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  1. All types of wrestling has a fanbase and AEW tends to try to cater to a very broad audience. I'm not a huge fan of deathmatches myself but they're out there, as evident by the match not driving fans away, it was the 2nd highest rated segment on the show (pretty sure the opening match had the most eyes on it) so it actually brought them back in. Dominos wouldn't have said anything if the match had gone on uninterrupted, they overreacted because a picture-in-picture segment had very unfortunate (and again, most people out there thought it was actually quite funny and probably helped them more than hurt) timing. Not even the first time something like that happened: It was funny then, and it's funny now. If Dominos wants to pull their sponsorship, screw 'em, their loss. I'm sure other companies will slide right in.
  2. Domino's was mad that there was a picture in picture ad for their pizza at the exact moment Gage was using his pizza cutter, most of the world though it was funny and moved on. If Domino's wants to be pissy and bail, let 'em, it's not gonna hurt anything. With regards to Page, it's not unreasonable to consider they want his potential title win to be a huge deal and the debuts of Bryan and Punk could very easily overshadow it. Pushing it back to Full Gear where it can be the "moment" of the show isn't a terrible idea if that's the case. Only problem is that isn't an "AEW sucks and Khan's the worst booker ever" hot take so you don't even wanna consider it.
  3. Everyone keeps eluding to Darby's promo as a CM Punk hint but it honestly made me think of Daniel Bryan's ROH days before anything, when pounding on the railing chanting "best in the world" was pretty much part of his entrance. Food for thought I guess.
  4. Now that Thunder Rosa is officially signed with AEW it hopefully opens the door for 2 more matches with Britt, one where Britt retains to even the score and a rubber match, which I'd love to see Rosa win and wear the strap. It'd be tough to space out ensuring a long reign for Brit, maybe put a stop gap challenger or two in between but Rosa has to be the one to eventually take down Britt right?
  5. First and foremost I'm over the moon about the potential of Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega being real. Anyways, I don't love it because of the attitude/personality involved but Punk would be a big grab... long term, who knows, maybe getting his ass kicked in the UFC humbled him, maybe not. Certainly a big roll of the dice. And yes 100% a joke with the MJF GIF
  6. Thank you 😊
  7. I tried to put the Gif of Samoa Joe pushing MJF outta the way as a security guard here and failed miserably.
  8. MJF might be a guy who could take the hit of being a transitional champion. He's a super established heel who has a routine, and the routine doesn't need a belt. MJF winning the title and going triple slimeball with it for a couple/few months would be an extraordinary lead up for Darby to be the one to take it and have a run. Can't imagine the pop Darby would get, especially if they could pull it off in Key Arena (Seattle).
  9. So I heard Jay White and Thunder Rosa worked Slammiversary? Wonder if it's Covid restrictions holding them back from going all in on the crossovers or an actual decision. Would love to see a 4 promotion event held, they wouldn't even have to do a bunch of interpromotional matches, just let AEW guys wrestle Aew guys, NJPW guys wrestle other NJPW guys and so on with one or two "dream matches" sprinkled in.
  10. Maybe not in their first title match but Hangman's gotta be the one to take out Kenny, it's a bit obvious but they've invested so much time into his ascension to Kenny that I'd anticipate more backlash from him not being the next champion than anything. Don't love the Dark Order being his "posse" though, would rather his backup be non-Inner Circle guys higher up in the card (Darby, Fenix/Pac, Mox/Eddie) with a common enemy... and of course Kaz. It would be a Hell of a rub seeing those guys carrying Hangman around in celebration after winning the title ala Mick Foley.
  11. The Go Big Show got renewed so he'll be written off of TV soon enough, hopefully at the hands of Black.
  12. Haven't got to watch Fyter Fest 1 yet but I'm hearing Darby, Sammy and Starks were over as hell with the crowd (Starks and Sammy being in their hometown). Very cool to see those guys getting the big pops as they're all three young and have very high ceilings, especially Darby who has blossomed into a straight up star in AEW's first couple years.
  13. Looked into it, she injured her shoulder back in January and had surgery in (I think) March. 6-12 month recovery time.
  14. Not sure what the time table is but isn't she out with an injury?
  15. Because 'Broken Matt was long since established and was already proven to be over. If that particular character wasn't something people had already accepted and was an at the time experiment who knows what the response would have been, however, everyone was not only excited for 'Broken Matt silliness but expected it. When it comes to Bliss and her "magic" look at the timeline of events. It begins with Bray creating a character that is universally praised as one of the most creative and exciting things to hit the business in years, then it devolves into a booking nightmare that kills the character and actually ends up being the last straw for a large sect of fans (myself included), ending with the character being transferred to Bliss giving us "box like structures" and magic. No tongue in cheek, no self awareness, no fun, and most of all no silliness. See, context.