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  1. 575,720 is chest. 3h left. This is my last post in this topic as i have found them all now. Good luck to everybody
  2. 750,629 is chest. Finally. Unfortunately i didn't check how much time was left
  3. Any idea where is chest? I've been searching whole map twice and i can safely say social chest isn't there.
  4. Convoy at 436,669. 7 h left
  5. Also at 458,831. 9 h left
  6. Whale at 315,815. 1h 30 min left
  7. Yes i found it! Thank you 😊👍 only chest left to found
  8. Whale was there! Thank you 🙂
  9. Yeah. I haven't put much time into this but i'm sure those events will appear sometime
  10. Yes. All of them. Whale, chest and convoy
  11. Any new locations? I'll post here too if i find any
  12. Hopefully these will appear in future too, i'm not be able to use my ps4 im a week 😒
  13. I will continue my search tomorrow. If i find something i will post cordinates here