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  1. Now that's something we agree on!!
  2. I mean... Brit Baker literally came out to the ramp and displayed her #1 contender status on the titantron immediately after the match.
  3. Crying shame if it's true, dude just can't seem to get his head out of his ass.
  4. I was a huge WWE fans for decades, I even spent quite a bit of time trying to walk people off the edge in the WWE thread on this very site (right about the time Heyman took over booking RAW) but eventually was driven away myself. Hopefully not forever, but definitely for now and there's one major reason behind it that I don't see brought up very often. Vince McMahon is a disgusting, reprehensible human being and I personally can't support anything that he ultimately profits from. Maybe I'm blissfully ignorant about the Khans and am being hypocritical, I honestly don't know much about them but Vince... I know a lot about Vince and the things he has done.
  5. Adams, Ford, Hyder, Dunlap and now Aldon Smith rushing the passer for Seattle, I'll take it.
  6. I have a VERY short list of WWE guys I'd like to see in AEW. Tommy End, Ricochet, War Raiders and Samoa Joe... maybe just maybe Joe becomes a reality. Gotta feeling Peyton Royce is lock because of Spears which means Billy Kay is also a high chance... neither of which are on my list.
  7. So the entire show deserves a -3 because a wrestler you're supremely biased towards had to take some offense, in a win mind you, from a woman who was apparently ranked #2 in the division (the commentary team made it a point to drive that fact home during the match)? I mean, it's your system so do what you like but if you're going to be that harsh it's gonna be tough to take what you're saying seriously.
  8. In a perfect world Moxley and Kingston would team up with Death Triangle and the 5 of them could feud with the Bullet Club, then we would at least get a definitive answer on who's on what side for more than one team that's been confusing the lines lately, sucks that they're going the way of Best Friends vs. Death Triangle instead. I guess maybe there's an outside chance they can blow that one off quickly and the logical 5 on 5 can get started ASAP.
  9. I'm in a tough spot here. I'm sure I'm gonna sound like an AEW mark making pre-excuses but logic is logic. This Wednesday is gonna be all about NXT, it's their "sendoff" from Wednesday nights and from what I understand (I'm not very familiar with the roster anymore) they're putting on a PPV quality show, which of course is gonna take a bite out of the AEW numbers, I'd honestly be amazed if NXT doesn't pull in more numbers than AEW this week If anything I'd say, not next week, but maybe a couple few weeks into AEW running unopposed would be more telling.
  10. You know, when I read this it became apparent to me that pretty much everything we disagree on is pure "eye of the beholder". I'm with you on Penta (unfortunately) needing to be separated from his brother, Penta has a natural heel vibe and needs to run with it. I was stoked when it looked like Penta was going to feud with Cody, it made perfect sense to me because Penta's thing for a long time was breaking arms, perfect endgame for writing Cody off of TV. I guess they came up with something else, bummer, but whatever. Anyways, I digress. Fenix alone hasn't looked like a heel to me for enough time that I just don't see it anymore. As for the early jump in the match last week, when it happened my reaction was "here we go!", I knew what the match was going to be when I saw it advertised, a billion MPH spotfest with little to no time to catch your breath, while you saw the early jump as a heel tactic, I saw it as the logical beginning to that type of match, nothing else... again, eye of the beholder. When you set the scenario with Austin and asked if I see the issue, my answer would be no, because to me there is no issue. I don't mind the person being built taking a dirty pin as long as they come out on top overall. I also don't see Bunny the same way as you. When I look at Allie I see an experienced vet ( I watched a lot of her on Impact because I'm a total Rosemary mark) who can only help Tay to shake off some of the green on her way up. Ford and Statlander, I'll admit I don't know the details, other than they were in on each other when Statlander went out so may as well have her and Ford start back up, I just couldn't help but needle you, shouldn't have done that so I apologize. The main event was very well received by everyone I heard talking about it (although I'm sure Cornette will disagree), it was a fun match and Miro still looked like a monster. Miro and Kip have been feuding with Best Friends for quite a long time, probably too long, and it served as a great blowoff match. I would happily take it over just a promo any time.
  11. 1 - The inner circle vs. the Pinnacle is going to last a long time, there's at least 3 major matches that are 100% going to happen and I wouldn't be surprised if Sammy and Shawn Spears do a program as well. They're not going to be able to keep the teams apart for the entire feud so Inner Circle getting a revenge beatdown isn't capping anything in the storyline, if anything it's just fueling the hatred, now the ball's in Pinnacle's court and I'm sure the individual challenging is going to begin. 2 - Fenix isn't a heel. Laredo kid isn't a hell. Penta, I'll give you that. 3 - The heels cheated to win, now Conti gets to chase the "dastardly heel" and get her revenge, booking 101, it's been going on since the dawn of time. Conti may not (although I hope to hell she does) get the win over Bunny next week but it'll come at some point. 4 - Not too long ago you were nit-picking the detail of QT's wife not being worried about Bunny draining his accounts and what-not, now you can't be expected to remember Ford put Statlander on the shelf? Also, Miro was booked like a monster like he should have been. You saw the faces "gang up on the heels" as a bad thing, I saw it take an entire team to try and even slow down the monster down, and he still held his own against all 3 of them. Also, every once in a while a feel good ending for a show is wonderful thing, he faces got their win in a silly but entertaining match and Miro breaking away from Kip has begun. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying any of your opinions are wrong, everyone's entitled to their thoughts and I respect yours, just giving you my perspective on the points you made that I don't agree with.
  12. That's how I feel about Tay Conti. She's pretty green as well but her ceiling seems incredibly high. She doesn't have the size or physique that Jade has but her judo base and natural athleticism makes up for it in my eyes (Ronda Rousey-esque minus the shit attitude and personality). Hopefully this time next year Tay vs. Jade will be the "must see" feud everybody gets enthralled with.
  13. Pretty sure I heard Goodell say that statistics and data have concluded most injuries happen in the pre-season so the "science" (I'm getting so f--king sick of that word being thrown around every time someone or someones wants to push something through) dictates that removing a pre-season game and adding a regular season game is actually safer for the players. Every time that man speaks he exposes how much of a hollow, weasel, tool he is.
  14. That's my bad, by "hottest" I meant she has the most momentum (even though she just came off of a loss she's still the talking point of that match) and popularity in the division, the same way someone would say "The Seahawks are the hottest team in football right now". The only other person that could be in the argument (to me) is Rosa but her future with AEW isn't clear so Brit's the safe bet. Hopefully soon Tay Conti will be part of the conversation too.
  15. Not gonna debate any of that, I was arguing against you saying she "constantly loses". Also, I personally couldn't care less about the wins against nobody and losses against somebodies, she's the hottest female on the roster right now and deserves a title run more than anyone I can think of.