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  1. Do you know what the secret world 2 maps are?
  2. Anyone know how scoring actually works in this game? I'm playing with T7 right now spamming the right trigger and I am completing the full 90 seconds with a score of around 4,600 each time.
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread. But can you still achieve trophies in Quick Play Classic? I'm going for Rapid Discord and I've already tried for 40+ hours in regular quick play so I'm wanting to see if classic yields any better results. Thanks
  4. Hey, I saw you got this. Do you have any tips? I'm having the same problem too.
  5. Any word of an offline/splitscreen multiplayer mode? I'm not planning on buying this on release and I'm guessing the online will be dead for this game soon after so these might be a pain to get without boosting partners or an offline mode. You're Starting to Get Me Excited! Win 5 matches in Team Deathmatch. 0.00% ULTRA RARE Even without Arms and Legs Win 5 matches in Point Match. 0.00% ULTRA RARE