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  1. I'm sure you must have seen it but juuuuust in case you haven't, here's another video of (IMO) the best part of that Cassidy/Pac match:
  2. Yeah, the game's in a tough spot right now. The art of hitting seems to be dead, even when a team shifts everybody they have to one side of the field there's only a very select few that can actually do anything about it (honestly even a crappy bunt looks like a guaranteed base hit with how extreme some of these shifts are). It's weird too, maybe I'm in the minority but a base hit, steal, sac-bunt, sac fly to generate a run is far more entertaining to watch than someone swinging out of their shoes every AB and eventually catching one in between the zillion strike outs and putting it over the wall. Can't say I'm against all the rule changes though, the runner on 2nd rule for extra inning games I 100% love, especially since it encourages actual strategy to get the runner in, if they decide to add an inch to the bases as well, so be it, not super for, not super against. I'd be totally on board for a "pitch-clock" to put an end to the damn staring contests that some pitchers love to do and PLEASE bring in robot umps to call balls and strikes. There'd still need to be an ump at the plate to call safe/out when necessary but the strike zones that range from inconsistent at best to absolutely absurd (and biased) at worst can't go away soon enough. Edit - almost forgot about baseball's #1-beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt-no-questions-asked-big-blue-whale-of-a-problem... Rob freakin' Manfred. Not enough room on the internet to list everything that's wrong with his "leadership".
  3. Oof, TD taken away by a penalty followed by a missed kick to end the half, hope that doesn't come back to bite 'em. Nevermind, you have to actually show up for the 2nd half for it to matter.
  4. Was looking like a massacre was afoot but, once again, 9ers and the injury bug.
  5. Two games in a row Seattle's offense has completely vanished after halftime and I'm wondering more and more if there's a Pete problem for the Seahawks. For several years now the conversation has shifted to issues that revolve around leadership. Too many stupid penalties (lack of accountability) and no ability to adjust (once upon a time this was a 2nd half team). They seem to look like they're shot out of a cannon for about a quarter and a half then *poof* nothing for the rest of the game. The scheme is looking very familiar this year so far as well, even with a new offensive coordinator. Every year I'm starting to sink further and further into the mind frame of Pete being too stuck in his dated ways and it's sinking the team.
  6. REALLY good F'n dynamite tonight!! Bryan and Kenny were top tier, although I think they might have held back a little to showcase what they can truly deliver in something like a PPV iron man match... which would be incredible. The rest of the matches were mostly paced well and booked wonderfully, not a ton of shenanigans and beatdowns (at least not enough to be obnoxious which isn't something I can say about AEW too often) and some interesting developments showed up, like, how long until they turn Cody now that the crowd is firmly NOT behind him anymore, and do they also turn Black, who the crowd seems to love regardless? The time limit draw was 100% what I was hoping for so no complaints there. Pillman looked strong in defeat and feuding with MJF is a really good fit for him. MJF can hardcore heel by doing things like talking to Pillman Sr while looking straight down to generate ultra heat and hopefully Brian Jr will get a decent rub simply by working with MJF. I know FTR not going over doesn't sit well with everyone but Sting is still Sting, not only that but he can apparently also still go and Darby's officially a top guy, no need to kill their momentum while the iron's hot. Malakai Black is hopefully done with the Cody crew and who knows where he'll go next, and we'll see if the fall of Cody has begun Finally, Ruby and Brit killed it... and they killed it in the main event!! Brit getting a dirty win is fine and doing it against Ruby will hopefully finally get her some heel heat, who knows though, she's awesome and people love cheering her because of it.
  7. Being as how tomorrow's main event is non-title everyone's expecting Bryan to win, and he very well may to keep it simple. I'm hoping for the rare but useful "time limit draw" to actually bail them out of the decision, That could then lead to another match that maybe Hangman could return for and interfere in (maybe being overwhelmed by hate and attacking Omega), allowing for a final "all the marbles" triple threat PPV match that Page actually wins. We all know Bryan has no problem putting others over and I still believe Page should be the guy to take the title next, he may not be as much of a draw that Bryan would be as champ but a new star would definitely be cemented.
  8. Seattle got hit for 2 of 'em as well. They still would have lost (their second half performance was atrocious) but this whole concept of possible hurt "feewings" being the worst thing that can happen to a person makes me sick.
  9. If that second half was the most pathetic display I've seen in a long time from Seattle. I'll be astounded if they pull off a single division win if that's how they play.
  10. Holt crap that New York card is stacked!!
  11. So top 6 (gonna go with 6 since it makes 3 NFC and 3 AFC teams possible) teams you most wanna see in the SB and top 5 you DON'T anyone? Me: Most - 6 - Chargers. Team that got screwed hard by their owner and basically lost their entire fanbase, would also mean the Chiefs didn't make it (sorry Dragon and Kfree you guys are awesome but I'm ready for some new blood). Herbert's an Oregon guy so I hated him during his college career but bygones and all. Wish him nothing but the best now. 5 - Jets. Ultimate underdog story. 4 - Ravens. I like their style and it would be a giant FU to the Steelers. 3 - Saints. Been a while now but they were done dirty and deserve a trip. Losing to the team they already beat twice last year had to have been a painful pill on top of it. I've always liked the Saints and would love to see 'em go. 2 - Lions. Same as the Jets. 1 - Seahawks. My home team. Least - 6 - KC. Don't dislike them, just starting to get to the point of exhaustion with them. I'm also still bitter about the Jarran Reed/Tyreek Hill double standard from a couple years ago. 5 - Dallas. So tired of the relentless national attention regardless of how bad they are. Team you love to hate I guess. 4 - Rams. Only division foe I truly hate. Tired of them throwing money at problems and even more tired of it never catching up with them. 3 - Green Bay. I can't stand Aaron Rodgers. The smugness is overwhelming and he has worn me down to just hating his voice. I'll give credit where it's due with the talent but the personality,,,ugh. 2 - Steelers. I'm a Seahawks fan so it should explain itself. Only asterisk would be if it was against Seattle and 43-8 was what Pittsburg was wishing for in the end. 1 - Tampa Bay. Enough is enough. Brady on another stacked roster reaping the benefits ad nauseum.
  12. So did anyone think even for a single second the Cowboys were gonna hold that lead?
  13. If anything, I'd say he's gone back to himself over the years, his early WWE days were when he was forced to change. If you ever have some time to kill go back and watch some of his ROH work (matches with Takeshi Morishima, Nigel McGuiness and Tyler Black come to mind off the top of my head) the guy's a wrestling machine. He also has a love for the business that's not rivaled by many, the title ascension ceremony that happened in Seattle between Cena and Orton several years ago, they filled the ring with former champions, including Daniel Bryan, for the segment and the chants for him were deafening. The smile he wore during those chants was a smile that only someone who's genuinely overcome with joy could have, the guy is all the best things about wrestling in one package.
  14. Holy crap, I forgot about Suzuki!!! Wednesday's gonna be freakin' insane.
  15. Didn't think for a second they'd pull off the double debut. Loved Adam Cole joining the Elite and turning it into a double swerve with Bryan, couldn't help it, I marked out. Edit: forgot to add, PLEASE Bryan bring back cattle mutilation!!