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  1. *cough* Ultimate Deletion *cough*
  2. Hmmmm... so AEW starts a tournament for their new TNT title (which has kicked ass even with the limited roster) and now all of a sudden there's a tourney for a belt that's available because the champion got stripped even though there's "no punishment for staying away". It's almost like the time Vince spontaneously put a strap match on a PPV right before a certain lashing or moved NXT to Wed nights on cable. I know AEW's guilty of the same shenanigans, especially with the Mr. Brodie Lee character but at least they own it.
  3. Wait, weren't the workers told they weren't going to lose their push if they chose not to travel and work during the pandemic?
  4. Isn't this the PS4 version of the Oculus game that came out last year? Or is it new?
  5. Sounds like Oliver Luck (and I'm sure many others) are going after Vince now because he, for the millionth time, showed his true colors and screwed them all. Why anyone anywhere is willing to do business with that raging piece of runny shit is beyond me.
  6. Anderson, Gallows and Rusev need to go to AEW ASAP, the rest so far, not so much. Edit: How the hell did I forget about the Revival, they need to be AEW stars immediately as well.
  7. No arguments here, it's just the fact that it finally is interesting that's propelling it to the top for me.
  8. Don't know which division is more interesting right now, the NFC South or the AFC East.
  9. What I would give to have seen that show with a crowd. Two debuts and no one there to pop. None the less, Brodie's "you're not the first outta touch old man to no believe in me" line was classic and Sammy's shirt... where can I get one of those 'cause seriously, that shirt was genius.
  10. Texans... why?
  11. So, sounds like if there is an NFL season this year there's going to be a #7 seed in the playoffs now huh?
  12. Rumor has it that if the state forces the issue and cancels it then Vince gets to collect some kind of insurance $$$$, and we all know which way Vince is gonna go when it's bad press and cash vs. good press and no cash *cough* blood money *cough*
  13. All these years and Jake's still a boss on the mic (his HoF induction speech is still something I'll occasionally pull up and watch because it was so good). Wonder if his "client" is gonna be Brodie Lee.
  14. It's awful. It's shaped wrong, it's placed way too far forward, and there's no definition/contrast so from any amount of distance it looks like a big red blob. Terrible.
  15. Match of the year? Hell even though it's only March 2020 that shit's a contender for match of the decade!! That storytelling didn't just go back weeks, it went back years (Bucks doing the golden trigger for example). And the teases at the end (the Bucks about to superkick Omega, the triple superkick on Hangman and the Buckshot to Kenny that turned into Page holding the ropes for him), I got worked 3 or 4 times by the time i was all said and done.