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  1. When the playoffs started a whole lot of people thought the Eagles were kind of the booby prize to whoever got to play them because of Wentz going down. And on the NFC side of the playoffs, the Eagles were definitely on the bottom of my list of teams that would be playing in the Superbowl. Sometimes all you can do is tip your cap and say"nicely done".
  2. I'm not disagreeing that it's a penalty when the clock hits zero, I'm pointing out that it's almost never called unless it's WELL past zero. If a rule is a rule then it needs to be officiated consistently instead of only being enforced when it's a huge game changing penalty. I also don't know why you're pointing out the Gronk hit when I put in plain english that it was a good flag. I also find it funny that you're saying Sherm gets the "All-Pro treatment and refs look the other way" while bashing me because I think the Pats get the same thing. I also noticed you never addressed the Patriots only having a flag thrown against them one time the whole game. No team plays that cleanly. None. Call me a hater if you will, but damned if you don't also sound like a huge homer. Congrats.
  3. As soon as that last drive before the half happened it became obvious the Jags weren't going to be allowed to win the game. Call me a hater or whatever but the timing couldn't have been more obvious. They convert a 3rd down that had the chance to put the Pats almost out of it before halftime and bam, flag, flag, flag, flag, flag. First, that delay of game. I've been watching teams all year snap the ball at, or after 0 all season long with no flags... but they weren't playing against the Patriots. The Gronk hit, good flag. The PI call to put them in scoring position, garbage. And oh yeah, how many penalties were called against the Pats? One. The only thing that was missing was the refs taking away a TD from the Jags for no reason. I hope this Superbowl is the lowest rated Superbowl in a long long time. I know I'm not watching it. The only way it won't be handed to the fucking Patriots is if Minnesota gets in and plays at home, because that's a bigger money making story.
  4. Wow, I don't say this often, especially lately, but how shit was Smackdown last night? Blech. Those "selfie cam promo's" they were running all night can kiss my ass and die in a fire. Especially the back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back women's promos. AJ's "kami" joke can kiss my ass and die in a fire, forcing the women into a 6-women schmoz match for the billionth consecutive time can kiss my ass and die in a fire, the throw-away rush-job main event U.S. title match can kiss my ass and die in a fire. Seriously, last night's Smackdown can kiss my ass and die in a fire.
  5. I demand Goldberg be inducted by Duane Gill!!
  6. Never gonna happen. Gambling and point spreads are way to important to the NFL. Just look at how many rules have been made or changed just to promote offense for fantasy. Sorry man, but it's here to stay. Hopefully the main thing they'll look to change is the nonsense that defines what is and isn't a catch.
  7. Researched this Schottenheimer guy and seriously, just put a gun in my mouth. They may as well just trade Wilson now so his talents can be used correctly with another forward thinking team like the Rams. I'm starting to lose my confidence with Carroll and his old man stubbornness. He just wants to run run run and doesn't seem to be capable of even entertaining the thought of stretching defenses out and trying to build around his freakin' all-star QB... which means Schottenheimer is his guy. Every press conference this year it was the same thing, the media asked what went wrong and all he could say was "we gotta find a way to establish the run, we gotta find a way to establish the run" over and over. After 10 or so weeks, most people would have figured out they suck at running but nope, week 15 finishes and when asked how they're going to try and handle the Cards... "we gotta establish the run". Unfortunately, they don't have a team that's built for that. All their running backs are made of glass, the O-line is still (at least right now) a joke and they acquire guys like Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham in exchange for draft picks and linemen. Gotta wonder how Wilson feels now too. He had to think maybe finally he'll have a playcaller who's going to play to his skillset instead of making him improvising busted plays and instead, he just gets another old man mentality in charge to make sure nothing changes.
  8. That had to hurt. In my eyes, that game was, for all intents and purposes, the NFC championship game (either one of those teams are going to kill the Eagles) and the Saints just gave it away. Can't remember his name, think it was maybe Morgan? But man, he just added another one to the list. Seahawks not running it on the one, the Falcons knocking themselves out of field goal range which prevented them from putting the Pats away and now the whiff with 10 seconds left in the game. Insult to injury too, he not only completely whiffed the hit but the only guy he took out was also a Saint, who maybe could have had a chance to make a play.
  9. Alright Jags, go do the world a favor and turn Brady into a grease spot.
  10. Starting to think Quinn is cursed.
  11. Oi, could the timing be any worse for Paige? She cuts her Alberto-del-Baggage, makes a sweet comeback, starts a faction and is about to participate in a "first ever'... then this. I honestly feel for the girl.
  12. Cleanin'. Fuckin'. House. I was worried that they were just going to promote Cable after letting go of Bevell but that concern is also no more. I mean, last year, I get it. They had nobody at the O-line position. Nobody. This year however, they extended Britt, they signed Joeckel for an 8 million dollar 1 year contract and traded for Brown. They even moved the disaster that was Ifedi back to his original college position. They addressed the damn problem and nothing changed, Wilson was still running for his life almost every play as soon as the ball was snapped. The next logical solution, cut the problem at its root. Kind of a bummer that it happened the year Graham has one foor out the door though. Maybe a new coordinator would actually use him (outside of the redzone) the way he should be used. Anyways, I really hope someone out there comes in with a little creativity. Bevell's predictability was getting beyond infuriating. Pretty sure the clock is on Richard too.
  13. Yeah, they're currently way too you young to have lived up to the unreasonable expectations everyone was putting on them already, there really is no substitute for experience. That being said though, in the next 2-4 years I fully expect to see them in at least one or two NFC title games and possibly a Superbowl.
  14. This replay bullshit is outta control. I was under the impression that replay was supposed to be used to fix OBVIOUS mistakes, what I'm seeing, however is them micro-managing tiny details and holding the f--king game hostage to check frame by frame images for evidence that the ball moved a millimeter while a receiver was going to the ground. There's a huge difference between "making sure you get it right" and checking every single last detail in super slo-mo for 10 minutes when you're under 2 minutes. Seems like the last two minutes of each half take longer then the previous two quarters before it.
  15. Any Superbowl predictions out there? On the NFC side, I'm feelin' the Saints. They're kinda the only team with "the complete package". The Eagles, Rams and Viks all have QB's who've never (or in Foles case barely) experienced high pressure, playoff football. The Falcons are too up and down and Carolina has to play the Saints in round 1 (right?), which I think they'll lose. The Saints have the defense, running game and, most importantly, a seasoned top tier QB to go all the way. AFC, Patriots... ugh.