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  1. Thanks man, good to know, now i can buy this insanely overpriced port and get 100%😭 Too bad there are no PS3 sales anymore..
  2. I am glad I could help ;D Enjoy your new prices
  3. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon
  4. You can set psn account with adress from state where there is no added tax for psn games Then the price is 15$.
  5. Let us know if 100% is possible on this version. I am thinking about buying it, but 15$ is a little too much 🥲
  6. 2) They appear as two different games, two different bubbles. I have them both, so I can confirm. They share one save game, so you can play in either of them, the only difference is Marvel minigames and costumes
  7. You need two players with good skill and a bit of luck 😀 Those trials are a no joke 😀
  8. I have used a code from a voucher in a box in July 2020 and it have worked
  9. You have to type in the IP adress of your ps5 in the app settings menu. Game works fine
  10. I never had any issues with this game - it is simply amazing (pun intended LOL) So i don't know what is your deal
  11. "Games" like this work like the official "trophy whore" badge for me. Whoever have paid for them or have them on their profile must be "special"
  12. There are calculators online:
  13. @Sly Ripper Is it possible to implement legacy PSN level somewhere on the site? In a way like PSN rarity and PSNProfiles rarity is implemented? Or somewhere in stats page? Have someone ever considered such implementation?