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  1. At day of the remains i was opening 17 chests with iron man around 8-9min,maybe 93 is the sweet spot? now i need the 50 hives.i hope i will not need 93 hives...
  2. Today i unlocked the trophy,i had 92 and i was really angry,what i did was to delete my profile save data and when i tried one more time it unlocked at 93 instanly.
  3. 104# PATH OF EXILE whoohoooo what a great game....nope..this game is freaking hell, the learning you have to do is insane i feel like i graduate from harvard,the constant blue screens drove me crazy..i died and died without knowing the why...but now i can sleep again...sane..
  4. Heart of darkness,jackie chan and Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories.