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  1. Something I forgot to ask. Did Mick say the 24/7 title would only be defended during the 3rd hour of Raw? And if so did he mean just that Raw or all Raws? And if it's all Raws shouldn't it be the 1/1 title?
  2. That reaction to the new title was probably not what Vince "I'm-in-full-blown-panic-mode-so-lets-throw-as-much-shit-as-I-possibly-can-out-there-and-hope-something-catches-on-because-that-totally-worked-for-WCW-and-I'm-a-genius" McMahon was hoping for.
  3. If that's the case then RE 4, 5, and 6 might be more your style. 6 especially went extremely heavy on the action, which is why the hardcore RE fanbase (for the most part) hates it. 6 is also a pretty extreme offender with backtracking though... although it's a different kind of backtracking.
  4. I'm not praising the WWE as a whole at all, they're in one of the worst funks I've personally ever seen (the "Kevin Nash days" being the only time I'd say the decline in quality was comparable), that MitB match wasn't part of the problem though, the terrible booking at the very very end is.
  5. Fixed it for you. The first 99% of the match was awesome and the guys who actually participated from start to finish deserve to at least be acknowledged for the work-rate they put out there. Especially Ali, being as how everyone in the match, (including Ali himself) was told he was winning the thing until literally right before the match started... which was when Vince dropped the steaming pile of Brock on everyone.
  6. MitB quick-fire pros and cons Pros: - Bayley's wonderful night and hopefully a good push. - Several very entertaining matches. - Finn's willingness to bump like crazy. - Most matches ending with a legitimate finish, and the ones that didn't at least made sense. Cons: - Night of a thousand botches, almost every match had a botch or two... or three. - Joe remaining one of, if not the most misused superstars on the roster. - Fucking Brock Lesnar doing anything anymore is an insult to the universe. - Shane's 2-0 against Miz so... what now?
  7. Speaking of Mr. Hager, seems he might have inserted his foot into his mouth and spoiled All or Nothing... or maybe it was planned and there's a future feud in the works?
  8. Bad story-telling, for me at least, is tolerable as long as there's something worth-while mixed in (ala Becky Lynch, the couple of successful call-ups, some of the mid-card booking). Last Monday's RAW, however, was an absolute mess from start to finish. There were story lines established in the 1st hour that were made moot by the time the 2nd hour was done, followed by an attempt to explain away the botch... which was botched (3 superstars can cross over, Shane and Elias made 5, Lars took it up to 6, so Vince changes the rule to... ... ...4... ... ... and says 2 didn't count). Like I said, I can endure a bad run here and there but when it becomes impossible to follow one show, that's too much. The worst part of it is that there's a 99%Vince is going to blame Kofi and Bryan because they headlined the show, he'll pay no intention to all of his "genius and brilliant" ideas failing miserably and point the finger at the ONE redeeming factor thinking it was the problem.
  9. While I'm not familiar with the UK network AEW is airing on I am VERY familiar with TNT. They're certainly not f--king around are they!
  10. I have no interest (or intention) in discussing deeper because topics like this tend to fail miserably but I have a sneaking feeling Lars' push, and career, might be at least on hiatus for a while. Or not.
  11. Week after week I hear "this was the worst RAW ever blah blah blah!!" and immediately roll my eyes. Today, it's justified. That incoherent mess of a show that was put on last night actually broke me. I've lost interest and can't watch anymore. Not forever mind you, I mean, at some point Vince has to go away and the show will eventually(?) improve right? So yeah, I'm a lifer... but a "break" is definitely needed. Simon, your ups and downs videos (although the video based on yesterday's show somehow had more than twice as many ups than downs, which made absolutely zero f--king sense) are going to have to do until something somewhere changes.
  12. AEW NEEDS to accomplish two very specific (and obvious) things if they hope to survive. 1 - This is, in my opinion, the most important thing. Create a weekly TV show that airs on Monday nights on an accessible channel ASAP. Especially if WWE programming stays as incoherent as it's been lately. Take advantage of RAW's all time low ratings and give people something else to watch during RAW, ala Nitro. 2 - Poach as much disgruntled talent as you can and let them go for broke. Give 'em a mic and let' em pipe-bomb the hell outta Vince. Not every week, mind you, but in more of a "lemme get this off my chest" way. Then book 'em properly and let 'em show what they can do under competent leadership. Obsessing over their former issues would become a sign of desperation but as a one time deal, it would draw some serious curiosity. Vince is running his company into the ground. I know that sounds ridiculous given the huge money contracts they just signed with Saudi Arabia and FOX but when your talent is refusing huge contracts because of how much they hate working for you and your TV numbers are hitting record lows, only to break said record a week later, there's a problem afoot.
  13. Maybe if there wasn't a 3rd hour to fill they wouldn't be forced to shit all over the shakeup? And only Vince would treat a team that wants to leave like the Revival are being treated. T-freakin' minus until that piece of shit isn't calling the shots anymore.
  14. After seeing the tweet, the 1% of me that was beginning to think Ambrose might actually be gone is no longer. Technically, Amrose is indeed gone though so I guess they didn't lie.
  15. Think it's about time for Joe to pull a Lesnar and throw his damn belt at Vince's face. I mean, what's Vince gonna do? Kill his "push". Same with Bayley, she gets a quick mention and bam, immediately pinned so we can see Becky and Charlotte for the three thousandth time. I'm to the point where I'm actually hoping for a mass exodus over to AEW. Cesaro, Joe, Sami, Ricochet... actually, everyone who's not a "WWE guy" (AJ, Seth and Bryan being the exceptions) just needs to go. Vince is never gonna appreciate them because they didn't get famous under his banner.