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  1. He'll just deny it ever happened and blame the media for making the hold up.
  2. Hopefully by then at least one of the teams will bring some defense. 1 punt forced in the entire game is really, really sad.
  3. Yeah, the AFC has some patterns that are starting to show their ugly heads again.
  4. AFC's gonna AFC.
  5. Losing this week that way is the balance from winning last week(?) off of a 63 yard field goal.
  6. It's what they do. It's to the point of being a thing now, UW just can not seem to win the "big ones". Ever since they lost to Alabama in the playoffs a couple/few years ago they've choked in every important game they've played. Seems like several top ten teams had a rough go of it today too... and the damn Dodgers won, gross.
  7. As much as I love a good upset, it's not great when Auburn, the team that needs to look like world beaters so the loss by the Huskies doesn't look as bad, is the team being upset. Hopefully the rest of Washington's schedule will help their case.
  8. I can't say I'm informed enough to answer that, i do however know that I'm glad it's his problem and not mine.
  9. That's if crown jewel actually happens now. Vince is in a sticky one with what's going on and people are really piling on the "cancel crown jewel" movement. PR disaster locally if he goes through with the event vs. pissing off a market he's been trying to get for years if he doesn't.
  10. Patriots are hitting that point in the season where they usually go on a run and the Chiefs' defense has been questionable. When I first saw that prediction I scratched my head in disbelief but now that I think about it you're right, very interesting. think home field might decide that one.
  11. To any Darkest Dungeon fans out there, you might want to look into a game called Deep Sky Derelicts (PC game), it's kinda similar and also pretty sweet.

  12. Well s--t. Seattle gets the would be stop on 4th and 2... penalty. Big play put them in field goal range to potentially take the lead late in the game... penalty, and penalty, out of FG range. Team's got a bad habit of being in their own way. Pretty sure the zero(?) punts forced by the defense didn't help either. Oh well, at least they made a game out of it, even though the division's about 99.99% done. Cardinals are terrible, 49ers season ended early from injuries and Seattle's on the decline for a rebuild (yes Pete, it's a rebuild), Rams picked a hell of a year to go out and try to buy a Superbowl. Not really too bitter though, everyone has to take their medicine right? Rams took theirs in 2012-2015, now it's their turn to do some dishing.
  13. Seems like the deciding factor between the Seahawks and Rams so far will be the Rams are actually tackling while the 'Hawks are happy whiffing on attempted hit after attempted hit instead of trying to wrap up and tackle.
  14. Even with a 24-0 (now 24-8) halftime lead at home, I'm still not convinced the Lions are taking this one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31-14 in the 4th makes it seem a touch more likely.
  15. I wonder if the rule makers anticipated what moving the extra point would do to the overall kicking game in the NFL. Seems like everyone but the Ravens has had some sort of issue with chip-shots the past couple/few years. Green Bay's turn today.