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  1. Shiny and No Heroes Here... I just hate games with unobtainable trophies. 😡 Ps: I was going to add Final Fantasy XV Comrades as well for this exact same reason, but it came to me that I love that game.
  2. The game can't seen to want to unlock the last 3 character of the selection, even after completing their respective challenges, making the trophy "Muscle Power" impossible to achieve, is it a glitch or is there something amiss? And this may be a general matter 'cos I noticed this trophy have 0% of achievers here on PSNProfiles. So, any thoughts everyone? 🤔
  3. OMG Rise of the Guardians is so cute, that's one Platinum I would love to have 😄
  4. Thank you guys, I already did mine! 😘
  5. Hi people; So... is there anyone, besides me, still trying to get this game's platinum? I was trying to get then by myself but it seens there's an awful lack of people in the servers nowadays (the ones still playing are all "B" rank or above) Please, add me on psn so we can help each other See ya!