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  1. I was very dissapointed with this title, music and design was great, but gameplay and performance (on PS4 PRO LOL) was bad. I really liked other games in this style more, like Hohokum, which is amazing
  2. Done, thanks!
  3. Wow, this information changes everything - so it must be a glitch, hope they will repair this soon.
  4. What a bullshit response.. too many systems glitched the system? LOL.. and suddenly everyone have too many systems.. yeah.
  5. I was able to deactivate multiple ps3 accounts till last week, so it is broken since two weeks, no longer..
  6. You also could deactivate it through Sony website, by choosing "deactivale all systems" till last week. Could you try to deactivate on website and tell us how it went?
  7. But have you contacted Sony support about it? They should help, or at least tell what is going on.
  8. When were you able to update to 1.83? My friend has a problem with updating digital version on vita- he is stuck on version 1.00.. any ideas?
  9. Were you able to update your game to version 1.83?
  10. Keep us updated on this issue, I have also this problem..
  11. This does not work - when you download episodes 2-6 they just appear as game files in gamedata folder. You can't even start a game through them. So it is still not solved ;/ If anyone have a spare account with free episode 1 to share i would be grateful It was free for a long time, I should have added it to my list then :/
  12. Beware - a loading screen error is still here.. and unfortunately I have found about it in a hard way. My save glitched on last day (yes.. last 30 minutes of a game), and I had to speedrun trough a whole game to reach a point in story where I had been, just to see the ending (as there is no known fix to this bug ). No idea why devs did not released a patch, cause they know about this glitch.. (money maybe?). Game is a masterpiece, but glitched save and nessesity to play it twice (because of a loading bug), just to see the ending made this experience a mixed bag Hope you will have more luck To stay safe - better not save and quit during last days of a game (70+), cause there is a chance that you will not be able to load a game
  13. @SevenStars94 Thanks for a reply! I am not going to play Razing Storm on my profile (i will complete it for fun on dummy account), but i will try getting 100% in those bonus games