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  1. Hi, I heard that there are a lot of glitches on the game atm. I haven't found any glitch on the PS4 NA version though. From your trophies, I see that you are missing the Dragon Lord one which is found in the fiery mountains, on the upper part of the main map. I honestly don't know if there is a specific order to progress through the game since I did each part of the map, but I think that you are gone too far and you have missed one of the first areas of the game and now you can't come back. If it's that case, you have to restart the whole game and clean the most important areas which are the followings: Ur-Berg (Spider Queen boss); Borg (Lurking Horror boss); Fiery Mountains (Dragon Lord boss); Ancient Ruins (Lich King & Queen boss) Thorn (Sorcerer of Thorn boss). Also, don't forget to complete the Dura-Las area for the Loot! gold trophy.
  2. Hi guys, If you prefer a written platinum walktrough, check out my guide (there's also a video walktrough to please everyone 😀)
  3. There is my guide, if you haven't check it already. However, you need to do heroic mode to be able to get all the 3 stars in every level, so best advice is to save at least 100 gems for these levels. Furthermore, best towers are stun towers. To farm kills, the 3rd campaign is the best, especially 3-17 level. If you did not save 100 gems, you have to restart the game to avoid microtransations
  4. Hi guys, if you need help with this game, although it's an easy platinum, check my guide.
  5. Woah, well done man! It's the best one. I will absolutely use it when I will buy the game 😀
  6. Hi guys, is there anyone working on a "Super Wiloo Demake" trophy guide? I know it's kinda useless because the game is really easy but I saw that there is only a video walkthrough on the forum and I would like to put it in a guide 😀
  7. Can anyone confirm if there is someone or not actually working on it?
  8. Is there anyone working on a Tera (EU) trophy guide?
  9. it will take a lot for me, I'm playing tlou right now so I left fear effect sedna for later. However I'll write the guide after =)
  10. Anyone working on a fear effect sedna trophy guide? If not, I will work on it
  11. Ok then I can proceed. Thanks
  12. Anyone working on a "royal defense" guide?
  13. Ok so I can proceed on writing it?
  14. Hi, is there anyone working on a "Doodle Kingdom EU" trophy guide?
  15. Hi I just want to know if the "commander" trophy is actually bugged because I did 3 times the entire campaign but the trophy didn't pop... I read that every campaign has 10k enemies more or less. Edit: nevermind, just got the trophy. It's not bugged, it's a long grind. My advice is to farm the 3rd campaign especially level 3-17