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  1. for the trophy"Gold Team Rules" you need to unlock the gold for all the sub-challenge?
  2. which seals unlock the trophy?
  3. Can I unlock the trophy even if I enter the lobby of a friend that have the mission?
  4. what are the best methods to make coins?
  5. Today i get the seal "Chosen" (complete all season of the chosen triumphs) but didn't unlock the trophy. It's bug o this seal not count for the trophy? What seals count for this trophy?
  6. guys when nba2k20 shut down? in 2021 right? beacause i need only 18 card for get the trophy....
  7. the tophies can be unlock only in ranked?
  8. for a few days I have not been able to play the daily runs anymore, a white screen comes out (without any writing) and it does not let me play does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Is there a method for making money and moonstone?
  10. The plane takes off, but Bohm doesn' t speak at all. I shoot at the missile anyway, but the achievement doesn' t show up. The cinematic is the same. I tried to restart the mission but nothing has changed. RISPONDI
  11. For this trophy count Player VS IA or only Player VS Player?
  12. for not lose the points do I have to close the game or should I just leave the match?
  13. I get the trophy in level "7"
  14. Random level with the conditions for the trophy
  15. I get the trohpy when i completed one level in "one rock levels" I do not know if you get this trophy random