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  1. Never got mine either
  2. Still a glitch in 2020. Just hit it. Might have to watch her story on YouTube if I can't get this to work. For the record my copy is also physical
  3. Does anyone know which way is the best to charge? The guide says to charge up to 3.5 in order to one shot the bad guys and get the best grade, but I don't think I've gotten that high yet. Closer to 3.2 etc in one turn.
  4. I wanted a consensus to see if it was worth buying again. I have a very limited amount of money, and very limited time, so I wanted to see if other trophy hunters had tried to hunt it in the four years since I borrowed it from family video. After I got my responses, I picked the game up cheap and booted it up. It’s a little better than 4 years ago, but I wouldn’t have found that out with out getting some faith from this thread that it was worth buying again to find out.
  5. Hell yeah, are you free at all tomorrow or this week? I'm not on season, didn't know ps3 could do it. Might have been more entertaining
  6. Yeah, no one here wants to help. I'll drag along the hard way.
  7. Might try that. Never played online before
  8. well that sucks. I've got all but one to level 70..I'm going to try to push one to paragon 83 and see if that triggers anything
  9. I've recently been leveling up using my main Demon hunter as player one who is already at level 70 and having another character of mine playing as player two and just not doing anything, tagging along getting experience. Is this going to screw me out of the dream team because I noticed I didn't get Warriors of a broken world or from arreat to Xiansai...I would hate to make 3 new characters and level them from scratch all over again.
  10. I’m hoping this game plays out like Buu’s Fury or at least Legacy of Goku 2. I loved hunting Xenoverse 1 and 2, but hate online multiplayer. I’ve always loved the story and the world. The battles were never as interesting as who was fighting and why.
  11. It had performance issues so bad I couldn't play it about 4 years ago. It was notorius. I was hoping people could tell me they fixed that and that I could finally check it off my list. I wasn't a trophy hunter yet when I tried it, and I hate having 1% of a game. Working on clearin that some during the holidays if money allows
  12. Is this game playable yet? I tried this game about 4 years ago, and the lag/ framerate was so bad I could barely do anything. I hate having this game sitting at 1%, but I can't bring myself to stutter through a game like it was. I read somewhere that the xbox versions and the PC versions were patched, but the PS4 version was still not quite up to par. I'd really like to get this completion up and eliminate at least the story crap. Does anyone know if this is playable yet?
  13. Still working on the guide?
  14. I'm not getting any better gear, so I just need to level up paragon to make it to Master?
  15. I've currently been grinding the path described in the trophy guide link. Only I don't understand the difficulties. I've been doin inferno on medium. I can do most of act one on inferno master 1 but then I die to the Skeleton king. Is it more effective to do what I can on Master or keep grinding on medium at act 3?