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  1. Is there a method for making money and moonstone?
  2. The plane takes off, but Bohm doesn' t speak at all. I shoot at the missile anyway, but the achievement doesn' t show up. The cinematic is the same. I tried to restart the mission but nothing has changed. RISPONDI
  3. For this trophy count Player VS IA or only Player VS Player?
  4. for not lose the points do I have to close the game or should I just leave the match?
  5. I get the trophy in level "7"
  6. Random level with the conditions for the trophy
  7. I get the trohpy when i completed one level in "one rock levels" I do not know if you get this trophy random
  8. With the patch 1.06 this glitch still work?
  9. I get in the game the trophy "More than perfect" but didn't get the trophy in my personal trophy. bug or what?
  10. For this medal can i use "EMERGENCY RESERVE" or not?
  11. can I get diamonds on easy difficulty? or at maximum difficulty I have more chances to find diamonds?
  12. ah ok, thank you all 😁
  13. Notice instead of the trophy picture, there's a placeholder image of a trophy. is there a solution to this problem? there is a deley regarding the trophy notification,it's just my problem or they all have it
  14. from what a guy told me if the host of the lobby start the game,and then quit give points to everyone. I do not know if this thing work