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  1. What I would give for Scott Servais to learn to just put 4 fingers up. When Stanton's up in the bottom of the 9th (at Yankees stadium where a stiff sneeze will put the ball over the wall) in a tie game, just walk him. It's not freakin' brain surgery. Same with Trout, that guy IS the Angels' entire team and he's burned the M's about 100x already this season. Just swallow you're damn pride and walk him.
  2. Alright Vince, you have a chance to elevate a guy, who deserves it by the way, to serious main event status. Strowman needs to pull a RVD/Cena and not have a surprise cash-in. If he pre-announces a cash-in at SS and goes on to win a legit match against Lesnar, POW, new long term main event monster who can dominate for years to come. And I know Vince, you have the hard on of hard ons for Roman and you seem to insist that he's the guy and you can book him in a way to get him over. Well you can't. The damage done is basically irreparable. Strowman however, is over. Like, all the way over. Everyone loves the guy and he's earned a run. Please oh please Vince, just once, get out of your own way and do this one right. Also, Rousey /Bliss seems like it'll be a sweet feud (unless they go with Bliss/Nia which is the deadest horse around). Rousey's proven she's got the chops to hang and I'm already to the point where I wouldn't mind seeing her have a run at the top. Pre MITB I would have been vehemently against it but the girl can go, and she's only going to get better.
  3. Looking at Houston's schedule... it might be well after the all-star break before they actually lose again. Clevelands 22 game streak from last year could very possibly get shattered. I know at any given time good teams have bad days and vice versa, especially in baseball, but damn, that schedule.
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene. I mean, it makes perfect sense because even though Asuka's 100% more talented, Carmella's way way more blonder, and we all know which is more important to Vince. I get it, Asuka's a disaster on the mic, especially with her language barrier but my lord... Carmella's a disaster in every way but blondeness. And Ellsworth, do we really need to see more of that guy on TV? I mean, really!? At least there's some hope that we might actually get to see them pull the trigger on Braun, although I'm not holding my breath at all. Also worth noting that both cases went to RAW, which is pretty freakin' lame as well.
  5. Gonna have to disagree with you on this. A title being completely absent for months at a time doesn't make it "prestigious". What it does accomplish however is cutting out the most important part of a weekly show. Since Wrestlemania there's been almost zero feuding over what's supposed to be your main attraction. Reigns and Brock had their cage match at an event that was a glorified house show and since then... nothing. Riegns or an announcer will bring up being the "uncrowned champion" once and a while and that's it. The title NEEDS TO BE ON THE SHOW to be prestigious. A champion NEEDS TO DEFEND to make the title prestigious. If they wanted the title to legitimately matter then they need to pull their heads out of their asses and try booking logically for once. KO had a chance to be a serious champ, instead, they booked him like a complete phony until he lost it to an aging part-timer, so he could eventually lose to our current aging part-timer, it's bullshit. There's a guy out there in Strowman who could have been the best monster champion the WWE has seen in a loooooong time. Instead, they job him out to Reigns, a guy who has officially been rejected, and put him in a tag team comedy act. More bullshit. The way to build the credibility to a title isn't taking off of TV because your champ is a part-time worker, it's smart. logical booking, which has been ignored by Vince so he can stroke his own ego and play his petty games. There's a reason RAW's ratings are hitting record lows. People are getting fed up with Vince acting like a spoiled child and are just tuning out.
  6. Well, today is day #435 for Brock's title reign, he has officially passed Punk. By the way, in that time he (Brock) defended 10 whole times. Punk's reign, 141 defenses. Vince should be so proud of himself for putting on such a pathetic display. Man's 72 years old and still has the mentality of a child.
  7. So, first things first, I'm a Seattle sports-fan (kind of makes my skin crawl to say that because the actual city of Seattle sucks but no one will know what I mean if I say Washington sports fan) so the NBA can go suck one. That being said, knowing the Thunder has to watch Durant win year after year for another team is kind of nice. And honestly, we all kind of knew before this series even started that the real finals was Houston/Golden State.
  8. Hope that doesn't become an excuse to become complacent. I'm sure the ratings will go up being on free TV but if they don't, I wouldn't be surprised to see them end up on FS1.
  9. I'm sure the NBA playoffs factored in buuuuuuut, Monday's RAW drew the 2nd lowest ratings EVER. Like, the entire history of the show. That 3rd hour's gotta go, it's (along with some other obvious issues) really killing the show.
