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  1. I'm so sorry
  2. It took me an entire plane flight to finally finish this thing. This was so infuriating. I'm pretty sure the guy sitting next to me thought I was a mental patient when I made it 4/5 of the way to the top only for one of these damn Danny Devito looking spear wielding D-bags to stab me and hurl me back down to square one. Not even going to attempt to imagine what face I made at the Vita when that happened. Anyone who got this trophy is a legend in my book. And if you give up on it, honestly there are better things in life to worry about anyways. I finished these challenges on the PS2, then on the PS3 collection... and now this. I'm never doing this again in my life.
  3. I usually find I can't watch more than two and a half seasons of a show before getting tired. I watched Battlestar Galactica and loved every minute of the first two seasons. Season 3 was promising, but then they started having the menacing killer robots we've been afraid of for dozens of episodes walking around in Hawaiian shirts and talking about their religion and I just instantly dropped out. I know that came out years ago, but I'm finding that the case with a lot of shows today. Walking Dead had a great first couple episodes, then just became clear they were padding it out. Stranger Things was a fantastic series of episodes telling a cohesive story, then season 2 just killed my interest. I gave up watching Game of Thrones halfway through season 3 because it just got so damn depressing and nihilistic and for years my friends made fun of me for not having thick skin... They're STILL furious about how that show ended. I find a lot of media right now so depressing honestly, not trying to sound over-dramatic. Everything is supposed to criticize the fabric of society, or make the audience feel like crap or show some utterly disturbing thing all under the excuse of "errgh, human nature is so flawed, eergh." I'm just so tired of a lot of it. I get that we've had offensive and risqué comedians, films, etc. for decades now but at least a lot of that had a point to it. South Park at least ends every episode with some lesson or interesting reflection about society. George Carlin would make you ask "why do we get offended by these jokes yet feel content with other horrible things in the world?" Nowadays, not a lot of this stuff feels like it has any point to it. That's why I've seriously just focused all my free time (at least the part of it usually devoted to films and TV) towards video games. Games just don't make me feel like crap the same way other forms of media do. And I'm getting tired of developers and writers in the games industry saying how much they want to make everything "movie-like" because, right now at least, I'm trying to get away from movies and TV. Incidentally though, I just started watching that show Chernobyl and it's pretty good in all honesty. It's based off real events and is a five part miniseries, so I know it has an endpoint and isn't just wasting my time. I'd recommend some of you watch it if you're craving a good show.
  4. @FLiiXxSz Kingdom Hearts 3
  5. Funny, I was playing RE7 last night and there was a power outage right in the middle of me auto-saving. I assumed the save got corrupted (it absolutely did) so I said "ah screw it, I'll just download the back-up from the PSN cloud tomorrow morning." And I wake up to this 😂. At least I got some books and shows to catch up on, but hopefully this is resolved within the day.
  6. I have 100% completed this on the PS3 and 4 but I have zero interest in doing so with these touchscreen and motion controls. These do not work well on a hand held. Seriously wish they just ditched it for this port and used the analog sticks
  7. I want a "what if" scenario involving the black truck driver at the end of the true ending and you just drive around and flip zombies off. It ends with him running over Nemesis in Raccoon city and Jill thanks him before he flips her off too and then the title drops "RESIDENT EVIL 3" and Capcom says "there you go, that's the RE3 remake, we made it, now go home."
  8. There is this cool video guide by a guy who plays through the game on titan difficulty without upgrading. He starts at the pegasus part because that's when you're low leveled.
  9. There is a "Resident Evil Classic Collection" available for physical release on PS4 and I may want to get that later down the line because it's just nice to have a physical copy of the game. My question is if anyone knows if the disc version of RE1 and RE0 would have the same save file as their digital version counterparts? Or would I have to unlock everything all over again I guess.
  10. There is a "Resident Evil Classic Collection" available for physical release on PS4 and I may want to get that later down the line because it's just nice to have a physical copy of the game. My question is if anyone knows if the disc version of RE1 and RE0 would have the same save file as their digital version counterparts? Or would I have to unlock everything all over again I guess.
  11. Anyone else think the trophy titles for Claire completing the game with an S rank, as well as Hardcore mode are a bit... suggestive?
  12. I agree, though I’ve received feedback before about clutter using one particular type of tag. Personally I have played a lot of action games (namely anything made by Platinum, platformers, horror games and anything that has a perm-death mode) that include rewards like that. I guess I feel it would stand out more when looking at a guide. Instead of combing every missable one it’d just be right there and let you know it’s the big thing to worry about.
  13. Hi all, sorry if this has already been brought up before (I’m new to the forums mostly) but I wanted to make a request for an additional tag or two for trophies for guide makers to have. * No Damage * Zero Deaths there are just a ton of games now that have stipulations for not taking damage during a boss fight or having to avoid death for an entire playthrough. I think it would be a quick way for certain people to see just how demanding a game is if they look up a guide before playing it. Just a suggestion though, don’t know how everyone else feels.
  14. Just played through this game after years of being curious about it. The legend lives up to the name, this is easily the hardest shmup I have ever played, and getting S++ on every stage would make every Platinum Games title blush probably 😬 but I have enjoyed the challenge so far. One question I have for people is this: Is it better to tackle getting high ranks first? Or is finishing the whole game without dying advised before that. They both seem equally insane to me...
  15. I got the trophy by saving before starting a mission and then loading that file and replaying until I got a gold. Sadly the Arthur they give you in the mission replay option has utterly pathetic stats that even the laziest and shortsighted players would still posses better stats than at any given point in the game. Although there were a handful of missions in pretty much every chapter where I said screw it and accepted a crappy medal because they were that frustrating. The mission where you meet Bronte and bring young Jack back to camp in chapter 4 was a mission that I tried multiple times and finally gave up because I swear the time requirement is literal fascism. Ironically it was a few of the missions that require no combat and just a fast completion to be the hardest for me. The mission where you collect the debt for Strauss from that terminally ill man took at least four attempts because Arthur just moves so slow. Best advice I can give for time requirements is use first person mode. You pace and sprint faster in that mode for whatever reason so use it a lot (when you don't need to be shooting enemies of course because otherwise it's very awkward to control).