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  1. New Challenger Played a challenge mission. Stacking the Deck This is proof that you've equipped items that activate a Stack bonus skill. You can get Stack bonuses by equipping more than one copy of the same skill at once. The more copies of that skill you equip, the cooler your Stack bonus will be!
  2. Naruhodo Not gin, Gintoki
  3. Inu x boku ss
  4. Blamed for dancing in several outfits
  5. Let's dance !
  6. She Who Upholds Her Conviction Complete Milla's story. Congratulations on completing Tales of Xillia! Lord of Xillia The mark of complete Xillia mastery. Thanks for playing! One day I would win and congrats awaaa !
  7. Emoji Ah shit ! *hide*
  8. @Kaiwan Kaiwan the stalker AAAAAH !!
  9. @Mami Tomoe Nepgear = Saionji, Have fun with iris heart
  10. eyyy
  11. motivates me to play rhythm games (emoji motivated)
  12. @Xillia because I play tales of xillia on ps3