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  1. Don't forget Russo. OR... maybe it'll be the ultimate swerve and they'll announce that Jim Cornette is all elite!!
  2. Would give anything for it to be Punk. It won't be, but still, seeing him have his freedom back in a wrestling company (not to mention some of the matches we'd get) would be second to none. Really hoping it's not another "legend" like Christain or Kurt Angle, AEW did a wonderful job of establishing themselves as their own brand over the first year and adding another guy who'd immediately be associated with WWE (yes you could argue TNA with both names I mentioned but c'mon) is starting to push them into the wrong territory to me. And before anyone jumps down my throat I know Punk's a former WWE guy as well but his reputation has never been that of a "company man" like a lot of other workers. I could also live with it being a "non-exclusive" signing with someone who's already actively working in say, New Japan as well. If it was someone like Okada, Ibushi, or Suzuki... I'd be into that, although I'm not sure what the current international travelling situation is right now? Like Fury said, I'm hoping high but expecting low.
  3. I think it's just as much, if not more about hockey taking the Wednesday night slot than anything. Hopefully it'll mean both shows can finally consistently break the million mark from here on out. Shaq and Jade have to win right? Hopefully Jade will shine in that one and also get the pin. It'll mean the celeb gets his win as per tradition and Jade can start off hot by pinning Velvet.
  4. You and I are good, I got no ill-will towards you and I love these types of debates. One clarification I gotta make, Marko is a great bump guy which, to me, is different than a job guy. Darby Allin is a bump guy, he takes insane bumps all the time and often gives as good as he gets, he is not, however, a job guy. Turds like Peter Avalon are job guys (I still hate that they gave him such a competitive match with Cody a few weeks ago). Marko's a bump guy, and because of his size the bumps look that much more ferocious. When Archer Tossed him out of the ring I audibly reacted, which doesn't happen often, because of how brutal it looked and it made Archer look, again to me, like that much more of a beast... not that he needed to after putting a random guys head through the ceiling, lol. Marko's handy when the Jurassic Express needs to lose a match from time to time but not the cost Jungle Boy or Luchasaurus's any credibility, but it's more about the bumps with him. The women have begun a solid foundation. Girls like Brit, Nyla, Shida, Rosa, and Deeb can carry right now while others like Jade, Conti, Abadon, and Statlander develop a little more with time, The booking isn't great by any means but hopefully they'll figure it out eventually. If not, oh well. And about them being "liars" , that one's tough for me to swallow. They're still for all intents and purposes in their infancy as a company and sometimes you gotta learn as you go (mostly reffering to Khan here) , they came in with certain intentions but intentions can't always be reality... and sometimes you have to swallow the plan and adjust. Things like out of the ring brawls are an essential part of story-development and going without them is needlessly handcuffing yourself. It was naive of them to think they could go that route for sure but I'm not gonna fault them for accepting the inevitable.
  5. It's the off-season and Wilson said something other than "go hawks" so the media's going berserk. If he's traded I will eat my own head. They've already begun the process of fixing the offense with the hiring of Waldron. Schotty was a one trick pony with the passing game, it was slow developing deep pass after slow developing deep pass (look at that Giants loss, New York NEVER changed their defense and Seattle played right into it with nothing but slow developing deep passes even though Carson was averaging 7 yards a carry). Hopefully a more Rams-esque tight end heavy quick pass game (Metcalf running slants seems like he'd be unstoppable) will be the new plan so the O-line isn't having to block for 4-5 seconds every play. Wilson's POS baseball agent carries a lot of the blame for this mess too, every time that f--ker speaks he makes things worse for everybody but himself, he's honestly the worst thing Russ has going right now. Overall, I'm more concerned with losing Dunlap than anything now that the Cards F'd everything up and overpaid JJ so much. Dunlap's gonna probably expect a similar deal now and Seattle can't afford it. Arizona double-whammy'd the West with that one, they get stronger and assured a divisional opponent gets weaker. Although, no idea how they're gonna be able to hold onto Reddick after this year with that Watt contract tying them down.
  6. So the Houston Cardinals (no that's not a typo) are really flipping the coin paying JJ that much.
  7. Don't have any defense (again, my original point wasn't implying AEW doesn't do stupid crap, I was just saying they're not the only ones) because I'm not really a fan of either. Riho doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as she apparently bothers you but I never really liked her as a top gal. Marko is what he is, like you said, he's primarily the bump guy for the Jurassic Express (who I love) and he can take the pin when they have to go under, he's also great for making monsters like Lance Archer look more monstrous (thought Archer was gonna through him to the moon a while back on a Dynamite episode and it looked great). I deal with them because overall AEW offers a lot of things that I really enjoy. And, in my opinion, they're much better at staying, for the most part, simple and coherent. Flawless, no, but I like their style a lot more than what WWE has become. I'd also like to chime in on the women's division situation. It's definitely got a long way to go, but the ceiling could be pretty high with the talent they have (britt Baker and Nyla Rose had a hell of a match last Wednesday), especially after some time goes by and ladies like Jade can get some seasoning. WWE's is obviously superior but they're also very, pardon the pun, top heavy. Once you get past the main eventers the pool's kinda thin. Don't forget that not a super long time ago the WWE's women division was an absolute train wreck as well, maybe AEW can figure it out over the coming years and the conversation will be very different.
