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  1. That's weird though, if you check my vita games, none of them are multiplayer. I guess I played modern warfare on the ps4 like 3 or 4 months ago, but I don't have a mike and just mute everyone. I hate multiplayer and especially multiplayer trophies.
  2. I think I will try that tomorrow. It wanted me to log in to do that today. The formatting is for just in case I bought a hacked vita?
  3. thank you, that link ended up working No they ended up saying it was for exploitation hacking. Can't figure how though. Thanks for the info on the past messages thing, I will check my stuff. I can't remember if I sent anything bad when I was a teenager or not
  4. Yeah, I'm just mad that I literally didn't do anything. I just played some cheap ratalaika games as some platinum fillers on the way to a milestone. Then Bam banned for "exploiting or hacking". What bothers me is what will stop them next time? I didn't hack, and I will continue to not hack, so whatever I did to flag myself is likely to happen again. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll at least have the courtesy to send an email next time And to keep my name clear, I don't hack, I don't play online with a microphone or much at all really, and I don't care enough to troll. This was just Sony being a d*ck I appreciate the support and helping me try to understand what happened
  5. I just got on the chat thing and they say I'm banned until April 10th, but they are not sure why.
  6. I'm in line on the phone at the main number and the recording keeps saying that they can't help with account suspension. Who the heck am I supposed to talk to then? Do they have another number besides 1-800-345-7669? How do I format the vita?
  7. Okay, thanks. I pulled it up. My vita and ps4 show up, but oddly my ps3 doesn't. But that is a problem for another time. Gotta figure out why they are messing with my vita first. Still no email.
  8. I was on my sony and my playstation account. I do not know how to check registered systems
  9. I think so, but that would have been 5-6 years ago when I bought it so I don't know. How would I check that?
  10. I tried calling this morning but they won't be open for another 3 hours
  11. Used but I've been using it for 5 years.
  12. I just keep getting this error code when trying to sync my trophies after just syncing a platinum on april 5th. I don't hack, I don't even know how to. And all information I can look up says they should send an email. It is only my PSVIta as I am on my PS4 right now and synced a platinum about an hour ago. Has anyone experienced this problem before?
  13. Looks like as of April 8th there are no more daily bonuses. Or I used up all mine or something like that