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  1. can somebody shareplay these plats for me? i can't bother to do them by myself
  2. hey. somebody wants to shareplay all s ranks to me or get platinum for me somehow like every person got it suddendly in 1week 1-2 days?
  3. Flame over is one of the hardest plats i’ve done bc fireproof trophy. Easy to do at vita because you can only play last world. Whole different thing to do at ps4 😄
  4. Strange, in my case they just stood there and took it :D. But good to hear you got it!
  5. I just run down to that wall at start and i kept my distance to maddog so he couldn't save me. When woman character was alive, i didn't have any change getting it. Once she was dead i got it first try
  6. Good to hear :). Yeah i explain a bit better, so when level start first thing i will do is kill that woman character so only mad dog is there. Reason is when that woman stuns those monkeys thay are not affected of you granade. And when she is gone all 5-6 monkeys are there to take out. I kill couple first enemies so all monkeys are spawn. Should be 6. When all of them are after you, run back up stairs where level sarted and they all follow you and idle up there in perfect croup
  7. How you get this? I tried to do it at beginning of level 5 and i get all 4 monkeys almost top of each other but still only one of them dies when i throw my granade. I have max upgrades aswell can easily done by running start of the level. Those monkeys will stand still and idle there. I got 5 with one granade.
  8. Full of swag doesn't pop even everything is changes that is needed and i don't have 50 mp games trophy even i have played 57 games. Any solutions to this glitchy piece of shit game? okey full of swag popped after i customised teamsters( first team what game gave you).I created whole new team and customised it and that was wrong. Just customise first team called teamsters and it should pop
  9. Just like topic said. There is no trophy for getting all cards like first game did, but is there a challenge later on what requires you to have all cards? Like use best variaton of all cards in a deck or something? good game btw, just like first one was 😊
  10. Needs to be new tear everytime if you mean that. I tied to open same two tears next to each other 35 times and didn't get trophy
  11. 575,720 is chest. 3h left. This is my last post in this topic as i have found them all now. Good luck to everybody
  12. 750,629 is chest. Finally. Unfortunately i didn't check how much time was left
  13. Any idea where is chest? I've been searching whole map twice and i can safely say social chest isn't there.
  14. Convoy at 436,669. 7 h left
  15. Also at 458,831. 9 h left