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  1. Thank you for this suggestion, I will do a new game + and start that again.
  2. Has any one else encountered this issue when going for the Solid Alibi trophy, I have completed the story and cannot find these secret missions even if i go to the places as per video guides. They do not show up on the map too.
  3. @BestUsername---- i cannot trigger these missions from anywhere. there is not side activity tab since i have completed everything.
  4. I can confirm it works and I've gotten the platinum.
  5. ill let it be, enjoy
  6. Since the PS Plus has now officially launched is there a Tekken 2 trophy guide and road map?
  7. You absolute Legends! Autocorrect for the win! I realised Tekken 2 does not have trophies
  8. Its probably the best game out there which is true to its root and innovation. Deep combat, GOAT tier Soundtrack, fluid movement where every hit connects, and deeper mechanics with so many options. For the price it is, i dont think any game comes close to the value and the end result you are getting. If you like Side scrolling beatem ups/brawlers, then this is a no brainer
  9. I have been trying this method since yesterday and it does feel scummy because i know i can do it with a solid partner, but this does help. Now the hardest thing for me has been to find a gnarly playthrough and the only one i created myself yesterday we all died by level 10. Thanks for the video.
  10. I'm in the same situation, did you find a solution to this?
  11. Thank you for the elaborate answer, understood.
  12. does one need to buy it from the PS3 PSN Store? i cannot find it when i try to look through my PSN Vita store or PS4/PS5?
  13. Agreed, i have 190 hours and opened countless motherboxes and nothing yet! i am currently going for the Legendary Catwoman multiverse as nothing else makes sense. If i had known i would be going for this, i would not have sold the rare gear for catwoman or spent more time with her for the 3000 minutes requirement. Does this method still work in 2022 playing on digital edition with the latest patch?? Im tired of grinding at 190 hours!
  14. when I tried this, I got penalized and had -200000 credits! This cat call is the ultimate piss take.
  15. I was just going to post on Cat Call, i hate this trophy and have never had to grind this much before for a single trophy. The method you suggested is the guaranteed way but the time investment is insane and unlucky for us Sods who are pursuing this trophy now after the patch, there seems to be no other way but to go for the legendary catwoman multiverse as you suggested. Sounds a but unfair as most people i know who got catcall pre 2020 were all able to just buy a lot of motherboxes and find the ability. After putting in 190 hours i just hate this trophy and detest the game by now, only still grinding because i cant just leave this platinum after all that effort.
  16. Thanks mate, yes i got it done using the bombs actually and by the 40th try beat it easier than i thought
  17. struggling with this trophy more than any other, the boss always gets me when ive reduced its health over 75% but then im at a sliver of health myself. The lasers have been the best weapon for me so far as they help getting hit by the projectiles but damn!
  18. what if i already am!!!
  19. Fellow Peeps! I just wanted to get an idea on how eager the community were for a Metal Gear Solid 1 - 4 Remaster/Remake for the PS4/PS5 especially since the HD collection of the older games has been delisted off the store and PS NOW ( Except Revengeance & MGS 4 I believe). If you remember the campaign that went on most social media ie Instagram/Facebook/Twtitter where Bioware Fans of the Mass Effect Trilogy kept on using the hashtag MASSEFFECTNEEDSAREMASTER - should there be one for the Metal Gear Games especially MGS3 Snake Eater & MGS 4? I know there have been rumours alluding that a Remake for MGS 3 was in the works at Konami but for such a massive and monumental series, it has been quite low key. A lot of Gamers have been forced to buy older PS3's and Physical Discs for MGS 1 - 3 to have a copy of the games to play but with the PS5 there really should be a collection with 4K 60 i must say. What are your thoughts?
  20. Any tips on final boss Odin without a single hit?
  21. Sorry for bringing this post back after 3+ years but is there a trophy guide and roadmap for the game with assist mode?
  22. would you be so kind to tell how exactly can this be done on a PS5 & Vita? i am thinking of streaming the game of PS Now but if this works might buy it on the psn store for Vita/PS4
  23. Agree on both your points, the Remaster/Remake is best case scenario which Konami must have definitely put some thought into, but like you said; even just having the games back on digital stores to buy for current/new gen consoles would be fantastic. Also don't you think that the license issues for older footage should have been solved by now? like it seems they are either cooking somethink up or put the games on the side for the meantime.
  24. In the age of Remasters/Remakes, i do think Konami can pull this off. especially when games like Portable Ops which was not directed by Kojima exist. From a monetary point of view, this should be a no brainer from Konami, especially since they seem to be interested in reviving older titles ( heavily Rumoured). Whether you may call this wishful thinking, i really think going forward a quality remaster would be beneficial for all.