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  1. When Sherm left, I wasn't upset, because of his shit attitude but I also wasn't happy. When Earl leaves, I won't be upset but I also won't be happy. When Bennett left, I danced a freakin' jig. Dude became an absolute cancer in the locker room and a dirty player on the field (I remember him diving at an O-lineman's knees during a kneeldown play towards the end of the season last year too). There's some other off the field incidents that have come up as well but I'll leave those alone.
  2. I think that ship has already sailed.
  3. The only thing I didn't understand was why Selena was used to cause a distraction so Andrade could just fall on the ropes, wrestlers do that to make their opponents fall off the turnbuckle all the time. Guess that was their way of trying to make the win look dirty?
  4. I'm still on the fence with Foles, he's been damn good over the past couple of seasons but he was also a backup for a reason. I guess the Jags or Denver could consider going after him, I mean, he couldn't be any worse right? Seems like if the Raiders were going to trade Carr this would have been the season to do it.
  5. Alright Chiefs fans, 1st ever(?) championship game in your stadium, and against the Pats!! You guys better bring it on Sunday. Anything other than a new noise record being set is going to be considered a failure on your part.
  6. Even when it was 14 - zip it still just felt like the Saints just needed a minute to shake off the rust before they inevitably took over the game. Man-O-man I hope it's a Saints/Chiefs SB... Rams/Pats would be an absolute nightmare for this Seattle fan.
  7. *Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn*
  8. On paper... seemed like today's games were going to be really entertaining. Oh well, there's still tomorrow I guess.
  9. Sounds like the WWE offered Cody and the Bucks a king's ransom to work for them and were declined. AEW might be a legit threat.
  10. Even though the score was maybe a little disproportionate because 'Bama was playing from so far behind they had to go for TD's instead of getting the easy 3's, Clemson still got the stops one more than one occasion and kept the Tide out of it. Nice seeing Vader take out the Emperor, with a true freshman behind center too.
  11. I'd put money on the Rams' stadium being at least 30-40% Dallas fans come game-time. From what I saw LA's fanbase really never showed up for most of the games, save one (the KC game) and lots of those tickets were comped.
  12. Yup, Bears got to choose their opponent and they chose wrong. The Eagles and Colts were probably the scariest teams playing this weekend.
  13. I've heard all year long that some rule change has made onside kicks pretty much impossible now?
  14. They lead the league because Pete insists on running the ball 90% of the time no matter what (the only time he seems eager to throw is if it's 3rd and 3 or less). The O-line is pretty good at run blocking (still abysmal at pass blocking) but every team pretty much knows, stop the run, stop the offense. Russ will burn you with the occasional big play but they're always far too unwilling to just open it up.
  15. Good on Seattle for making it in but, once again, offense that's as predictable as the tides is their downfall. Short run, short run, incomplete pass, punt over and over and over isn't gonna get you anywhere in today's game. Good game Dallas.