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  1. Hello again everyone, there has been a patch update for the game today and you can all go ahead and get that 100% !! 😄 Thank you to everyone that tried to reach out to the developers to get this fixed! 👍 Have a good day and keep on hunting~ (Just play the last level again and it should pop the trophy)
  2. Thank you for joining in on this, if more people send the devs an email about this issue, we could get a fix someday. 👍
  3. hi matroooos


  4. Hello everyone, this is just a warning for now, if you are considering adding this game to your library and go for the trophies, know that most people are going to get stuck at 70% completion, due to an issue with obtaining the last Gold trophy (Virus Cured!). There might be a fix to this if anyone is interested in getting a 100%, which is by contacting the developers and asking them to fix this issue. You can try and contact them about this issue via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even in their website , whichever is convenient to you. Hopefully this gets fixed at some point. Happy gaming!
  5. From what I read in the guide it says "held" maybe you have to equip each one for it to work?
  6. I would assume the same, do you have a few other people other than your friend from the same region/country trying to access the game?
  7. In what region are you trying to play in?, it seems to only be working on the NA servers, anything else is in what I call (fake open).
  8. Hello everyone, so here is an update on what I think is going on with the servers in this game from what I've seen and tested:- 1- The servers seem to be favoring anyone that lives in the US/NA region, anyone in the EU and Asia will have a hard time trying to connect to others. 2- Invites seem work between people in the US/NA, but not US/EU/Asia. 3- If you are in the US/Na region you can use 4 devices with different accounts to boost yourself, but if you have 4 devices (2 psvitas/2 ps3s)(4 different account) from what I tried doing in the UAE/PAL region, it doesn't work (it could work with someone with a similar setup to mine in the EU (not 100% sure needs to be confirmed), I tried inviting myself, from each console and it wouldn't work, (I would get the Joining message) and it would drop after just a few seconds. 4- I haven't tested this yet (and I might not), but I think using a VPN might help. 5- Another solution is to have someone trustworthy and reliable from the US/NA region help with boosting (having someone access the account and playing the game for you). 6- Good luck to you all.
  9. I have a feeling you spoke to one of those who don't really know what's going on in their own company (someone not really informed about game server statuses), some people were still getting on in November and continued playing online till this day.
  10. Yeah, everyone has this problem, it's really dumb, I just feel like Sony/ PlayStation is messing with us right before closing the servers since it was fine early January, and the last couple of months of 2018.
  11. Only thing I can say is if you haven't unlocked any trophies for this game yet then don't waste your time on it, especially if its at 0%, if not, then we're in the same boat just keep on trying to find a match, cause I know there are a lot more people who are having trouble finding any matches, (even if you invite each other).
  12. I see, i'm guessing I should try around that time as well and see how lucky I get. thanks for the reply
  13. Around what time did you guys get together and managed to get into a game?, i'm trying to figure out when the servers might be a little bit populated so that I can try and actually find matches online.
  14. It's okay, hopefully this issue gets resolved by PlayStation, I have a feeling it is from their end, If my voice could be heard by them i would of reached out to them by now.
  15. Unfortunately I have tried that method with people I know from the EU region plus the NA region, it seams like the EU servers are down but I am not sure in what way exactly, I've been looking around and also asked someone from the NA region if they could find a match online and they said yes, but when I asked someone from the EU region to look for a match, they couldn't. Trying to search for a match on both the ps3 and the psvita for the past couple of days for me in the EU server region hasn't worked, It seams that it was fine earlier this month since someone from the EU region managed to get some of the online trophies on the 6th, but after that it has been a bit quiet.