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  1. I'm hearing Forbidden Door might add Zack Sabre Jr vs. Bryan Danielson in what should be considered a super-dream match? Stacked card getting stacked-er? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dammit. Oh well, hopefully one day.
  2. Man, fuck the Astros. They're losing to my lowly Mariners so they throw behind France (Seattle's best hitter, and honestly one of the most underrated guys in the AL) and hit him, then head-hunt Suarez followed by hitting and causing an injury delay to Julio, one of Seattle's brightest potential stars. I really hope the next series against those thin skinned p--sies Servais lets Munoz put 103 right in Bregman's ribs.
  3. I'll give you the Hardyz, E&C and the Dudley's as the tag division was also pretty sweet back then, it's the mid-card singles workers from the AE that I've always thought were overrated and just get a pass because of the period they wrestled in.
  4. I was in my mid/late teens during the attitude era and I'm now a huge AEW fan (don't worry, not trying to recruit or anything). I also have a different memory of the era though. The top of the card was an anomaly to me, you had 3 "once in a generation" stars (Rock, Austin and Taker) all together at once on top of mega stars of the, kinda, past (Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart etc.) and future (HHH, Kurt Angle). I wasn't ever really a fan of Rock or Austin, I won't deny the charisma and I get why they rose to the level they did, they just weren't for me so I'm sure that's a huge part of it. I also don't remember the mid-card being that strong (Val Venis, Godfather, the hand birth) it just didn't matter because of the amount of star power they could put on every show.
  5. Like I said, the "nuh-uh" defense, even though the post that triggered me in the first place was posted 9 hours ago, which I guess falls into the quite a while category for you. A post that wasn't you responding to anyone specifically mind you, just you coming in and immediately doing what you do. " Many people, myself included, see Khan as a heel for his behaviour offscreen as he is very much a thin skinned weasel of a man," that was the first line in a post that's purposes only seemed to be bashing Khan, a.ttacking AEW fans and insulting the roster because you're apparently such a positive person. That is music to my ears.
  6. So anyways, I'm kinda conflicted about last night's show. MJF was, of course, brilliant. If that was a shoot then... damn. If it was a work then... still damn. I'm gonna assume it was was a worked shoot. I'd have no problem believing MJF isn't happy with all the ex-WWE talent coming in (I also agree with him) especially on a night that Miro comes back to a maybe, maybe not push, I'd also have no problem MJF is blurring the lines as a character and everyone back stage knows what's happening and is cheering him on. When it comes to the signings, they're great for a "debut-pop" but after that there's not many who are worth-while, long term guys to build around. Daniel Bryan, Mox, Regal are great, Red Dragon and Cole are great, FTR is great, Keith Lee is someone I want to be great but I'm not sure if he's physically up to it anymore and CM Punk was, in my opinion, their biggest "get" (although I think Bryan is better). Beyond that, I can't think of many other signings I'm super into, it's also worth noting that 6 of those guys could easily run in a trio's division so as to not be taking singles spots from the like of MJF, Darby (who I can't say could or should ever be a world champion), Hangman and Wardlow. Also, is it confirmed that a trio's division is on the way or just speculation? When I think of the 3 man teams available right now it seems like it could be a "reason to watch" division. BCC, Red Dragon and Cole, Omega and the Bucks, Death Triangle, Knights of the Black Throne (which would justify 2 of the WWE signings I didn't name). That as a starting point alone is enough to justify the existence. Add some 3 man fodder-feul so the top teams can work towards each other and I'd for one be all in. It'd also help with their huge roster-bloat problem.
