haha shiki i lov your nev avy

    i see you also watched this Anime; funny and great isn it?

    anyway wish you a nice day shiki san may we meet later or so.. if TERA would not take my full time ha ha

  4. Always several people. @Vert @TheLastSurvivorD @Ichiban-Hybrid @Death Heart @Hertz @Atlas @Iris Heart @Ratchet2425 @Kaiwan @Melty @Saionji @Lucas @Matsuri Mizusawa @Koromaru @babyliones It is impossible for me to forget them here in this forum, they will immortalize in my memory.
  5. Weiss
  6. Do you know da wae ?
  7. @TheLastSurvivorD This is the best image of maki, I think the used in the future. Thank you TheLastSurvivor.
  8. Seitokai Yakuindomo
  9. Banned for being close to the percentage of the number of the beast.
  10. @Melty Nice avatar , Baiken FTW
  11. I guess he played the game Melty blood.