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  1. Does anyone know of any fixes for the sound issues? The balancing is terrible with really quiet music but extremely loud voices and sound effects. Adjusting the sliders doesn't seem to make much difference as the music is so quiet yet its at 100%. Also the voices have this static to them whenever it gets too loud which is really annoying. I read that disabling boost mode helps but it made no difference for me. The Xbox One version has none of these issues.
  2. Yup, I noticed online gives way more coins. I was getting like 250-500 per race. It seems unlocks are completely unfeasible if you don't play online races. Probably. Honestly this game feels on par with Diddy Kong Racing. Maybe a bit harder on hard but I remember Diddy Kong Racing being pretty darn hard in the later levels. TSR is ridiculously easy compared to this. There's nothing hard in that game.
  3. Apparently unlocks are pretty grindy. New racers, costumes, etc are around 1.5-4k gold coins and you only get 20-40 per race. I can't see any way to "pay-to-win" gold coins though so who knows. Also not sure if they can be unlocked by other means like beating adventure mode.
  4. You can play hard from the start. But it was pretty tough if you've not played CTR before or in a long time.
  5. Adventure mode on hard is HARD. Maybe it's because I haven't played CTR since it came out 2 decades ago but I can't beat the first race. I always come last. I'm going to play through adventure mode on classic first then hopefully I'll have the skill to attempt hard mode. It was definitely a surprise. I think this platinum could be rather challenging.
  6. Just an update. I found no proper solution to the problem. I even bought a new PS4 and restored a backup of my old PS4 and it didn't fix it (not specifically to fix the missing games, my PS4 died unfortunately). I'm guessing it gets wiped from the servers on Sony's end or something like that. The only way to "fix" it is to play all the games that are missing so they get added back. That's interesting because I lost all games since August 2018 too. Did you do a firmware update on your PS4 in April?
  7. 86/95 with 3 platinums under 5% Ultra Rare. Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS4 - 3.42% The Evil Within PS4 - 3.94% Grid 2 PS3 - 3.94% The Evil Within is definitely my proudest platinum. That game was not easy to beat on Akuma difficulty and required some serious perseverance.
  8. I had a look and it's not the sound coming from mine. It doesn't sound like coil whine or the fan ramping up like many PS4 Pro users report also it didn't sound like this last week until it started. I think it's either something in the fan or the bearings going (it's only 8 months old though) or a capacitor buzzing. I've just decided to ignore it as the system plays games fine. Sometimes it goes away then starts buzzing the next day.
  9. I swapped the power cable to a different one it still made the noise. Even connected it to the wall instead of the surge protector it was connected to originally. I left it in rest mode overnight and powered it on in the morning, then left it for 6 hours or so idle and it never made the buzzing noise. I then powered it off and on and it started buzzing again. It kinda sounds like it might be the fan but it's next to the power supply so it's hard to tell. The buzzing is also louder on the dashboard than in game. The console works flawlessly otherwise... I'm not sure what to do. Maybe it'll go away after a while.
  10. I was using my PS4 Pro tonight and I usually wear headphones but took them off for a moment and heard my PS4 Pro was making a very loud buzzing noise. It wasn't the usual coil whine/buzz you hear so many people report with the Pro, this is a very audible buzzing/clicking noise. You can hear it outside the room 5+ meters away. I took out the hard drive and it stopped so I thought maybe it was the hard drive clicking so I put it back in and only connected the HDMI/power cable and it was silent. I then hooked up the PS camera, USB headset dongle, USB for VR and USB hard drive and it starts buzzing loudly again. Maybe it's being overloaded due to all those devices connected? It never sounded like this before today though. I put my ear up to the console and it's coming from the bottom rear corner where the power cable connects so that makes me think it's the power supply. It doesn't buzz when in rest mode or turned off, only when turned on. Has anyone had the same issue? Is it safe to keep using? It's 100% working perfectly in games and has never turned itself off or shutdown unexpectedly. Maybe it'll go away eventually?
  11. If it is within the realms of the game then it is 100% not cheating. Exploits, cheat codes (in game), backup saves or boosting is 100% fair game in my opinion. If you use external factors to cheat though, that is cheating. I don't mean things such as turbo controllers or anything like that but rather hacks or programs that alter the game externally. People who do that should be banned and banished from the trophy hunting community no questions asked. I'm actually kinda surprised by PSNProfiles fairly lax rules on cheaters, unless it's changed they only remove them from that game's leaderboard and puts a red bar on the game in your profile? I think it should be 1 strike and you're removed from the site entirely.
  12. One interesting thing is on Xbox/PC the game is treated the same as the retail copy. On PS4 the core/f2p version is a completely separate game to the retail copy on the dashboard. That makes me think that save files aren't cross compatible. For example you can't play 90 matches in the f2p version and continue your progress in a retail copy. You would have to start on a totally fresh save file. That also makes me wonder if buying the individual pieces as DLC lets you earn trophies in the f2p version. Can anyone confirm if buying a character lets you earn trophies?
  13. It would be 100% obtainable as there are no trophies for specific characters or story mode and everything else is unlocked in the core fighters version. The PC and Xbox core fighters have full achievement support but PS4 has no trophies at all. I'm disappointed because I was hoping to get the platinum for it as I bought the retail copy for Xbox.
  14. I tried resetting/changing my privacy and hidden games settings as well as rebuilding the database and it hasn't solved the problem. The games do appear under the "hidden games" option, as in you can select to hide them, but they don't show up in the games tab regardless. Ah welp, maybe it'll fix itself eventually.
  15. I'm really enjoying it. At first I wasn't too sure about the rush/break system but it's pretty fair and not as over the top as say Tekken 7 or SC6's rage/critical finish attacks. It feels like a very balanced fighting game and an improvement over DoA5. Also I really like NiCO, she's pretty basic and some may say she's a bit bland but I find her really fun to play as and she has a cute personality. The game has a bit of work to do for me to recommend it right now though. No casual lobbies and there are no ranked options at all so you'll be fighting laggy players almost all the time, unless you live in a populated country like the US or Japan. In Australia all my matches are 1 bar unfortunately as no one plays fighting games here except in small communities which is why we need lobbies and not random ranked. Also it's missing a lot of minor things like every character has only one victory animation but they're going to put more in with free game updates. It just feels like they rushed it out and just focused on getting the core fundamentals down such as the fighting. Give it 6 months and it'll be a really solid game I reckon. At least there's lots to do a single player in the interim and I think DOA Quest is a nice extra.