  8. The circumstances behind the angle are irrelevant. My point was if your going to be a wrestling commentator you're going to have to deal with stupidity no matter which company you work for. RL events causing a stupid angle don't make it any less stupid, hats off if they wake up and dump it but at some point in the near future they're going to try another stupid angle, that's just wrestling.
  9. Gonna have to deal with that kind of thing no matter where you go. Last I heard Lacey Evans is pregnant with Ric Flair's child in the WWE so you may as well take the non Vince deal.
  10. If I understand correctly it's supposed to be more of an announcer role than anything, which is great. I wouldn't mind him charging the ring an using his name to help build the current and future AEW stars, like Sting's doing for Allin or Hardy's doing for Private Party and Hangman, but him being a consistent in-ring performer doesn't interest me at all.
  11. If you have on demand I would HIGHLY recommend going back and watching the Brodie Lee tribute show, one of the best tribute's I've ever seen. Also, not sure how long ago the matches were but Feix vs. Penta, Fenix vs. Omega, and the six man tag (basically anything involving Fenix right now is straight fire) from last week are worth looking up too.
  12. I know the Buccs won the SB and Blah blah blah (seeing Antonio Brown and Bruce Arians get a ring makes me wanna puke) but I gotta put a shout-out and a congrats to Wilson on his Man of the Year award win. He was snubbed for ROTY and has still never received even a single MVP vote but dammit, he finally won something!!
  13. Watson's very swiftly becoming a talent vs. attitude situation. Add on what Houston's gonna want for him and he's not really making things better for himself. Although we all know teams are willing to deal with a lot if it means wins.
  14. Don't know what to think of this one. I have all the respect in the world for Stafford's arm but he's coming to a division where he's gonna have to face Bosa and the 49ers front four twice a year, Jamal Adams (hopefully) twice a year and now an emerging Haasan Reddick twice a year, I wonder if his legs can handle this division.
  15. Yay... more Brady 😐 But, I guess it's nice seeing Mr. self-satisfaction Rodgers get sent home in the championship game again.
  16. Tom Brady in another conference championship while Drew Brees's (potntially) final game is a 3 interception playoff disaster in a stadium with next to no fans. If that isn't proof that us fans can't have nice things then I don't know what is.
  17. KC's kinda got a "circling the drain" feeling to me. Like you said, every game is staying close, even against subpar teams, and I don't think any of the 4 teams left in the playoffs would allow them off the hook after making those late game mistakes (the gift pick Henne threw in the endzone and the 3rd down sack) the way Cleveland did today. I have all the respect in the world for KC but I'm not sure they can pull off the types of wins they've been getting lately 2 more times.
  18. Crossing my fingers for a Bills/Saints superbowl this year.
  19. Houston sports as a whole seems to be a dumpster fire right now. Texans have Watt and Watson raging war from the inside, Rockets have the Harden debacle, Astros are never gonna shed their black cloud as long as the any of same players that cheated their way to a world series are on the squad... so... how's their hockey team?
  20. I'm terrified Pete's gonna go find a run only minded OC and we're right back at 2017. DK's already proved to be a bit of a hot-head and I doubt he'll be happy in an offense like Pete wants then the snowball rolls.
  21. Gotta disagree with the first statement there because If we're splitting hairs then Seattle's D only allowed 23, remember, 7 of the Rams' 30 was from a pick-6. The kickoff fumble didn't do the Seattle Defense any favors either. If you look at every Rams drive then Seattle's defense was pretty much the only reason they were in it until that disaster (the fumbled kick return) near the end. As for Green Bay/L.A., I haven't checked up lately on L.A.'s injured list but I know Donald and Kupp both left the wildcard game hurt, those would be 2 HUGE blows to the Rams.
  22. Even without Goff the Rams woulda taken that one, they were carried by Akers and the defense.
  23. When it's the Rams, ALWAYS bet against him. Even when 99's not on the field for half the game the O-line and coaching always shrinks against the Rams. McVay's had Carroll's number since he entered the league and despite the talent on paper, Seattle's offense is always capable of going completely inept.
  24. Hey Seattle, keep obsessively throwing the ball because it's working out awesome!!
  25. Every year I bring up changing the draft order to the way I heard a radio host design it, and here goes. If they did it his way the #1 overall pick would go to the Dolphins (best record for a non-playoff team, 10-6) picks 2 and 3 would go to the Cards and Raiders, although I don't know specifically which would be which according to tie-breakers (both teams are 8-8 which is the next best record for non-playoff teams), 7-9 is the Chargers, Patriots and Vikings so they would get picks 4-6 in what ever order their tie-breakers decide. That'd be the top 6 before trades. I'd assume Miami would take Lawrence since QB is a need, Cards seem to be set at QB so I'd guess DeVonta Smith, which would make their offense scary as shit if they're #2, Raiders need defense help bad and they could get a premium guy on that side with a #2 or 3 pick. Seems like Herbert's gonna be the guy for L.A. so Fields could fall to New England or Minnesota if they want him and so on. Every time I see this layout it makes me wish they'd change it more and more. Tanking would be useless since it puts you in the mid to low range with picks and the teams right on the cusp can get the push they need to keep every year interesting.