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  1. I've never heard of Avicii before but I think the music is awesome. Some more artists would've been cool but what's there is really good.
  2. Difficulty wise I'd say it's on the same level as those games. You'll have to do 2.5 playthroughs though so it's fairly lengthy. There are trophy related to weapons that need 2.5 playthroughs so it's not like Bloodborne where you can save scum the endings and call it a day. Thankfully there's no ridiculous grind like Dark Souls 3 concords but there are a couple of rare weapons that can take a while to drop if you're unlucky.
  3. Expected but disappointed they didn't try something new. Would've been cool to have an extra DLC set. Oh welp, at least the original trophy set is fun to get and not overly grindy unlike Dark Souls 3.
  4. I was honestly sceptical at first as we had 60fps with 0 and Kiwami but honestly after a few hours you barely even notice it. The improvements to the graphics and seamlessness of everything really makes it much more enjoyable to play too. I went back to Kiwami after beating 6 and it feels ancient. The streets feel completely lifeless with barely any NPCs or lights. It just looks really dull in comparison. The animation also feels stiffer and having to load every time you enter a shop is annoying.
  5. 95 hours, level 84-85, all tainted monsters. I honestly over-prepared for the 10th Dreamer boss because he went down in about 45 seconds with little difficulty. The 51-60 tainted monsters were harder, especially Horraura despite being just level 79.
  6. He does a gaming side show but it's more commentary than reviews/game impressions. Probably playing in his spare time. Anyway, trophy list looks good. 80 hours according to PowerPyx which is around the time it took me to platinum the first game IIRC. Hopefully the grind isn't as bad as collecting all those monsters.
  7. No 100%? That's boring. Looks like it'll be a very easy platinum with barely any difficulty. Even Legend difficulty can be cheated by reloading your save. Seems the game doesn't require you to do much at all to get the platinum...
  8. In my opinion the games themselves are harder but the trophy difficulty are probably around the same as Bayonetta. DMC4SE is way harder to platinum but that's not in this release.
  9. Only game I skipped on PS3 too lol. Never gonna play that abomination again.
  10. Was expecting them to share the PS3 trophies after Okami HD so this is nice to see. Will definitely be picking this up.
  11. 6 hours in and yet to crash for me. I started on 1.02 patch. Edit: Now crashes every 30 minutes or so. Seems to get really bad from the Underground City onward (maybe because of all the screen transitions with grinding).
  12. I'm also a newbie to this game and struggling quite a bit. I'm decent at Project Diva and Superbeat Xonic (can beat all the songs on hard or 6TRAX) but this game is really tough to get the hang of. I wouldn't bother with arcade 4 buttons as the 3rd song is either 5 or 6 stars which is a huge jump in difficulty. It's doable but stressful and will take multiple tries to clear for newcomers. I've been sticking to freestyle 4 buttons and playing songs at 4 stars or below. My skill is improving albeit slowly. This is definitely the hardest rhythm game I've tried to get into and one of the reasons I never could get into DJMax Fever on PSP. Hopefully it clicks eventually like Superbeat Xonic did.
  13. It really makes you think that maybe a digital only future is a pretty dangerous direction for gaming to go in. Sony has effectively robbed him of his entire digital game collection because of a minor infraction. It's no different from a thief breaking into your house and stealing your stuff. I'm sure there's something in the 20 page ToS that says you can't do anything if you get banned. People seem to forget how volatile digital gaming is.
  14. What I mean is that no FPS back then had alert indicators, heads up displays for enemy location and other modern FPS features we take for granted today, hence Far Cry was a lot like other FPS games back in the day in regards to the core FPS mechanics. Off the top of my head the popular FPS games back then were Serious Sam, Battlefield 1942, Red Faction, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Call of Duty 1, Soldier of Fortune 2. I'm sure there's more but thinking back on those games none of them had features we take for granted in modern FPS. The fact that Far Cry even has some semblance of stealth was impressive in itself. Most games just made you use a silence pistol and if you used anything else or an enemy spotted you the entire map would be gunning for you. Anyway I don't think the game was designed with stealth in mind it left it up to the player. You could approach a situation in numerous ways and that's definitely one of the strong points. It wasn't truly topped until Half Life 2 came out in my opinion and that game remains one of the best FPS ever made in my opinion. I dunno I'm probably rambling but I don't think Far Cry was a bad game, not even a mediocre game. It was a good game that pushed visuals and gameplay at the time but has aged clearly. I played a little bit tonight on PC and it's definitely way different to the console version. For example all the items are static on console whereas they all have physics on PC. Remember the suspension bridges on top of the ship in the 2nd level? Those were completely static on console but on PC you can shoot the cables and enemies fall off. Little things like that really made every encounter dynamic and opened up numerous ways to approach the level. The console version is completely devoid of any of that and every encounter is simply aim and shoot.
  15. I did but it was during a time when FPS games were still a lot like Far Cry and hadn't become what we take for granted today. Also the graphics were revolutionary at the time. The best looking FPS games were Half Life 2 and Doom 3 but I think Far Cry was the most technically advanced, although Half Life 2 had some pretty amazing physics too. I think what was most impressive was the sheer scale of the levels. I remember playing around with the level editor and there was no theoretical limit to the size of the level (until it crashed due to running out of memory). The semi open world-ness and nonlinear environments were definitely the strong point of the game. Also the pretty water I can definitely see the complaints being valid with regards to stealth and the AI is pretty wonky too with them shooting you from a mile away but I don't think it was as big of a problem back then. It certainly wasn't an easy game, mostly due to the cheating AI and semi-broken mechanics. Maybe it's nostalgia talking but I did really enjoy the game back then. It certainly has aged as evident by this port but it's still a decent game on PC. It's just kinda overshadowed nowadays thanks to so many open world FPS games. Crysis was the true successor to Far Cry and I had a blast with that too.