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  1. I'm thinking that may have already begun last night when he did the Miz TV segment. On a side note, I completely forgot Shinske was the IC champ, lol.
  2. -Seth and Braun is intriguing but the opponents as tag champs angle (even though its been a while since the last time it was done) is a bit been-there-done-that, hopefully their reign won't last too long and a proper feud between the two can start. If, however, this means Strowman finally gets the chance he's deserved for far too long than I'm 100% good with it, rumor is Braun and Cedric are two guys Heyman is super high up on. -Sasha and Becky are looking like they're fully committed to building the type of feud that makes people extremely emotionally invested and I can't wait to see how far they go -Cesaro killing Joe right at the bell in their match was so freakin' awesome, hopefully Joe gets at least to the finals of the KotR, maybe against Alexander if the rumor turns out to be true. -Bit too soon for The Fiend to show up again, I REALLY want them to protect the shit outta him and make it feel special each and every time he appears. Some more Firefly Funhouse are long overdue as well. -It also sounds like the plan for NXT on Wednesdays is more of a curse than a blessing. I was planning on watching AEW anyways because NXT's weekly shows aren't always that great (Takeovers are where it's at) and a new promotion has my interest far more but now that they're going to TV, Vince apparently wants to be more... "hands on". Sounds like it's already gonna be a 2-hour live show and I'm terrified that he's gonna bring main roster guys who no one likes *cough* Baron Corbin *cough* and put them over NXT stars because Vince is gonna Vince. Although, I guess there's always a chance the Shinskes and Rusevs of the world could go there too and flourish. Guess time will tell. The only thing I'd say isn't a guess is that HHH has to be fuming about it.
  3. Seems like he's to the point where he's gonna need 10,000 yards and 172 TD catches to be worth the trouble, especially when Mack was apparently not good enough to pay.
  4. Funny thing is Buddy Murphey was never supposed to be involved at all. According to Whatculture he just happened to accidentally be in the background going about his business when the scaffolding was pushed and some eagle eyed viewers (I guess he was BARELY visible) noticed him. They were vocal about it and WWE decided to run with it, which worked out great because that match with Roman made him look like an absolute stud. Maybe he'll get a smaller scale version of Kofi's unplanned run after the Ali injury.
  5. Not too long ago there was nothing good going on in the WWE, so yeah, I was on board with the bitch-fest. Summerslam, however, had just as much, if not more, good than bad and almost all the posts afterwards were still just slamming all the bad and either brushing off or ignoring any of the good entirely, as though everyone simply watched so they could find things to complain about instead of trying to enjoy anything. As for making up my mind, I know exactly where I'm at, I want WWE to be a good product, up until recently it hasn't been, AT ALL, and that sucked. Now, it seems like they're righting the ship and I'd rather talk about the +'s than complain about the -'s. Pointing out issues is fine, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, I'm just trying to see if we can get some balance and discuss the positive too. Anyways, moving on, does anyone think (or better yet know) if there's plans for Finn to eventually join up with the O.C.? Maybe they can kill two birds and have him lose the feud with Bray HARD prompting him to reunite with his boys? Edit - I just realized I never gave my thoughts on the specific Q's you asked. Oldberg squashing Ziggler was a combination of pandering while seemingly giving Ziggler a gimmick of asking for more, maybe it'll work for him maybe it won't, it does however give him a direction that'll be fine on the mid-card. Ember was basically plucked from a hat and the match had no real build, which makes a great case for combining the titles now that the brand split is basically done. Comparing Trish and Charlotte to Hogan and Rock is unrealistic in my eyes, Hogan is the face of the entire industry and the Rock is right behind him, possibly even ahead of him in today's world. Both guys have transcended the sport and became recognizable to anyone anywhere, there's no way Trish and Charlotte could ever achieve that in their match. And Kofi/Orton was part of the uninspired booking I mentioned in the OP.
  6. Jesus, you guys really are jaded aren't you. While I'll admit SS wasn't a 5 star show it wasn't a dumpster fire either. Most every match was entertaining (it's time to admit that when Brock is into who he's wrestling he'll put on a good match... and he and Seth had a good match) and the booking, while uninspired, wasn't horrendous either. It was a big 4 PPV so, like pretty much every big 4, they came at us with mostly "feel good" moments. And RAW tonight was pretty good too, especially when you compare it to the shit McMahon's been flinging at us over the course of the last year. Vince is obviously taking the threat of AEW seriously and giving the reigns to someone else is improving the product. I mean, who saw Sasha coming back tonight with what looks like a monster push? and speaking of monster, maybe Braun will finally get a shot with Heyman making the calls (he's doing RAW right?), The O.C. is currently holding 3 titles and running roughshod, yeah, "Seth wins lol", but no one was happy with Brock either. And of course, the freaking Fiend!! WWE's on an upswing right now, time to maybe enjoy it again.