  10. Half this video is accurate, half isn't. Don't get me wrong, I think Vince is as out of touch and stubborn as the next guy but... The return of the attitude era thing, I've said it before and I'll say it again, today's society can't handle those angles, and it's been proven time and again over the years. Every time they "push the envelope" as the video says, people lose their shit and call Vince the devil anyways. When the Punk/Taker match was on the horizon and Paul-bearer (who had recently died) was integrated into the story what happened? Everyone lost their shit. When Page mentioned Reid in a promo to Charlotte what happened? Everyone lost their shit. If a bra and panties match were to air on TV now-a-days what do you think would happen? everyone would lose their shit. When you live in a world where everyone wakes up and immediately looks for a reason to be offended I don't blame him for throwing his hands up and saying f--k it. I'm sure his wife's political ambitions helped but I personally still put the blame more on our current PC obsessed society than anything. The second thing I didn't like was pointing out that Vince has the final call on everything as a bad thing then wondering where the Austins and Rocks are (two guys who I personally can't stand). If you're going to go that route you have to acknowledge that those guys also got Vince's go-ahead to do what they did. Vince didn't create Stone-Cold, Heyman did, but he still signed off on everything that happened back then the same as he does today. You can't call the guy out for too much micromanaging then ignore that the same guy doing the same thing caused the good results you're mentioning. Finally, the "pimps and porn stars" they brought up were never really that great to begin with. they were average mid-carders who have the benefit of wrestling during a time when the popularity was at a peak. Val Venis had no part in the rise of the attitude era, in fact, I'd say it was the other way around. I was in my 20's during the attitude era, aka prime audience, and I remember thinking most of what he was involved in was pretty stupid. Same with a lot of the workers who are currently being fondly remembered because of other guys work. The attitude era midcard was, for the most part, awful. It just gets a pass because guys like Taker, Austin, Bret, HBK, and Rock were carrying the product and that's what most people remember. Anyways, my 2 cents I guess.
  11. Every headline, every article, every discussion... they're all going to be about politics and protests until the playoffs start. Then add to that the thousand new kick-off rules (honestly, just phase 'em out, it's obviously the end-game goal) and it just seems like the NFL's only objective is to grind on the fans until we just throw our hands into the air and say "f--k it". And they're doing a great job of that. Look anywhere outside of L.A. and Boston and fans don't seem interested in dealing with this BS anymore. I mean, I'm a Mariners fan, the biggest sad-sack team in sports and I'm dreading the end of the baseball season. And sadly I think it's safe to say the days of over-sensitive-over-whelming-over-reacting PC nonsense are here to stay, it just seems to get stronger and stronger with every new generation.
  12. If Vince is actually that stupid I might swear the WWE off entirely. After the Reigns/Joe crowd debacle Vince literally said that was an "eye opener", if he meant anything other than putting Roman in a main event above title matches (or in this case the namesake match of the event) then there's no hope until he's gone.
  13. Personally I think it should be the other way around. I know it devalues the MITB (especially since it's only been around for a year for the women) but, as much as I feel she shouldn't be champ, Nia's run needs at least a little length to it. The hot-potato'ing of the women's title has gone on for too long. It Seems like no matter who's coming to the ring they're a "former women's champion". Charlotte has brought some prestige to the division, (and the title) but that's all gone now that Carmella, who's awful in every way, pinned her. If there's a run that needs to be short and sweet terrible, it's that one.
  14. So I'm sitting here watching the M's blow another 8th inning lead against Detroit. This time however, the guy that got the 2 RBI hit shouldn't have ever had the chance. The previous batter got a gifted walk when the home plate ump called a blatant strike (which would have been strike 3 with 2 outs) a ball 4. This BS walk loaded the bases and the next guy up gets a hit, 2 runs score. All night long the M's pitchers have been denied good strikes and the Tigers have been getting the benefit of every boarder-line or blatantly off the plate throw. Home plate umps basically have one job and it doesn't seem like any of them can do it properly. Either personal bias, be it a single player or entire team, or complete ineptitude seem to be showing up in every game and I'm done with it. We have the technology to eliminate the need for humans calling balls and strikes and the time has come to put it in motion. I don't care at all about the guys losing their jobs. Pretty much any industry eliminates incompetent employees and I don't see why baseball should be any different. I've always been an advocate for anything that improves the "get it right" aspect of a sport and what could be more effective than always knowing a ball was indeed a ball and a strike was indeed a strike. Tradition be damned, just Get. It. Right.
  15. Looks like Big Cass screwed himself with the little man segment. The initial plan was for him just to give the little guy a big boot and leave, he wanted to beat him down more but a writer or producer or something said no. Cass then went over that guy's head and went straight to Vince, which Vince actually encourages, but Vince also said no. Well, Cass decided to do it anyways. Since then, he quick tapped in a PPV match, then wasn't on TV at all (Rusev beat DB that week) and this week gets a beat down from Bryan. Whoops.