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  1. Alright, to everyone hating the Becky angle, lets calm down and think for a minute. First, Charlotte winning the title isn't as bad as everyone seems to think. It wasn't about Charlotte this time it was about Becky, the only way for Becky to turn heel and start what I'm assuming is going to be a healthy push was to have someone to turn on and Charlotte was the perfect women for the job, you guys are proof of that. You're outraged that she was inserted to the match and got the win. Guess what... SO WAS BECKY. This was actual logical booking that's helping Becky way way more than Charlotte. And on the RAW women's side, the Bellas were in the ring because the WWE wants to start pushing the Evolution PPV, so expect to see a lot more of them over the next couple months. I know we hate 'em but I can tell you from personal experience (my job puts me one on one with people every day) that tons of female non-wrestling fans still watch the divas/Bellas' shows.
  2. Seahawks have me optimistic and worried at the same time. The drove the ball down the field with ease, only to have the TD taken away from a stupid call (I seriously almost vomited when I saw another f--king Hochuli on the field officiating), then the defense couldn't stop the Chargers at all, followed by another great drive only to fumble on the goal line... didn't watch much after that. The focus on having an effective running game seems to be yielding positive results, however, the penalties and inability to punch the ball into the endzone is looking like it might still be an issue. Maybe not as bad as last year, depending on how many snaps Ifedi's useless ass gets, but still an issue.
  3. Last I heard Beat Saber was supposed to come out on the PSVR, anyone know when?

  4. Look Vince, you can make Brock do any and all of the shittiest things possible (having him turn on Heyman is a pretty desperate tactic by the way), we're still not going to cheer for Roman. It. Ain't. Happenin'. The only non-women/children cheers he's ever going to get are the backhanded ones received because of the relief we don't have to tolerate the "Brock Lesnar show" anymore, and no, they won't last.
  5. With the way the A's are gaining ground on the M's I have to admit, I'm worried, and I'm worried hard. Although I guess it presents a chance for both the A's and the M's to go on a tear and just take the #1 and #2 wildcard spots and bounce the Yanks from the playoffs entirely... *checks the Yankee's remaining schedule*... dammit, nevermind.
  6. How does the same guy run both RAW and Smackdown. I mean, RAW is soooooooo poorly booked, and (aside from Carmella) Smackdown is sooooooo good. AJ vs. Joe is going to be an absolute show stealer.
  7. Well, I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is the possibility of another planned walkout, this time at a big 4 event?
  8. So womens tag champs huh? Guess the division could use a little thinning out, I mean, they're already bursting at the seams with female performers am-I-right?
  9. It's simple, their RAW match will have some sort of non-finish, be it from a run-in, DQ, whatever. Then, the SS match will be turned into a triple threat so Roman can double up on the crowd infuriating bullshit. He'll pin Lashley, getting his "revenge" for the ER loss (and whatever setbacks he'll eventually get to overcome in the build) and simultaneously Brock can lose the title without taking the pin, followed by another high profile PPV ending with the crowd booing the golden boy out of the arena. Vince booking 101.
  10. Yeah, the hall of fame is a joke. Wrestling really needs an official HOF done by an independent group of knowledgeable insiders with legit credentials that spans every promotion instead of just being the hall of Vince's personal picks.
  11. Extreme Rules Pros: - Match order made sense - some serious bumps actually made it feel more "extreme" than a regular card (props to KO and Lashley, although the airbag under the desk for KO's bump was pretty obvious) - Shinske FINALLY has a belt - Lashley's win (although I'm sure it was just to set up a triple threat at SS so Roman can simultaneously get his revenge and win without Brock getting pinned) Cons: - anything and everything involving Carmella and Ellsworth. They're awful and it's a joke she's champ. - logic problem in the iron man match. Drew attacked Seth again after Dolph's DQ, shoulda been another DQ. - crowd was annoying as f--k counting down from 10 and making a buzzer noise every 60 seconds for a half-hour. - tag division as a whole. Everything else was pretty ho-hum. Lashley and Reigns had a pretty good match, Reigns really Really REALLY needs to learn something other than the Superman punch though. Iron man match was good despite the flaw in basic logic. Womens' matches were both garbage. Tag matches were both garbage. U.S. title match was actually, in my opinion, booked perfectly (was anyone else completely unaware that Orton was even gone?) AJ/Rusev was fun but Daniel Bryan and/or Joe chould be the ones feuding with AJ and giving us some MOTY candidates.
  12. I wouldn't say he's not good enough, but he's on a show with AJ, Shinske, Joe and Daniel Bryan (which coincidentally happens to currently be 2 heels and 2 faces), all guys who most people would say are substantially better. Until all four of those guys have at least feuded for the title in some capacity (as either champ or #1 contender) Rusev will be kind of an afterthought.
  13. For now...😜 I've been hearing they're gunning pretty hard for Happ, and I actually really hope they outbid the M's. Happ was already here a year or two ago and he was a disaster.
  14. The Revival gets a win, the AOP show up on RAW, Sanity debuts and team Hell No is back together. Guess Vince's on-again-off-again love affair with tag teams is on-again. Wonder how long it'll last before he completely abandons the division again. I'm putting the over-under at two months.
  15. What I would give for Scott Servais to learn to just put 4 fingers up. When Stanton's up in the bottom of the 9th (at Yankees stadium where a stiff sneeze will put the ball over the wall) in a tie game, just walk him. It's not freakin' brain surgery. Same with Trout, that guy IS the Angels' entire team and he's burned the M's about 100x already this season. Just swallow you're damn pride and walk him.