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  1. You have to type in the IP adress of your ps5 in the app settings menu. Game works fine
  2. I never had any issues with this game - it is simply amazing (pun intended LOL) So i don't know what is your deal
  3. "Games" like this work like the official "trophy whore" badge for me. Whoever have paid for them or have them on their profile must be "special"
  4. There are calculators online:
  5. @Sly Ripper Is it possible to implement legacy PSN level somewhere on the site? In a way like PSN rarity and PSNProfiles rarity is implemented? Or somewhere in stats page? Have someone ever considered such implementation?
  6. Some of us were using this old system for the last 10 years to compare overall level of PlayStation players. It has a lot more meaning for some of us than this new system. You knew that someone on level 50 is hardcore, someone on level 10 is a newbie, and someone on level 99 is a no-life It is as simple as that
  7. I also think it would be great, cause this new level system is meaniningless for me. It would be great if someone could implement it somehow on this site..
  8. Lol You can easily count all your trophies yet you still use this site to track your progress, right?
  9. Cause i would rather stay on my old level and watch my progress go up from there than accept this new, worse system that is meaningles to me. I think that there are some people who agree with me on this.
  10. But we could have them both - "Old" and "New" level systems together on PSN Profiles. It's the same thing as what the site have done with levels above 100 and with two statistics for trophy rarity. Sony did not supported it, but it was implemented anyway, cause it was good for the community.
  11. Of course you can use calculator to count your "Old level", but it would be nice to have it in your stats i guess.
  12. Man this is a website which sole purpose is tracking your PSN level and your trophy count and you are telling me, that i should go play games and forget about those things Thanks man, I'll delete my PSNProfiles account right away and go back to playing games
  13. I don't know if this would be possible, but i thought that for many of us, who were getting PSN levels trough the years and were not on level 100 before introducing this recent trophy system, it would be great it we could have information what is our "old level" somewhere on our profiles. It could be somewhere in profile stats maybe? What do you think? I was on level 30 before this recent change, and i would like to know how i progress trough "Old system" too. I know that Sony have moved on and dropped "Old level" system, but many of us use PSNProfiles to watch their progress and it would be a nice thing to have. It could be an option in settings, the same way like it is done with rarity of the trophies (you can now choose which rarity you want to see - PSN rarity or PSN Profiles rarity). It could look like this - "Use Legacy PSN Level as default".