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  1. Almost done with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order trophies. Game has a lot of glitches sadly but no ground-breaking bugs at all. I was expecting something better in quality even though I've been enjoying the game.

  2. This probably is for those who don't purchase too much on the PSN store or something, as far as I have checking non of my accounts or my sister's account has any code at all. PSN is probably under maintenance as a message just popped up for me. Hope they give that cash to everyone after this.
  3. Trophy list is ok for me, I like to have difficulty related trophies unlocked on my profile but it's good to chill out once in a while. By the way, the trophy tiles looks so nice, platinum tile is beautiful.
  4. Got a brand new Sennheiser headphones for the first time. I'm amazed how good they are in build quality, the comfort even after more than two hours of usage is the best of all the headphones I've ever owned and how they performance with music or gaming. I'll be happy using them while playing Ghost Of Tsushima this week.

  5. Currently watching anime, probably return to games later in a week or less.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      what you watchin?

    2. CitrusKey88


      I was watching Attack on Titan 3rd season (both parts) and finish watching last episode today. Going to take advantage of this weekend to continue Life Is Strange trophy hunting

  6. Games will be sold here in my country for $200-$250 each I can see that coming and those retailers pricing it will start losing money because of this like I've already seen PS4 games priced on $125. I always buy games at discount regardless if physical or digital versions so no problems for me if they start pricing games at $69.99.
  7. Big time watching anime and playing games at night.

  8. Tower of God was the last anime I saw and finish but right now watching Kimetsu no Yaiba (currently at episode 7). Enjoying while mixing with games these last days, mostly at nights.
  9. Currently playing Gravity Rush 2 though I'm midway on the progress of platinum (probably going to 100% it after that) next I'll do a bunch of easy plats then probably one of my pending games in backlog.
  10. Days Of Play discounts coming soon to Retail and PSN Store in June. Probably getting some of my wishlist games.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I'll use it to renew my Plus at least.

  11. Both InFamous 2 and Festival Of Blood has problems with different region accounts, I'm from Ecuador but I use a NA account as my main because of overpriced games here, tried to unlocked InFamous 2 online trophies on an EU account but it was impossible using both wireless and cable connection after multiple methods didn't worked for me. Next tried my NA account and it worked perfectly without making any changes to the configuration (cable connection first try). Was done with the Festival Of Blood trophies years ago using wireless that time so I guess this probably is region problems with their servers.
  12. Sad that there is no platinum trophy though is good this comes included with the preorder of Doom Eternal which I’m currently downloading. I played Doom 64 a little when I was a kid back in the N64 era and liked it even if we just rent it on Blockbuster.
  13. It was a new experience, I’m currently playing it but already did the Hard Mode Time Attack were there was some challenging moments and still have many things to do. Really happy they put this gem on PS+
  14. I have been in my very first relationship for 2 days and it's awesome! We'll hang out in the next 3 days once again. 😊

  15. Hope it's something good, better if it's one of those old games I have in my wishlist. If it's not something of my interest then at least I have a very big backlog on wait list.