  7. They HAVE to push Bray and they have to push him hard. That debut was insane. Also wanna tip my cap to Seth's creative initial tactic for countering the suplexes, if you land on your feet every time it certainly limits Brock's ability to rely on old faithful, very cool idea.
  8. Even if it just gets this thread going again I'm happy. I tried a baseball thread but it's dead AF and I'm not a soccer or hockey fan so finally having fellow fans to talk with (my personal circle isn't real sports savvy) is a breath of fresh air.
  9. I'll always have a soft spot for Kearse, dude was front and center on a lot of clutch plays for Seattle (if they had won the SB against the Pats in 2014 the biggest thing people would have been talking about was that insane catch he had to put them in the red-zone in the first place, sadly though, it has been all but forgotten through no fault of his own)) and it really breaks my heart to see him go down like that.
  10. Pre-season, no starters, sloppy play, tons of penalties... and I don't care, it's so good having football back.
  11. And just like that Seattle takes its first blow, 6 games without Reed. I'll admit I've only scraped the info regarding Reed's incident so I might be talking out of my ass but at a glance it doesn't seem much different from what went on with Hill (accusation with no charges filed), who received no punishment at all... or Elliot, who also got six games, followed by the wrath of Jerry. Consistency isn't really the NFL's strong point is it.
  12. Pre-season's right around the corner. As it stands now (before injuries, trades and jobs won/lost in the pre-season games) The AFC North and NFC West are the 2 divisions that caught my interest the most. In the West the Rams have, IMO, slightly downgraded with some of their losses and Gurley's knee issue, the Seahawks should be a little more cohesive offensively because, even though Baldwin's gone, they're going into their 2nd year with the new offensive coordinator and O-line coach, not to mention the addition of Iupati to help (all hail) the run game. Hopeully the new kicker will repeat last years performance and maybe(?) Ansah can stay healthy. The 9ers get another chance to play with their new toy and this time maybe their entire roster won't get hurt, and same goes with the Cards. In the North, there's of course the new-look Browns who everyone's gonna be watching. I'm curious to see if Mayfield and OBJ can keep it together if things don't go as planned, The Ravens got Earl who's a game-changer when he's on the field... so can he stay on the field? Steelers of course made some serious cuts to their roster so we'll see who they are which leaves the Bengals, who, I'll admit, I know pretty much nothing about. The NFC as a whole is pretty nasty and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. So far, before the inevitable injuries and such throw a monkey-wrench into the season, my favorites to make a deep run: The Saints, because they have the talent combined with a huge dose of something to prove, The Rams, because they're just a damn good team with a damn good coach. The Seahawks, because honestly, last year they were *this* close to winning both games against the Rams and taking the division. This year, I think the improvement in Seattle and (albeit slight) downgrade of the Rams will even things out for at least a split. Pretty sure the Panthers and Packers will make a splash too.
  13. On the plus side, Bray disappeared for reason #1.
  14. New day's the tag champs, AJ's the U.S. champ, Brock is the Universal champ and Joe jobs again. Paul's got RAW, Bischoff's got Smackdown but Vince is obviously still in charge of PPV's, that's the only explanation for booking that's that boring and repetitive. And now that a big 4 PPV is on the horizon I'm sure we'll get Brock vs. Seth... again. Roman getting a shot for a title (against Kofi)... again. Charlotte shoehorned in against Becky... again. And at least 4 wrestlers on the card that are north of 50... again. Because, you know, that's what "safe".
  15. There's 2 possible answers for this. First, they've stopped running the vignettes in hopes that people will sorta forget and enhance the surprise when he debuts in the ring (kinda how MitB winners, excluding Brock of course, always lose a bazillion matches in a row because it's supposed to make their cash-in more "shocking") . Or second, they stopped running the vignettes in hopes that people will forget because Vince had one of his sporadic cooldowns on a gimmick and decided to pull the plug on the whole thing. Who knows which one is true in this day and age.