  7. Yeah I figured as much, thought I'd take a shot though. Can't help but notice that you conveniently left out the fact that almost every time you post here you work in a way to at least mention, and more often than not focus on, how *insert negative label here* Tony Khan is, usually with a side bar of "bad women's division (because bad Tony Khan) blah blah blah". You've been called out for it multiple times by multiple people and just use the "nuh-uh" defense (like above) to try and justify and/or dismiss it. I see you lecture people in the WWE thread like Selectivegamer telling them to hang up their WWE is doomed "gimmick" yet you do the same damn thing in this thread with your "Tony Khan is all things evil" "gimmick". You lecture Elite about being negative yet, YES(!!!!) all you do in this thread is spread negativity and then throw out passive-aggressive little jabs about feeling safe when people here get sick of it. In truth, I actually don't even believe you're anti-AEW any more, and yeah, there are sometimes legitimate complaints you mention I agree with, what I personally think now is that you just hate Tony Kahn so much that you won't allow yourself to see any good in the company (and definitely never post about it) because that would men he's not actually a complete *insert negative label here* and does do some things well, And while I fully expect you to list everything they do right in an attempt to counter this thought know that it'll be completely empty when you do because everyone here knows it would never happen without me saying what I said.
  8. "Can you do that? Be positive? Trust me, it ain't good to be this negative all the time. Hurts you." I literally copied and pasted the above statement from one of your recent posts in the WWE thread. Is there any chance you see the hypocrisy?
  9. i've noticed AEW has been second to none when it comes to building a star but they tend to flounder after the payoff. Hangman's journey was awesome but his reign definitely sucked, same with Britt. I guess so far Rosa's hasn't been bad though, her and Deeb have been pretty entertaining, hopefully when Wardlow's time comes he'll break the current cycle and be a true breakout star.
  10. This was the year they said. We're gonna spend and finally contend they said. The farm system's top tier and we're calling up some serious future stars they said. The drought's ending they said. Same. Old. Mariners.
  11. I'm not a fan of the East and I whole-heartedly second Acasser's motion. I don't put it all on Brady though, the nut-slobbering "sports media" who can't go a single solitary second without shoving Brady down our throats shares an equal amount of the blame. I'm sure Brady came back so he can eventually do a "this is gonna be my last year" tour during the season as well.
  12. I'm not gonna answer your stupid question because that's not my point. You wanna see it in writing then here: Aew's women's division as a whole sucks. Their talent pool is thin and Khan only books one match a week on each show. Now that you know my stance let me reiterate my point, when Big Swole left AEW on not great terms and spoke up about it you damn near broke all 10 fingers getting into the AEW thread to try and paint Tony Khan into the devil himself, however When Ember moon (who despite your opinion grabbed a lot of attention until the booking monster killed her) does the same... let me check... checking... checking... yup... not a peep. You wanna praise the WWE for a women's only event, fine, whatever makes you happy, but your need to, as usual, hypocritically bash AEW in the same breath right after that info gets out is absurd.
  13. You really gonna run your mouth like this right after that Ember moon interview? I mean, it's typical of you of course but seriously? Vince has been counting his blood money for years now, releasing 20-30 people at a whim because of "budget cuts" during their most profitable time ever, conducting meetings to tell the women to dress sexier but yeah, you're right, WWE is the beacon of virtue.
  14. Deebo leaving would be a huge hit for the 9ers. I've always been pretty transparent about my lack of respect for Jimmy G's abilities (assuming he's still the 9ers starter?) and not being able to pitch the ball back to Deebo and watch him get 50-70 yards after the catch only really leaves 5-10 yard across the middle dinks to Kittle and watching him get 50-70 yards after the catch left in his arsenal. Rams have to be loving watching the division fall apart.
  15. Cody's path is going to ultimately decide whether or not I abandon the WWE for good or keep hope alive that one day it'll be watchable again. They have an absolute slam dunk right now that seems impossible to mess up, I mean, even in Cody's ROH days he and Roman had a social media "war" that could be referenced. I haven't watched a single second of WWE programming since the HiaC disaster between the Fiend and Rollins but I've kept up on what's happening in the hopes that it'll one day become interesting again... which it hasn't, until, maybe... now? Over the past 6 or so years Cody has gone out and made himself a star, if Vince can get over his own ego and accept it the story writes itself. Don't. F--k. It. Up!!