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  1. So... much... terrible... football.. two shutout losses, a Panthers team that put up 3, the Browns might actually win one ( in what's a compelling 9-9 tie)... and the afternoon games haven't even started yet. Shhhhh, if you listen carefully, you can actually hear the ratings dropping. Oh yeah, forgot about 2 more (albeit waaaaay too old to still be playing) QB's go down too. I'm sure there was an entertaining game or two played today but they sure as hell weren't on my TV schedule.
  2. Lookin' like a higher power finally had to intervene to put an (hopefully!!!!!!!!!!) end to the absolute travesty that has been Finn/Bray. I heard Jinder is also, while vehemently denying it of course, nursing an injury. Guess since Vince won't make a correct decision, nature's just taking over and correcting shit for him. Now, finger's crossed for it being a 2nd wellness policy strike from Reigns.
  3. I'm definitely not defending him, he made a stupid choice and is now paying the price but man, the league (at least in my eyes and I know for sure in Psychicvibes eyes) sure looks bad when Lynch was ejected, suspended, and fined while Butler didn't even get a flag thrown. I know "discretion" and whatever but seriously, show some damn consistency NFL.
  4. Why? What was the freakin' point of Kurt Angle banning everyone from ringside? The match starts, Miz is already ringside because he's on commentary, the Bar shows up to interfere anyways and the Shield comes in for the save. This kind of nonsensical booking highlights the ineptitude of WWE writing. If the plan is for Kane to show up and assist Braun then there was absolutely NO reason for all the other shenanigans. The Bar and the Shield could have actually been banned, which wouldn't have made Angle look like a joke, and you get the same result. So maddening watching these idiots consistently ignore logic week after week.
  5. Technically, if they're going to go absolute "letter of the law" and overturn it then they should have done the same with Butler and thrown him out. Fair is fair.
  6. Now I have no idea if the Seahawks should worry about the Giants next week? I mean, there was always a concern because the Giants do have a pretty good pass rush, which is always a problem for Seattle, but everything else pointed to a relatively comfortable victory, right down to being in the Seahawks' 2nd favorite stadium. But now, did the Giants wake up and figure something out (like making sure the Broncs had to rely solely on Semien's arm) or did Denver actually shit-the-bed that bad? Or both?
  7. Cue the Cardinals, Saints and possibly the Steelers, lol. On another note, Tony Romo... as the Cowboys QB, the guy bugged me to no end (and I'll totally admit I'm biased with Cowboy hate) but as a commentator, absolutely love him!! He's really really good.
  8. If Rodgers is indeed out for the season the NFC just got wiiiiiiiiiide open. Come to think of it, outside of the Chiefs in the AFC is there really a team that just looks straight dominate?
  9. Nah, Vince has (and will) always seen those companies as the "minor leagues". He has no respect for them as competition and has almost always put "WWE guys" over when they're having matches with talent that got famous in another company. There's always the rare occasion he'll admit he made a mistake (like he did with AJ saying he wished he would have hired him a decade ago) or the fans simply won't be denied a supremely talented guy like Daniel Bryan but HHH is the driving force behind guys like KO and Joe getting chances, and the "minor league" mentality isn't going anywhere until Vince is out of the picture.
  10. The play was definitely dead, the hit was definitely late, the 15 yards was just, but I fully expect to see that Cam Newton flop show up on Monday in the c'mon man segment, lol.
  11. So, what I'm hearing is he walking out on RAW and forcing them to change the main event to Enzo/Kalisto (and strapping Kalisto which was a late swerve to make it seem not obvious the main event was changed) is confirmed but, Neville asking for his release isn't. If he does indeed leave, I doubt he'll have any trouble finding a new landing spot. First Aries, now (maybe) Neville.
  12. Hell. F--kin'. Yeah!!
  13. Ah, thank you.
  14. Wasn't he himself Kneeling at the start of the year? Or am I remembering wrong? Seriously, this whole situation has me not knowing which way is up anymore. Especially when it comes to Jerry Jones, the most headliningest chaser of them all.
  15. Just when Jinder wins again and I'm telling myself I can't take it any more... Sami Zayne turns heel, joins up with KO and all is forgiven. That tag match too, insane.