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  1. Houston sports as a whole seems to be a dumpster fire right now. Texans have Watt and Watson raging war from the inside, Rockets have the Harden debacle, Astros are never gonna shed their black cloud as long as the any of same players that cheated their way to a world series are on the squad... so... how's their hockey team?
  2. I'm terrified Pete's gonna go find a run only minded OC and we're right back at 2017. DK's already proved to be a bit of a hot-head and I doubt he'll be happy in an offense like Pete wants then the snowball rolls.
  3. Gotta disagree with the first statement there because If we're splitting hairs then Seattle's D only allowed 23, remember, 7 of the Rams' 30 was from a pick-6. The kickoff fumble didn't do the Seattle Defense any favors either. If you look at every Rams drive then Seattle's defense was pretty much the only reason they were in it until that disaster (the fumbled kick return) near the end. As for Green Bay/L.A., I haven't checked up lately on L.A.'s injured list but I know Donald and Kupp both left the wildcard game hurt, those would be 2 HUGE blows to the Rams.
  4. Even without Goff the Rams woulda taken that one, they were carried by Akers and the defense.
  5. When it's the Rams, ALWAYS bet against him. Even when 99's not on the field for half the game the O-line and coaching always shrinks against the Rams. McVay's had Carroll's number since he entered the league and despite the talent on paper, Seattle's offense is always capable of going completely inept.
  6. Hey Seattle, keep obsessively throwing the ball because it's working out awesome!!
  7. Every year I bring up changing the draft order to the way I heard a radio host design it, and here goes. If they did it his way the #1 overall pick would go to the Dolphins (best record for a non-playoff team, 10-6) picks 2 and 3 would go to the Cards and Raiders, although I don't know specifically which would be which according to tie-breakers (both teams are 8-8 which is the next best record for non-playoff teams), 7-9 is the Chargers, Patriots and Vikings so they would get picks 4-6 in what ever order their tie-breakers decide. That'd be the top 6 before trades. I'd assume Miami would take Lawrence since QB is a need, Cards seem to be set at QB so I'd guess DeVonta Smith, which would make their offense scary as shit if they're #2, Raiders need defense help bad and they could get a premium guy on that side with a #2 or 3 pick. Seems like Herbert's gonna be the guy for L.A. so Fields could fall to New England or Minnesota if they want him and so on. Every time I see this layout it makes me wish they'd change it more and more. Tanking would be useless since it puts you in the mid to low range with picks and the teams right on the cusp can get the push they need to keep every year interesting.
  8. Fk'n NFC East man. I can't figure out what's more obnoxious, what's-his-face claiming they "play to win" after he already proved early in the season against the Bengals they 100% were not, or the Giants bitchin' about not making it to the playoffs with their 6-10 record.
  9. 9ers fans, Garapollo's contract is in cut-and-it-doesn't-hurt mode now that 2020's over so... yay or nay on him returning next season?
  10. Ugh, if Adams is hurt again (in what turned out to be a meaningless game no less) that's gonna be a tough pill to swallow.
  11. With the uptick in the Bears offense and knowing what they bring on defense I'm wondering if they might be able to pull the win off. Packers are the NFC national darling because the talking heads live sniffing Aaron's ass but I'm not convinced on 'em yet. They've played four teams with a winning record and lost to three. Anyways, Cards, Bears and to a lesser extent the Panthers are my favorite teams for the week... assuming Seattle can take care of San Fran which is never a given.
  12. I'll take it!!
  13. Not gonna lie, now that the Buccs are officially in the playoffs I'm terrified that "the powers that be" are going to find a way to make sure they're in the SB. My lizard brain's preparing to hear about a lot of Buccs games that had some fishy officiating.
  14. Had no idea Brodie Lee was off of television because of lung issues. He was one of the good ones and it's heartbreaking that he's gone.
  15. I believe I heard an announcer say the Jags have a worse "strength of schedule" which puts the tie breaker in their favor but don't quote me on that. Also, Washington was the East's last chance to send a team with a winning record to the playoffs. All 4 teams are at 8 losses now so .500 is as good as it can get. Gotta admit though, I thought 6 would be the number to clinch the division so at least there's that.