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  1. SS's too bloated to go into any depth with predictions so I'l bulletpoint the matches I remember and/or care about. -Finn beats Bray because of demon stuff (although my heart really really wants to see them as a tag team eventually). -Dean and Set beat Shaemus/Cesaro, take the tag belts and... -run in to help Roman win the title for a shield reunion. -Shinske beats Jinder because Cena forgave him and Jinder is a train wreck on the mic and in the ring. AJ beats KO and the 2 put on a clinic. Don't much care about the rest so... whatever, all the remaining champs retain except Tozawa.
  2. Gotta go against the grain here. I love failed cash ins, it keeps some semblance of unpredictability alive and gives us a meaningful swerve. I mean, think about it, Corbin isn't ready to hold the WWE title. He's still too green and is severely lacking in a couple departments. I don't think anyone really wanted to see him as champ but we all just kind of gave in and accepted that at some point he was going to cash in and hold it anyways. Then he did, and it was looking like Cena was going to win his 17th at SS and we'd all roll our eyes in the end (Cena wins LOL). But, it didn't work, he's not champ and he's not going to be champ. He's still in a big program with Cena which is going to elevate him no matter what but now the focus will be where it belongs, on Shinske and *sigh* Jinder. The only way it could have been better is if, like Mayus said, he failed to cash in on Shinske at SS.
  3. Too bad for Watkins, it's much tougher to be a star receiver when you have a shit QB trying to throw you the ball. As for Elliot... good. The league absolutely had to do something when it came to this. Even if the evidence is iffy. I'm sure people are going to cry foul, just like they did last year with Brady (which is insane, I mean honestly, does anyone really think the league doesn't want Dallas and New England to be successful), but a message needs to be sent. Jerry Jones especially, who embraces and encourages scumbag culture needs to realize the star on the helmet doesn't make players above the rules of conduct. Seattle did it with Sherman in this off-season when they publicly stated they were open to trading him if the offer was right and I applauded them all the way. I said it before with Kaepernick and I'll say it again with Sherman and Elliot, actions have consequences.
  4. You know what... f--k 'em both. Del Rio is a certified P.O.S. and if Paige wants to go down that path too, so be it. My fandom of both is completely gone (although it never really existed in Del Rio's case) and I couldn't care less if they succeed or fail. I very highly doubt she's going to be treated well by HHH and Vince if she keeps on keepin' on like she is, which will spawn another drunken video of Alberto spewing his bullshit, which will cause further burying of Paige and the cycle will continue until its inevitable end of her being gone, either willingly or forced. There's already enough female talent to carry both brands, not to mention a certain streak holding NXT champ that could easily fill any void that may develop. WWE's just fine without them.
  5. Alright dammit. After thinking about, watching and discussing the Rusev / Gable match for a day, I'm going all in on giving faith to the WWE. There's gotta be a swerve-a-brewin' here with the Angle's son story line. Gable looked so strong in that match that they have to be planning something high level for him right? He also basically used Angle's ENTIRE moveset in that match (including the inevitable moonsault that misses). After knee-jerk reacting to the original reveal there's just gotta be more to it. Right? It can't be a coincidence that they trotted Gable out and made him an Angle clone right out of the gate... right?
  6. Early prediction - The league decides to completely skip the AFC playoffs and just usher the Pats into the superbowl.
  7. So, is anyone else just waiting to hear about Cena's concussion and Bayley's separated shoulder? Those were some brutal bumps. Also, even though he lost, Gable looked extremely good in that match against Rusev. I hope and pray that he doesn't just become another jobber and has at least a decent mid-card run. How Vince went on to choose Jordan instead of him for the Angle's son storyline is still beyond me. Gable is absolutely perfect for that spot. Edit - looks like the wait is over, Bayley's shoulder injury is confirmed.
  8. He looked weak, there's no argument to be had about that. He was left laying on the mat, while Corbin stood tall... twice. This also happened after being beat down by Corbin over and over during the last few weeks. At no point has Nakamura been made to look strong over the course of this feud, and, history shows that when Vince has something going between a "WWE" guy and someone who got over somewhere else, he will 99% of the time go with "his guy", that's what he does. Corbin losing the match via heel tactics is fine, him going back into the ring and putting Nakamura down gain, isn't. At this point, Smackdown is in a state of complete idiocy. Booking is terrible, storylines are terrible, the only reason most people are holding on is the hope that Nakamura vs. AJ is in the immediate future, but, even if it is, it's looking like it'll be a mid-card feud while Jinder and Khali dominate the main event scene. That's absolutely unacceptable. But again, Vince's history of decision making...
  9. Nakamure did win, but that's not the point. He was laying on the mat in pain while Corbin held up the "it's okay to lose" box triumphantly, then he came back and put Nakamura down again with his finisher. Nothing about that made Nakamura, who should be being built as a top guy, look strong at all. Corbin has zero charisma, like in any way. He's big, and he's still really green. Nakamura however, has it all and he's being held down in every way. Just another case of Vince refusing to put someone who gained fame in another promotion over "his guy" because of his unbelievable ego. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Shinske made like Aries and eventually got fed up.
  10. Aside from the fact that this match felt more pre-determined than any other on the card. Rusev holds the stand for the flag (the stand that's required to be in it's proper place for Cena to win), in his hands, hits Cena with it, then carefully places it back in place instead of getting rid of it entirely. This was, of course, after setting up the "gosh I wonder what's going to happen with those" tables. Also, the Singh (or however you spell it) brothers... how long are they going to keep getting absolutely murdered before they're like... "you know Jinder, maybe we're gonna go ahead and try something new"?
  11. Between Jason Jordan and Chad gable, who would make more sense as an Angle? And after everyone on the planet says Gable, Vince, of course, decides on Jordan. Is that man even capable of basic thought and logic anymore? But hey, at least another sweet tag team is done, good lord.
  12. Kind of the initial / update / update progress of the latest story. He also has some other lesser things he's participated in (mostly just stupid videos and tweets) but this seems kind of like it might be the back-breaking straw... hopefully.
  13. It's sounding like Del Rio has gone completely off the rails and the shit show that is Alberto might be coming to an end. Hopefully Paige will survive said shit show and finally learn that Everyone around her ( how fitting was it that HHH was the initial guru who actively tried to separate those two), and yes it was EVERYONE, including her own family, was right and it's time to grow up and rebuild her life. With the movie about her life on the horizon I'd bet most anything that Vince, HHH, and everyone else who decides careers would be waiting with open arms to accept her back and make her the feel good story of the year. Del Rio's such a piece of shit and I really want to see Paige get her head on straight. I mean, it's happened to people who were far deeper down than her right?
  14. Hopefully they'll write Strowman off of TV until SS so he can make another thunderous return and screw RR out of the win in a triple threat match. Or better yet, just ambush Reigns when he's coming down the ramp, remove him from the match entirely, and let Joe and Brock show what they could do if given more than 6 minutes.
  15. Some of the endings aside (really? Another freakin' title match with an intentional countout... really?), I really liked the show. Good matches from top to bottom, if you don't count the Hawkins/Slater affair that we couldn't even see, the right people won, as long as you don't count Brock going over Joe, and some sweet storytelling, as long as you don't count Bray/Seth.