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  1. Is this game playable yet? I tried this game about 4 years ago, and the lag/ framerate was so bad I could barely do anything. I hate having this game sitting at 1%, but I can't bring myself to stutter through a game like it was. I read somewhere that the xbox versions and the PC versions were patched, but the PS4 version was still not quite up to par. I'd really like to get this completion up and eliminate at least the story crap. Does anyone know if this is playable yet?
  2. Still working on the guide?
  3. I'm not getting any better gear, so I just need to level up paragon to make it to Master?
  4. I've currently been grinding the path described in the trophy guide link. Only I don't understand the difficulties. I've been doin inferno on medium. I can do most of act one on inferno master 1 but then I die to the Skeleton king. Is it more effective to do what I can on Master or keep grinding on medium at act 3?
  5. I’ll be checking this out next month. I’ve only played a handful of Final Fantasy’s. Out of the ones I’ve played I’d say it goes FF4 DS edition, Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions, Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy Type 0, Final Fantasy 1-2 compilation on PS3, Final Fantasy 3 for the DS.
  6. Final update to all of this, I think they are exactly a month and a half behind. I did end up getting credit for up until July as far as I can tell. So don't panic if they won't update, just breathe, and maybe write them if it gets ridiculous.
  7. Time for another 5 platinum dump. I am not proud of 3 of these, but I was manipulating trophies to make a certain plat trophy number 3500. I noticed I was quickly running out of summer, with classes starting up within the next week. So I bought some cheap easy games to plat to pad my way to 3500 before the end of summer. And I added one of the free visual novels given away forever ago. Needless to say I made it. Just barely in time with classes starting 32 hours from now. Platinum #63 Zero Time Dilemma Difficulty 2/10 with a walkthrough Enjoyment 7/10 Platinum rarity 61.89% I enjoyed this visual novel much more than my last, with plenty of plot twists and turns and lots of gore. I dig that stuff every now and again. Still, I was rushing to 3500 and some of the puzzles got annoying. Got through with a guide or two and that's what matters Platinum #'s 64 and 65 Little Adventure on the Prairie Difficulty 1/10 Enjoyment .001/10 Platinum rarity 97.88% This game sucks, especially after chapter 6 where it gets difficult for no reason except that you can jump on enemies heads to glitch hit them until they die. It was quite frustrating until I saw a video explaining that. I just bought this game for a simple plat much like everyone else. Didn't it expect it to suck that bad, but oh well. 48 trophies closer to 3500 Platinum#66 Planet RIX-13 Difficulty 1/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Platinum rarity 95.90% Not my first time playing this game, but for some reason I really like it. The aesthetics, the air of mystery...just something about it. And that it's super easy, that helps. All for the rush to 3500 Platinum # 67 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Difficulty 3/10 laggy servers Enjoyment 4/10 Platinum rarity 3.74% I've been trying to plat this game for about 3 years now. No occasion never seemed to be appropriate, all I knew is I wanted it to be a milestone because of my love of Dragon Ball Z. When I actually tried to go for it (was considering 3000) I got stuck at Metal Cooler and got discouraged. After finally beating him, and moving on through the story I noticed that 3500 was rapidly approaching, and I couldn't think of a better trophy. So I closed the gaps using those previously mentioned platinums, some bronzes from assorted games, carefully picked some Detroit Become Human trophies and messed around in Marvel Ultimate Alliance with my girlfriend and was ready to go. I had aimed for reaching 70 platinum trophies before returning to school, but I will have to settle for 3500 trophies. It's been a decent summer trophy hunting. Got mile stones 50, 3000, and 3500 done. Now for a slight break.
  8. I was on the C path after Anthropic Principle, but I think it will work out after all. I'll finish using the guide I found, and see if I missed anything.
