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  1. Oh nice, thanks! That's not too bad then. I'm going to enjoy replaying RE2 again.
  2. I hate this auto-pop crap. I was really looking forward to getting the trophies again. There's no way to avoid it happening, like do you have to network load your PS4 save?
  3. Ratchet and Clank Gladiator - Only way to play the HD remaster is digital PS3. Drakengard 3 Prologue Bundle - I can't see Drakengard 3 ever being re-released so this will be gone for good and it's story related. Vagrant Story - Never managed to snag this in the past and it's cheap. Chrono Cross - Same deal with Vagrant Story. Persona 3 Portable and Persona 2 Innocent Sin - I have these on PSP but it would be nice to have them on Vita. Lumines Supernova - Another exclusive although there are plenty of other Lumines games. I'm a Lumines/Mizuguchi fan though. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence - Just a PS2 game I never got around to picking up. R4: Ridge Racer 4 - Never been a big fan of Ridge Racer but I've heard good things about this one. Vib Ribbon - Physical copies are very expensive.
  4. Thanks guys. Totally forgot that was something Cerny mentioned last year. I just installed another PS5 game (Nioh) and it's a mere 12GB. The compression is amazing technology, unlike Xbox with it's 100GB installs 😓
  5. Does anyone know why the PS4 version is 45GB and the PS5 version is only 20GB? If I transfer or delete the PS4 version will the PS5 version still work or do they share data? Bit confused about the whole PS4/PS5 upgrade thing. I'm using a PS4 disc with the PS5 free upgrade.
  6. So worth it for the 120fps upgrade alone. Transforms the game and makes it so enjoyable to play.
  7. It's actually amazing how poorly it runs. I reckon it drops to 10-15fps at times... on a console with 8 Zen2 cores and a 2080 tier GPU with 16GB of GDDR6... This game looks like an early PS3 game too. I get not optimising the game but it feels like it would take more effort for it to run this bad than not. Incredible.
  8. The most significant change is the world shadows (or lighting?) is almost entirely gone. Look at Cobblestone, it looks remarkedly different in the original with parts of the village under shadow whereas on "definitive" that's all gone and it looks flat and plain. It's like if you turned off shadows and lighting in a PC game. Also it doesn't run the same as the original. The original ran at 30FPS but had a significant resolution bump on the PS4 Pro. Don't quote me but I believe it was around 1800p with checkerboard rendering. Needless to say it looks very crisp on a 4K screen. The new version trades that resolution for stock standard 1080p but does run at 60FPS although it could be argued that 60FPS is useless in a turn based JRPG. So yeah, quite a big downgrade from the original. Much lower resolution, greatly reduced visuals (although you probably won't notice unless compared side by side), but we do get 60FPS. Not all bad but hardly what I'd call "definitive". The extra content is nice though and there's a whole new game there in 2D mode.
  9. It's this puzzle mini game where you control Pyro Jack in a top-down perspective and push blocks around. It takes ages to beat all the levels and it's quite difficult without a guide. You get a magatama for beating all the levels. Anyway, the trophy list looks fun. Pretty much covers nearly everything the game has to offer except the Burial Chambers which were a boss-rush mode. I heard you can change the difficulty now that they added an easy mode in, I wonder if you can change the difficulty at the final boss and collect the hard mode trophy? I hope not to be honest because the game is really fun on hard mode and that would trivialise people playing on it.
  10. I checked my games/activity tab on my profile on PS4 and more than 6 months of games have disappeared. It says the last game I played was back in August and I've played tonnes of games since then. Anyone had this issue and know if there's a way to fix it? Not a huge deal as it hasn't affected my trophies but I figured I'd ask. Seems like a strange bug.
  11. Crashed for me in The Enchanted Earth too. Specifically when using the lift after smashing the bird eggs. Honestly thought my game was broken as it happened 10+ times but after about an hour of restarting the game over and over after it crashes I got through it. Really feels like this game needed some more time in the oven as its pretty buggy. I can't remember if it crashed anywhere else though.
  12. The problem with the PS3 and Vita is they're the first systems that are heavily invested in network features. If Sony were to completely shut down networks features to these systems, we would lose access to our digital games, game patches and trophies would no longer exist in an online format. I can't see that happening anytime soon, I can see online multiplayer services closing down though. I think they'll keep up the core network features but we're heading into uncharted territories with the PS3/360 generation as they were the first truly online systems. So far the only systems that have had their online closed down entirely are the DS and Wii. None of which were truly online unlike the PS3/Vita. Who knows what could happen. Sony are under no obligation to keep networks features around for systems that are no longer supported. I'm sure there's something in the terms and conditions that forfeit our rights to our digital games which would allow them to close the PSN store.
  13. There's actually 3. The V version which is just like the PS4 version except it has an RPG-like story mode included and different songs. And there are 2 Idolmaster Taiko games. They have completely different song lists but share the same trophy list.
  14. Most TVs have overscan set to default. It zooms in and cuts off the outer 20%~ of the screen. Usually its under the setting "screen size" or "screen fit".
  15. I gave up pretty early. This game is brutal if you haven't been hitting the Taiko drum for the past decade in the arcades. Hardest Taiko trophy list for sure. The Vita game and Idolmaster spin offs are way easier to platinum (if I remember correctly they only require 13 extreme songs cleared). I'd say it's certainly doable with the DS4 controller, but it'll take lots of practice.
  16. I heard some songs are essentially impossible with a controller on extreme. There is the Taiko drum which may make some songs easier as that's the way the game is meant to be played.
  17. I've beaten all 3 main episodes in one sitting in about 90 mins but have still yet to unlock the 2 hour trophy. Is there any way to check your total time? As soon as I beat an episode it just kicks me back to the main menu, no saving or anything.
  18. Only time I've had significant slowdown is during the corn fields level and it was only briefly. Otherwise it feels pretty smooth 60fps most of the time. I'm on PS4 Pro.
  19. Does anyone know of any fixes for the sound issues? The balancing is terrible with really quiet music but extremely loud voices and sound effects. Adjusting the sliders doesn't seem to make much difference as the music is so quiet yet its at 100%. Also the voices have this static to them whenever it gets too loud which is really annoying. I read that disabling boost mode helps but it made no difference for me. The Xbox One version has none of these issues.
  20. Anyone had any issues with the trophies yet? Would love to pick this up but TxK had glitched trophies so I'm weary about this one.
  21. Did they ever patch this trophy?
  22. Yup, I noticed online gives way more coins. I was getting like 250-500 per race. It seems unlocks are completely unfeasible if you don't play online races. Probably. Honestly this game feels on par with Diddy Kong Racing. Maybe a bit harder on hard but I remember Diddy Kong Racing being pretty darn hard in the later levels. TSR is ridiculously easy compared to this. There's nothing hard in that game.
  23. Apparently unlocks are pretty grindy. New racers, costumes, etc are around 1.5-4k gold coins and you only get 20-40 per race. I can't see any way to "pay-to-win" gold coins though so who knows. Also not sure if they can be unlocked by other means like beating adventure mode.
  24. You can play hard from the start. But it was pretty tough if you've not played CTR before or in a long time.
  25. Adventure mode on hard is HARD. Maybe it's because I haven't played CTR since it came out 2 decades ago but I can't beat the first race. I always come last. I'm going to play through adventure mode on classic first then hopefully I'll have the skill to attempt hard mode. It was definitely a surprise. I think this platinum could be rather challenging.