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  1. The women don't really have "veterans". I guess Mickie and Natalya would kind of count but they're not really dominating anyone. Almost all The women just float around hot-potato-ing the title and very rarely does anyone really get a chance to stand out. Charlotte's been the one recent female who got elevated and stayed there. The rest are all just in a rotating door of mediocrity because Vince won't actually commit to anyone else.
  2. If I was given the choice to change one and only one thing about the WWE it would be to remove Vince from all decisions regarding the women (well, it would actually be to remove him from all decisions period but lets go with just the women for now). He is so freakin' clueless when it comes to the women it's unbelievable. EY and Nikki Cross are the faces of Sanity, and Killian Dain sticks out like a sore thumb, so what do we do? Remove Nikki of course. There's absolutely no reason to ax her. None. The women get built up like superstars on NXT and then get tore down on the main roster.
  3. Alright, this is usually something I couldn't care less about but there's a point here that I can't ignore. Cena and Nikki are breaking up, I know, whoop-dee-freakin'-doo. I couldn't help but notice,however, that in their public statement made on social media that asked that we "respect their privacy during this time of their lives". Am I the only one that thinks if you want your privacy respected then don't post private shit on social media? And don't think for a second this won't be a focal point of Total Bellas whenever the next season airs. Stuff like this annoys me to no end. Social media is an absolute plague on this world.
  4. I personally think it'd be great if he went to the Rams for the same reason I thought it'd be great if they picked up ODB. They're right now on the cusp of self-sabotaging with all the bad attitudes and "me-first" players they've already signed. One more and it just might be enough too push them over the edge, then we can all sit back and watch the implosion.
  5. I'd be amazed if the 'Hawks went after him. I mean, they spent their entire off-season unloading the "problem children" in the locker room, to do all that just to bring in another aging loudmouth diva would be pretty confusing.
  6. So Bray was originally scheduled to be Sanity's leader, minus Killian Dain (dude never really fit in with that group anyways). If the choice was between that and the current alliance with Hardy, I'll take Sanity any time. Guess their call up is next week so we'll find out.
  7. 3 or 4 years ago I would have wholeheartedly agreed. After Takers last couple of outings though...If Cena can't carry an (in my opinion) entertaining match with him then I'm not sure it can be done. Say what you will about Cena being stale, the dude's a master storyteller in the ring.
  8. Whoops, When I mentioned the others earlier I forgot about him ... which I'm sure will also be the description of his main roster career someday. Highs: -Bobby Lashley returning. -Joe's promo (take note Roman, that's how being a badass is done). -Ember Moon, and more importantly, her finisher being on the main roster. -Woken Matt and Bray. -AOP being added to the tag division. They could easily be Raw's B. Brothers, and hopefully they won't almost kill anyone again. Lows: -The ending. The end of a big show like the post WM Raw is supposed to be the highlight of the night right? Instead they did a 6-man tag that accomplished absolutely nothing. -No Way Jose. He'll flounder and get lost in the shuffle... at best. -Finn's new rainbow gear and the whole "everyone is accepted into the Balor club" initiative. I'm not a homophobe or anything, I just don't need preaching in my wrestling. I get enough of it literally everywhere else.
  9. Ember Moon, Lashley (which I freaking love!!), Jeff Hardy and the AOP so far. Not too shabby.
  10. Another match on the 27th... (sarcastic) yay...
  11. Huge difference between headlining SS and headlining WM. When you main event Wrestlemania, that's Vince saying "you're the top guy". Problem is, Roman has been rejected as the top guy by the fans time and time again, but Vince still pushes him down our throat and expects everyone to change their mind. Most people don't work that way, when someone has an opinion the worst thing you can do is badger them about how wrong they are and try to force yours on them, almost everyone will just get more entrenched in their original thought and shut your efforts down even harder. For 4 years now Vince has been doing that and as a result the Roman hate is higher than ever (except for when he won the rumble instead of Daniel Bryan). I was expecting a Roman win but am actually glad he didn't. Not because Brock is still champ, he sucks too, but because it (ever so slightly) opens the door for an "anyone but Roman" type of moment tonight. The post-WM Raw is a show for two things, re-matches and re-turns. Vince seems to be in a swerving type of mood right now so maybe, juuuuuuust maybe, we'll get a surprise return and title win from Joe. My gut still says re-match between the overstuffed sausage and the one move wonder (take your pick on who's who, they're both correct) and Roman walks away champ but at least right now, you never know.
  12. Didn't watch the "main event" because I had better things to do (like drill a hole in my face) but I"m hearing the crowd wasn't having it. Chanting basically the name of every wrestler who wasn't in the match and such. Fully expect Roman to just win the title tomorrow anyways completing the passing of the torch from one hated shit-bag to another... although I'm sure Roman isn't actually a shit-bag, I still want to see anyone but him on top. Getting mercilessly boo'd outta 4 consecutive WM "main events" is enough.
  13. Damn, was really hoping those sparks would light that scumbags suit on fire.
  14. Pretty sure that match had a backstage checklist. Old-school, snake-eyes, big boot, leg drop, sit-up, Tombstone, done.
  15. Short and sweet but I'm fine with that. The B Brothers needed to win that one quick to keep looking dominant and honestly what could we have seen from the New Day and Usos that we haven't already seen. The only real purpose of that match wasn't to steal the show, it was to crown a super-deserving team. Job done.