  9. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS I'm stuck and I can't seem to find any help anywhere on the internet. I have a six password section with 5 out of the 6 passwords locked. Ive got EYE, KILL, FOOL, MOON, FATE. Nothing I type seems to go into the last place. I've tried Doll and Save, but they don't work. Any help would greatly appreciated
  10. Platinum# 59 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 1/10 Rarity 64.13% I was originally just playing this as an easy plat on the way to 60, but I actually ended up liking the story. I even grew to like Chloe, at least way more than I did in Life is Strange. Rachel didn't quite measure up to expectations, but she had been built up so much that was never going to happen. I felt some parts were a little forced, like the graffiti on everything and no one ever mentioning it or noticing. But the story was twisty and engaging enough to let that slide. Not a perfect game, but definitely a fun entry to this series and great backstory. Platinum# 60 Ys: Memories of Celcetta Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 3/10 Rarity 8.45% I've never played an Ys game before, and I started it like 2 years ago thinking my Vita could use some love. Unfortunately I had just finished Hearts R and for some reason wanted to rush other easy platinums late 2016/ early 2017 and really wanted Berseria to be trophy 2000. So for whatever reason Memories of Celcetta was lost to the backlog. Only to be found again while I was thinking of games to plat before they cancel the rewards for plat program. It was one of the few games I have on handheld, and I found myself with a load of downtime at work, so there we have it, perfect time to hunt a JRPG. The gameplay was solid, but the story kind of lost me in the last third. Which, to be honest, is when a lot of JRPGs drop the ball. The only annoying trophies were grinding out skills and learning them randomly. Great game in the end though. Not a difficult plat, just not a short one either. Platinum#61 Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth Enjoyment .00001/10 Difficulty 1/10 Rarity 47.73% I had never played a visual novel before, and this one had been given away on a psn forever ago I think. Or I bought it super cheap to see what it was. I absolutely did not do research at the time and hated it. Left it on my backlog forever. But, free time at work, and time crunch for platinum trophies plus backlog cleansing have all led to me playing this dating sim. Now, I don't know anything about visual novels, I just assumed they were interactive stories. I guess I'm wrong, because this was nothing but a dating sim that you manipulate to date the boy that caught your fancy. I eventually just fast forwarded through it because the cringe was near lethal. I don't think I'll play another dating sim. If anyone has an recommendations for visual novels that aren't that, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm literally stuck places sometimes with only a vita to hunt with. Platinum# 62 South Park The Fractured But Whole Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty 3/10 Rarity 25.19% This game, while not as good as the first one, was amazing. I loved the new additions to the battle system. The story was okay, though I feel it wasn't as extravagant as the first one, I do see what they were doing with the whole super heroes and time travel parody. The whole dad fucking your mom thing got really annoying. But, Morgan Freeman explaining things more than made up for it, and Professor Chaos at the end actually made me laugh a little. The only difficult fight I had was Mutated Cousin Kyle. He's no chump on mastermind. I think my hero got one or two shotted a couple times. Totally worth the play if anyone was on the fence. Especially if you can catch it on a sale
  11. If there is more than 100% then I shouldn't swear .3 here or there?
  12. I have been following a guide so as to get all the map percentages and chests etc. But somehow I've lagged behind, has anyone else come across this following this guide? https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/vita/643152-ys-memories-of-celceta/faqs/68364?page=4&bmpos=5400 I go from on task around 64.7% to 67.9% when it says I should be at 68.2% but there was only 1 screen, and I've walked up and down 100 times trying to get that .3% I eventually just moved on and fought the boss etc and am now doing sidequests. But has anyone else used this guide and come accross this?
  13. Platinum#58 Yasai Ninja Enjoyment .5/10 Difficulty 7/10 Rarity 17.61% I'm not going to sugar coat it, everyone knows this game sucks. I read the reviews etc, and saw that it had an easy platinum difficulty rating so I thought, this would be a good filler platinum on the way to 60...I completely underestimated how absolutely terrible this game was. Platforming is downright enraging when working co op, a true relationship test (my poor girlfriend had to suffer through this too, I owe her and ice cream and a good vacation). In combat I couldn't initially tell if I was hitting anything, and then Broccoli Joe unlocked his triangle attack and easy mode activated. Finding scrolls wasn't too bad, killing 2500 creatures was annoying especially because you can't really keep track. TL;DR this game sucks, wish I never started it. Deleting it from my PS4 was the only satisfaction I got from it
  14. Is there a way to see how many you have killed? How do I keep track?
  15. Platinum# 57 Stories: The Path of Destinies Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 Rarity: 14.60% Not a terrible game, but the grind is real and repetitive is too inadequate a word. The game would have benefited from more than one voice actor but budgets gotta budget I guess. Unless they were so committed to the storybook aesthetic that the narrator absolutely had to read the voices like a books on cd from the 90s. Also wished the dpad corresponded to each sword. Four directions and Four swords would have been perfect. All in all it was a decent game and I'm glad to have it off my list. Would play a sequel.