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  1. Hopefully for you guys the 9ers will get as many guys back as possible once their schedule gets tougher, I mean, if you're gonna be down that many guys at least it's during a 4 game stretch (well, 3 and a half, the Dolphins look like they still might be decent to good) where the opponents have a combined record of 1-10-1 right.
  2. Almost forgot, that Dallas player, think his name is Hill, can straight up go f--k himself. That shit he did to Carson was dirty as hell and absolutely inexcusable
  3. Think I'm gonna officially check the "liability" box when it comes to Seattle's defense, and if Adams is out for an extended amount of time I shudder to think how bad it's gonna get. That's with zero divisional games played so far. Rams and Cards are matchup nightmares and who knows what kind of condition the 9ers will be in when those games roll around. Tough sledding with this division.
  4. Would feel a lot better right now if DK hadn't botched the 63 yard "sure thing". And Atlanta... just... oof.
  5. I see what you did there, all good though, I did my time when the West was a joke and enjoyed people coming at me a'plenty for it. Not too long ago the South had to endure theirs (couldn't help but noticed you leaving out the 7-8-1 Panthers), right now it's the East's turn and the North seems to be a Rodgers retirement away from taking over. So like you said, cyclical. I was considering adding Gase's name but the ownership seems to be behind his offensive... I believe "genius" was the word they used?
  6. So 2 questions. 1 - When the Cowboys win the East, how many games will it take to enjoy that free pass to a home game in the playoffs? I'm saying 7 wins clinches the division. 2 - Who's gone first, Quinn or Patricia? As bad as Patricia is, Quinn's time in Atlanta has been a disaster. Even taking that team to the Superbowl resulted in them blowing the biggest lead in SB history(?), add to that when you throw out the stat 440-1, his team's the "and 1" and it ain't the good kinda "and 1".
  7. At this rate the 9ers won't have a team left come the 2nd half of the season.
  8. Rams also had a call go against them on Goff's pick when Smith blasted him in the face, it all balances out in the end.
  9. After 3-ish quarters of the first game of the first week I'm 100% sold on Jamal Adams, dude's worth every asset Seattle paid for him plus some.
  10. Gonna be an interesting (read; more sloppy and unpredictable than usual due to no preseason) first couple/few weeks. As for Seattle, 10 A,M, road game right outta the shoot is bad enough, now they have a set of stud receivers, with legendarily bad pass blocking ability up front, and a super-stud secondary, with no pass-rush... I guess we'll see how that goes. Predicting an 0-1 start for Seattle.
  11. My money's on Jerry.
  12. I keep hearing everyone expecting Renee Young to go to AEW now that she's leaving WWE but honestly, she's got too much to offer to just be a backstage interviewer or whatever she'd end up doing. I mean, I'd love to see her there because of how much I dig AEW but in a perfect world, she'd jump over to First take on ESPN and replace the brainless, interrupting, waste of space that is Molly. Fingers crossed.
  13. As much as it pains me to say it, Jericho looked like shit against Orange Cassidy and it kind of ruined what should have been a great moment/match. Three separate times he killed a Cassidy move by just flopping to his back and one of them was what was supposed to be the mousetrap finish. Jericho's still always a great promo/segment but he really needs to either get back into some kind of shape or stick with tag matches.
  14. I understand that, you understand that, and 90% of the wrestling fanbase understands that. Unfortunately though, the old man who runs the largest wrestling empire in the world... doesn't. However, as much as I want to use this space to bash WWE, I'll resist as best as I can. Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho next week has such potential to elevate Orange to the next level, dude can absolutely go in the ring (he put on an amazing display against Pac), turns out he can also go on the mic, and he has a uniqueness to him that just draws people in. The only thing he's missing is the 6 foot 5, 280 lb. frame but honestly, that's becoming less and less important these days. I'm not saying guys like Marko Stunt could have believable runs with titles (although Rey showed it can be done) but talent is talent regardless of size, and Orange has some serious talent. As for Mox vs. MJF, I'm hoping they find a way to draw it out a bit before making MJF the champ, and he has to be the next champ. The way they had him try to help Darby win because he was the "weaker" opponent was smart and hopefully Darby can stay involved in the feud long enough to get his big win over Mox once the belt's not involved.
  15. Oh what I would give to see AEW in front of actual live crowds again. Next week, if Cassidy wins (and with the way they've built this feud he has to win) that moment would be insane with a crowd. And Kudos to Chris for using his star power to elevate a guy like Orange. Come to think of it, kudos to Matt Hardy, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho and Cody for their work. All 4 of those guys have taken a "project" and because of what they're doing guys like Sammy, Darby and Cassidy are turning into stars. I'd add MJF into that list but he's so damn good that he does't need the help, lol.