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  1. This is what's driving me crazy, all the media talking heads can't gush enough about the Pats' defense and how "historic" their performance is but seriously c'mon: - Dolphins, no explanation needed. - Jets, minus their starting QB right? - Bills, minus their starting and backup QB right? - Redskins, another juggernaut that's not a complete mess at all. - Giants, rookie QB - and the Jets again, a game where Darnold apparently thought the Jets were in their white jerseys. The one "competent" offense they've played is the Steelers, who the Pats have been slapping around for years. I'm not trying to completely discredit what they're doing (just 99% discrediting because I am a pure hater) because Belichik is a scheming god and I'm certain he's going to make Mayfield look like a complete fool but damn. Funniest thing is, every time the 9ers defense is brought up the same talking heads immediately point out their strength of schedule to dismiss 'em.
  2. Welp, this game was entertaining for not a single solitary second.
  3. Gotta couple of friends who were kind of forced into spending an ass-load of money to go to the Seahawks-Ravens game today, I know my friends showed up for the game, would have been nice if Seattle's players had too. Light at the end of the tunnel though, Ravens are one of the very few chances to take out the Pats in the AFC so hopefully they'll keep playing at the same level for the rest of the regular season and into the post season. Get 'em Lamar.
  4. Yeah no doubt. That sequence before the half (and I'm 100% NOT disputing the turn over) seemed back breaking, and up to that point the Raiders were in it. Packer are just the better team though, oi I feel dirty having to say that.
  5. Green Bay getting some serious ref-ball help at home again.
  6. Can't believe I forgot about Slay the Spire. Haven't played the PS4 version but I've almost broke a thousand hours on the Steam version. It's a card based roguelike so it doesn't really fall into the same category as Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy but it's another endlessly replayable game. Unlocking everything doesn't take too long but mastering how to use what you're given is an endless process, very very good game.
  7. If you're into Rogue Legacy then I would 100% recommend trying Dead Cells, it's one of the best Roguelikes on the PS4 by far. Easy to play- hard to master, tons of progression to unlock and the more you play the more powerful you can become. Seriously, try it.
  8. Super bummed Luchasaurus got hurt and had to pull out of the match but Marko Stunt still did all right, especially for a TV debut.
  9. The "Patriot way", find guys who are considered average to mediocre, coach 'em up, put 'em in a system, turn 'em into stars and ditch 'em when their productivity declines. The "L.A. way" (and I'm not just talking football here), find the biggest names you can, sacrifice the future to get 'em, hope throwing money at skill positions will fix your real problems. Giving me Unger + ______ for Graham flashbacks.
  10. So after looking at what the Rams gave up to get Ramsey, yeesh. 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, five years of not having a first round pick (unless of course they trade up). With the money they have tied up in Goff, Gurley and Donald, there's not a better example of "we gotta win now" in the league is there? ^^^^ Accidentally hit quote instead of edit. Whoops.
  11. NO!!!!! Isn't it wonderful having an actual competent, coherent wrestling show to watch? I mean, don't get me wrong, I've been a WWE(F) fan since the mid '80's and I really want them to get better but as long as Vine is at the helm they're going to get worse and worse. Aew on the other hand has been such a breath of fresh air. I won't repeat everything I said about the week 2 episode because there's no need, the only thing they need to do is deliver more of the same. And Darby Allin vs. Jericho next week suggests they will (it's a Philly street fight now so get ready to see why Darby made a name for himself as a hardcore nightmare). Not to mention there's still a plethora of amazingly talented guys who still haven't even had a match yet. Spread the word, AEW's awesome. P.S. The Young Bucks are by far and away the best tag team in the world and the fact they put Private Party over says a lot about them and AEW.
  12. Wonder if Ramsey's back's going to feel better now
  13. I mean, was he even there in the first place?
  14. If just do better was a realistic fix I'd 100% be on board with 'ya, but it isn't. Something needs to change, whether it be full time refs who are thoroughly trained, using a sky judge, eradicating half of the damn rule book, changing the challenge rules or like you said, more booth challenges, I don't care which one (or all) they do, just do anything.
  15. In this case, it's true. 10 points came from terrible calls on 3rd downs extending GB's drives, both of which ended in scores, and that's coming from someone with no dog in the fight. I'm sure Packers fans will point to some ticky-tacky meaningless calls or non-calls but the Lions weren't gifted the game from the refs, the Packers were. Honestly, just make EVERYTHING challengable, if they're worried about pace of play (which is sooooo great with the way things are right now) then take the # of challenges down to 1, period. Get it right, still no more challenges. If anything it seems like it would help pace of play because coaches would keep the red flags in their pockets until absolutely necessary. More small calls and mistakes might get through because of the limit but obvious, game altering mistakes, would be down. Fair trade IMO.