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  1. At least in the American store. I JUST beat Prey and have been in an immersive sim mood. Played Thief 2 on PC a long time ago, damn was it good. I've heard pretty bad things about this game, but this is a great deal so check it out.
  2. I was super late to this news. No, I don't want it that bad and I definitely am not getting the remastered version either.
  3. I'm genuinely curious why you find the survival aspects nightmarish. I'm not even disagreeing or trying to argue with you, that's just a hilarious description . Funny thing is I can't disagree with your complaints, but I just loved the story so much. I guess I didn't mind shooting because I spammed the "snap/shoot" system. Though that isn't a defense for what is a pretty bad and clunky system. More embarrassing because the first game from ten years had better shooting.
  4. TRUE!!! I hated that game so much. I had bugs happening every five to ten minutes. I couldn't believe how broken it was. The plot wasn't interesting, combat was awful, the environments were all boggy and ugly locations, the game crashed multiple times, the camera was so broken during the final boss, none of the collectables were interesting to find. Just an insanely bad game.
  5. Bloody Baron is where I dropped it for about a year before revisiting it. I'm telling you, if you push past that section, work towards upgrading your decoctions and potions (which you can restock by meditating instantly, just make sure you have a single alcohest in your inventory every time you do it, seriously, use those potions, it makes the game way more interesting), you start to get in a rhythm that is quite addictive. Novigrad and Skellige are definitely the highlights of that game. The early area is a little uninteresting. Also look online how to get Witcher gear if you haven't found the diagrams yet. That gear makes you overpowered for at least five levels of xp. Then you just look for the next school of Witcher gear when you've leveled up a couple times. Sorry if that's a mouthful but it's a game that took me many years to get the platinum trophy in and I honestly think it's one of the best in the generation. Though if it really isn't up your alley, that's fine of course.
  6. To an extent that's true, but when the OG creators of Fallout came back to make New Vegas, it outclassed every Bethesda Fallout game. Same goes for Outer Worlds based on what I've heard (I've played NV but not Outer Worlds yet, though it looks infinitely more interesting than something like 76). I don't think Bethesda ruined it beyond repair, but it definitely hasn't lived up to the standards of its contemporaries. In general, they are too stubborn to admit that they need to create a new engine or adapt to an existing one. Their current attitude towards making RPGs isn't smart considering all the evidence in their opposition.
  7. It's short, but you really feel every minute of this DLC. It's the hardest thing Doom Eternal has to offer by a long shot. Don't attempt extra lives mode on anything above the easier settings if you don't want to risk losing hours of work. Though based on its cliffhanger, the next DLC might be even harder...
  8. Yeah, agreed. When a company is collectively known for lying and releasing broken-at-launch $60 games, I fail to see how that's sustainable for their business after a while.
  9. You do know Fallout 76 was a thing right? Not trying to sound like a dick, but that game had perhaps the most universal critical panning of any AAA game in decades. Plus most fans I talk to weren't as enthusiastic with Fallout 4 as they were with New Vegas. Small complaint, sure, but when their next game in the series is 76, it's absolutely understandable why many are doubtful of them now.
  10. If it makes Sony more competitive then I'm all for it. I think the PS4 had a pretty samey and repetitive library of games honestly. I'm not interested in Xbox but I am looking to improve my PC for next gen and might wait and see on the PS5 a few years into its life. Too many games felt like the Last of Us or borrowed the Ubisoft open world formula. As for the purchase itself though, I don't know if it's as incredible as some are suggesting. I'm obviously bummed about Doom and other id properties (though Wolfenstein kinda sucks ass at the moment sadly), but everything else is drawing concern. Fallout has been butchered hard by Bethesda and people are now skeptical of everything they make. As for Dishonored and Prey? I mean, I love those games, immersive sims are great, but they don't sell well. I honestly don't think this will hurt Playstation as much as people think it will. This could potentially end up being the next Rare Software deal for Microsoft... which means it's bad for them if you don't know how that went down.
  11. Is it available on the US store?
  12. Kills don't seem to govern your XP gains individually that much so I can't say I care.
  13. Nine story missions, 15-20 minutes each. You'll have to replay each of them at a higher setting and grind in order to obtain the tools needed to survive the higher settings. Don't know how long it'll take to finish this mode yet but it'll be a decent investment. Not huge though.
  14. Finally seemed to work after unlinking for a day, sharing something to Twitter, deleting that post and then sharing another one later.
  15. I just discovered this game and I am LOVING IT so far. I have played the intro levels of like every Immersive Sim (even system shock 2 on my pc) but I just never make it past the opening hours for some reason. Something about them usually doesn't hook me. This one though? Fuck me is it great. The enemies are what really elevate it in my eyes. No matter how powerful you are, each enemy type poses an interesting threat that forces you to be cautious and look for vulnerabilities. Level design is fantastic. I love opening a grate only to then realize "shit, I could have crawled underneath this room the entire time?! Awesome!" I also love how it gives you multiple options towards tackling obstacles. I wanted to move some boxes out of the way but my strength skill wasn't high enough. Without knowing this would even work, I tossed a recycler grenade at the barricade and it fucking sucked them into it! Instantly turned them into molecules. That right there is when you know you're playing a brilliant RPG.