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  1. I'm two away from getting 100 bingo cards. Does anyone have some easy ones to get? Pretty much done 79/80 for the normal bingo cards and 19/80 of the hard bingo cards. The only ones I have left seem to require a near perfect good rating or 7+ star extreme songs.
  2. Damn, thanks for confirming.
  3. I was thinking about it but it's probably not worth the hassle. You're right there's still hope it could have a new trophy list. If you go to the trophy list for Okami it still only says PS3 so fingers crossed. I'm not holding my breath though. That's true but I don't own a Pro so the upgrade is probably marginal. I probably would've gone for the physical release if I wasn't so keen to get started on a new trophy list with the digital version. Ah welp, fingers crossed that it updates with a new list.
  4. Hey mate! FINALLY signed up to this site again lol, how's it going? :)

    1. Mayadome


      Yo, it's good to see you on here :)

      Lol the only time I ever really post is when I'm ranty lol, I can give you upvotes though :P

      It's nice that this site is fairly active.

    2. AtsumaKarin


      Yeah, I've seen your rants lol. ;)

      Cheers! :)

      Indeed, the forums are very active on here, will likely post in a few sooner or later. :)

  5. I'm having the same issue. Before my Sony Pulse wireless headset would drop out periodically when the external HDD was connected so I only ever hooked up my external HDD when I needed to transfer game installs over to free up space on the internal HDD. Well I figured I'd give it a try as maybe Sony fixed it with a firmware update, and lo and behold it no longer has the issue with my headset dropping out. Everything was fine until about 1 hour or so of playing when my controller starts dropping inputs and lagging for up to 10+ seconds. I tried two separate controllers (one a V1 and the other V2) and both exhibit the same issue so it couldn't have been something wrong with the controller. Only restarting the console rectifies it and it's working fine again until it starts dropping inputs after an hour or so. I disconnected my external HDD and the controller never drops inputs or lags anymore. I'm running a base PS4 with a Seagate Ultra Slim HDD (this one: The drive inside is undoubtedly a 5400rpm 2.5" Seagate. It's the same one inside my PS4 as I bought two and extracted one to use inside my PS4. It's really frustrating because Sony fixes one problem but introduces another with these external hard drives. I can't even use my controller wired as the base PS4 has just a measly 2 USB slots and I need three to connect my controller, headset and HDD.
  6. Well that's just great. I purchased it before reading this thread thinking it would have its own trophy list... Probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew in hindsight. The PS3 version was already 1080p so there wasn't much to justify buying it again on PS4 except for a new trophy list to go for. I guess the pre-order themes are nice. Why are publishers so lazy with trophies? Surely they must know there is a large trophy community that won't buy the game now knowing that there isn't a new trophy set. Annoying.
  7. Honestly I wouldn't bother. The grind when the servers were online was already insane and I couldn't imagine the patience/skill required to platinum the game solo. It's still a great game worth playing. Most of the people that got the platinum after the servers closed are cheaters as evident by the timestamps on the trophies. Very few have done it legit since.
  8. Anyone who has played this on Steam want to give some thoughts on the trophy list? I've never played but I'm super excited to finally get this on my Vita. Feels like the wait has been ages!
  9. I would've chosen Singapore out of those options too. Not sure if it's easy to acquire PSN credit in those other regions... at least Play-Asia stocks the Singapore PSN credit. I'm still waiting for my copy in the mail.
  10. 45 extreme mode songs... ouch. I won't be getting this platinum.
  11. Play-Asia is usually the cheapest. PC Game Supply is another reputable seller but they don't stock Singapore credit. If you own the Asian version then you can buy it from other regions like Hong Kong, it may be cheaper than the Singapore PSN when you factor in the costs of the PSN cards. If you own the Japanese version then you must buy the DLC from the Japanese PSN or it won't work. As for purchasing, you don't need a credit card for PSN codes. Just input the code and it's deposited into your wallet and buy whatever you want on the store. You will then need to sign into your Singapore PSN on PS4 and download the DLC and it can be freely played on any accounts on your PS4.
  12. If every song is unlocked from the beginning like the original game then it should only take 30 minutes or so to get the platinum. Pretty disappointing to be honest. Are they releasing a DLC pack for the three new songs? I'll probably just grab that if so.
  13. I'm still playing through my initial nightmare difficulty run but I figured I'd make this topic in advance as many people are or probably will be tackling the classic mode soon. What do you think are the least risky times to save? Personally I feel doing the first 3 chapters without saving is a good starting point. Not sure about anything after that though.
  14. Ouch, that actually seems quite a challenge. 7 saves is not a lot and enemies can kill you super fast if you're not careful. I'm not very far in my first playthrough but I'd assume the best time to save would be before major boss battles.