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  1. Can I unlock the trophy even if I enter the lobby of a friend that have the mission?
  2. for the trophy"Gold Team Rules" you need to unlock the gold for all the sub-challenge?
  3. which seals unlock the trophy?
  4. what are the best methods to make coins?
  5. Today i get the seal "Chosen" (complete all season of the chosen triumphs) but didn't unlock the trophy. It's bug o this seal not count for the trophy? What seals count for this trophy?
  6. the tophies can be unlock only in ranked?
  7. The plane takes off, but Bohm doesn' t speak at all. I shoot at the missile anyway, but the achievement doesn' t show up. The cinematic is the same. I tried to restart the mission but nothing has changed. RISPONDI
  8. guys when nba2k20 shut down? in 2021 right? beacause i need only 18 card for get the trophy....
  9. for a few days I have not been able to play the daily runs anymore, a white screen comes out (without any writing) and it does not let me play does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. Is there a method for making money and moonstone?
  11. For this trophy count Player VS IA or only Player VS Player?
  12. for not lose the points do I have to close the game or should I just leave the match?
  13. I get the trophy in level "7"
  14. I get in the game the trophy "More than perfect" but didn't get the trophy in my personal trophy. bug or what?
  15. Random level with the conditions for the trophy
  16. I get the trohpy when i completed one level in "one rock levels" I do not know if you get this trophy random
  17. With the patch 1.06 this glitch still work?
  18. For this medal can i use "EMERGENCY RESERVE" or not?
  19. It's possible to exchange your weapons with other players?
  20. can I get diamonds on easy difficulty? or at maximum difficulty I have more chances to find diamonds?
  21. ah ok, thank you all 😁
  22. Notice instead of the trophy picture, there's a placeholder image of a trophy. is there a solution to this problem? there is a deley regarding the trophy notification,it's just my problem or they all have it
  23. why who creates the lobby quit every time from the game? It's boost method or what?
  24. from what a guy told me if the host of the lobby start the game,and then quit give points to everyone. I do not know if this thing work