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  1. I thaught i will add something from myself: 1. Always choose Quality over Quantity - don't do stacks, autopops and all this bullshit. Today, with all those stacks and autopops, PSN level means nothing - i would better have level 10 with Killzone 2 Platinium than level 100 with all those retarded japanese/korean/hong kong vita stacks 2. Play only games you like - i despise people who play some japanese/korean shitty, 6 minutes platiniums, without even knowing language, just for getting plat for 5 $.. Terrible 3. Always get a 100% - DLC is still a part of game. When you get only 60% completion with platinium you should not brag about it. 4. First playtrough should be blind - just enjoy game, trophies should be a supplement to playing a game, not a sole purpose to play it.
  2. I really like this game - and it's DLC. The way it is connected with Uncharted Golden Abbys is great - you unlock things from one game by playing other one. Touch screen controls is great, and card gameplay is really good and strategic - a perfect game for ps vita for me. If you are an Uncharted fan, you should play this, along with Uncharted Golden Abbys (cause two games are connected and it's great ).
  3. Not at all - you got it wrong. You only have to go offline when you turn on game - after you finish episode, you can turn off game, turn internet on, download next episode and do whatever you want. I even turn internet on when i finish each episode, and i am in game menu, to check my choices with community, and so far i did not have any problems - i have completed episodes 1,2,3,4 that way. So it's not that bad - i guess you have to be offline when you start game and never sign into telltale account. Hope that helps You can finish episode, turn off game, turn internet on, download next episode, turn off internet and start a game again. That's what i do and it works. I even turn on internet during credits of each episode, to check my choices with community, and so far nothing happened.
  4. Try deleting game and save and reinstall, and never go online - i turn off router before i start- yesterday i finished 3rd episode that way, without any problems. I download next episodes Alter i finish previous ones too.
  5. If you have already singed in, there is no way to sign out from game or your console itself. To workaround this I have used my computer, singed in there trough web browser and i have changed password to my telltale account there. That way game on your console cannot sign in anymore, cause password that had been remembered by game is invalid and you will be signed out Hope it will help - for me it's working - as for today i have completed episode 1 & 2 without problems
  6. Had same problem, stuck with infinite loading screen. Now i turn off my router before i start game and its ok. I also logged out from telltale account- maybe that is the real culprit..
  7. Logout from telltale account and Play off-line. It helped solve this problem in my case.
  8. Wow i did not know that something like this od even possible! Thanks!
  9. I'll try downloading episode 2 and i will see if i can download episode 1 within game itself. I will do it on another account, cause if i wont be able to download episode 1 i will be only able to play and get trophies from episodes 2 to 6 ;/
  10. It has nothing to do with pulling their stuff from store. It should be possible to buy season pass even if you bought episodes before, restrictions like this are stupid. Same thing was with Resident Evil Pack which includes 10 games and i was unable to buy it, cause i had previously bought 2 games which are inside this pack.. LOL Its my money and i should be able to buy everything i want LOL
  11. Episode 1 was free, but now it's missing completely, so i can't even find it in store.. i am angry cause i have a season pass for ps3 and i can't add all 6 episodes to my download list..
  12. LOL it is terrible then..
  13. There was episode 1 of GOT for PS3 and PS4 versions, but its delisted now ;/ You can only find episodes 2-6 in ps store, so i don't know is it possible to download episode 1 now, if you haven't added it to your download list before delisting..
  14. I have added free episode 1 to my library and now i can't buy a season pass, cause it says that's it is not avaiable for me because i have Batman ep 1 in my library.. 😟 I can only buy episodes 2,3,4 and 5 separately which is more expensive than buying a season pass.. LOL Any ideas what to do?