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  1. hmmm, cn it be...? doesnt it get to the current date once u log in? If it works n by chance u have an easy challenge date, plz send it
  2. just saying but last challenge i had was this season ManUvsLivpol 3-1 game. so its irrelevant ur reasoning.
  3. Haven't been playing in a while, have there been any new challenges update or still the same old chelsea vs arsenal match of the week?
  4. lesson i learn from this and for the future is to always get all online trophies first, the rest after
  5. PS2 was perhaps NFS but i think PS3 is GT5
  6. I just hope it dont come to this, challenge means difficulty. but still I think some of emm are rely absurb(ex: last challenge i had was man u vs livpool n needed to score 3 goal in 8mins) But I think if we push enough it might happen. 2 long month before end of 2015, enough to try if available
  7. Then which NFS is at the top?
  8. you mean Need For Speed??? emmm I still do think GT5 top it all
  9. hopefully and that would be great, but i'll take anything they throw since i cant take it anymore waiting waiting.............no end
  10. yeah i do hope as well, finger cross
  11. yeah if the challenges doesn't refresh then will remain the same old match of the week
  12. Yeah been the same 4 me as well, it haven't refresh in a long time
  13. 4 the Challenging trophy, been seeing just match of the week so far
  14. Anyone got info when the next challenge be available? been waiting quite a long time without seeing any
  15. Hats off on your GT5 Plat Well compare to other server that been shut down GT5 is more popular and PSN still making money on DLC, so chances not completely off