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  1. I apologize if this sounds super OCD but this is a trophy hunting website. I have been playing the PS3 version of Doom 3 and noticed there are no silver trophies at all in it and that in general a lot of games I play have few silver trophies. So does anyone know of any trophy lists that have mostly silver in them?
  2. From the descriptions, it sounds like we can replay missions now? That wasn't in the original which is cool! Huge fan of the series. I've played them all and am looking forward to seeing what this adds. Hopefully we get a fourth game that takes place in the 80s at some point.
  3. It’s likely going to be easier than MGR at least. It’s a game with a lot of unique mechanics in the genre however so it might take some time to become comfortable with it. Still a great game though.
  4. In the original Wii U version, you had these exact same achievements. But the requirements were something ridiculous like getting platinum rankings on every fight for every stage on all difficulty levels. I played this game for hundreds of hours and couldn't get all those achievements. If it's the same requirements... nah ya'll. This'll be like a 10/10 no questions asked. It's not a terribly hard game, but it's eclectic and demands a lot from you to get those rankings. I remember having to replay the entire stage with the giant robot Punch-Out reference at least a dozen times. Took hours. That was one stage on one difficulty. This might be harder than some are expecting. If the "finish all secret encounters" is for one difficulty, then yeah, it's a 5/10. If it is for every single encounter on every difficulty level, I don't understand how it's anything lower than a 9/10 considering there was no option to restart from checkpoint option like in MGR in the original Wii U release of this game. Despite all that, I freaking love this game and I was one of the backers and I seriously can't wait to play it with faster load times and better frame rates. This is the most criminally underrated game on the Wii U, possibly the most criminally underrated game of this generation and was single handily responsible for my PS4 collecting dust when it launched with only a handful of games. Really hope people try it out, it's brimming with originality and replay value. EDIT: I was getting the secret encounters mixed up with the Kahkoo-regah segments. They're not the same. You don't have to find all the Kahkoo-regah on all difficulties for this version. This'll probably be more like a 6/10 like most are saying. THANK GOD. If it required you to do all those, it'd be hair pulling. You still have to get at least a platinum rank on all operations, but that could be for one difficulty and doesn't require you to take no damage so that's a fair task to demand of players at least.
  5. I'm partway through writing a guide for this game and wanted to know if anyone else was finishing one? Wanted to check this forum directly to see if anyone was. Thanks!
  6. Love me some old school shooters! Had no idea this was coming. Hopefully there will be a port of something like Dusk coming to the PS4 as well at some point.
  7. First game was Sonic 2 on the Genesis at a friends' house but my very first console that I owned was the Gamecube. I still go back and play stuff on that thing. I remember my whole family coming to watch me finally beat Wind Waker because it took years to finish that game. I will always have a soft spot for Nintendo, I just think they've been spamming us with too many Zelda and Mario games for the past couple generations. Playstation has better variety at the moment. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will get back to their old franchises soon.
  8. If you find a solution I'll add it in the notes to my guide. Sorry that's happening you, weird bug.
  9. Yeah, the mission select in this game has bugged stats. I got every single secret encounter in the game and finished all of them. For some reason, the mission Cult Base has two pink bars where the secret encounters are and every other combat encounter is green. Don't know why, the secret encounters don't show up when I replay the level, it just is glitched on the actual results screen in mission select. Thankfully, that affects no trophies in the game so it's only an OCD issue which I thankfully don't care about. It's a shame because the game is great but there's clearly some bugs when it comes to how they handled the collectables and achievements/trophies. Seems worse than in Doom 2016, that game had one trophy that was bugged for some people. Here, it's multiple ones...
  10. I'll add this to the guide, thanks for the heads up. Sorry that happened to you 😬
  11. I liked the list for Jedi Outcast last time. Cool that they're including multiplayer this time around. Still would recommend people check both these games out on PC, they're amazing old school action games.
  12. I played the whole game on Ultra Violence and thought it was such a perfect difficulty. There were some annoying fights, clipping and collision issues while trying to dodge shit and that secret fight towards the end of the game that asks you to kill a marauder in under 25 seconds can kiss my ass. But on the whole, I loved how hard it was generally. I play a ton of hack and slash games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta and the like. This game felt more like a character action game than a first person shooter at times and I utterly loved that about it. One thing I'd like to see however is more Master Levels and the ability to replay finished Master Levels with cheats. That'd be so much fun. Oh and spoilers,
  13. DO NOT USE THE IDKFA CHEAT UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL THE WEAPON MODS MASTERED. I noticed this when I replayed a stage with cheats and tried to get the mastery for a gun. It didn’t track it in the milestone when I earned it. I went back and used a save back up and got it through that. Mastery tokens are ok I found. Don’t use any cheats that affect progress till you’re done with all single player trophies. Infinite ammo and stuff like that is fine however
  14. I just submitted a guide for review. To follow up on my prior comment, NO, you can't get the trophies for collecting the demon keys in the lost levels. You have to earn those in the original Doom 64 campaign. My guide will feature the passwords and information necessary to get every trophy in the game in less than half an hour so yeah, this was extremely easy to 100%. Dude the game just came out, calm down. I don't think they were prioritizing making easy trophies at the top of their goals while making the game. It hardly looks that difficult to unlock those trophies anyways, there are people who already have the platinum trophy. The mode looks fast paced so it shouldn't take up that much time.
  15. This guy basically has guides for every single trophy: I'm not sure if getting the demon keys in the lost mission counts though since it says "get all three demon keys in the MAIN CAMPAIGN" but once I get the game tomorrow, I'll certainly test it. Looks like you can get 100% in this game in like 20 minutes, if that, thanks to the password and level select system.