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  1. Yeah, I got three hours into it and uninstalled. I've played FAR too many games this generation that played exactly like this. I could just see this next several hours playing out in front of me. It honestly just made me reflect on how similar and redundant so many titles in the last seven years have been. Identical open world setup and systems, identical hoarding and crafting systems, dull mission design, easy platinum that 30% of people have and then the developers added New Game + trophies months after the fact. It's such a predictable formula at this point. I obviously don't have anything against the developers and I wish them luck with their next project, but playing this game for a couple hours made me realize how many hundreds of hours of my life over the past several years have been wasted playing games that were just "fine" and coasted by on being cinematic. No thanks, I got too many games, books and shows in my backlog to get to.
  2. Ok I'll try to get on it more. The collectibles are what's intimidating me. Hope to God someone doesn't publish one before me while I'm writing all of that
  3. I built a PC last year and managed to snag the ultimate edition of this for cheap and, let me tell you, MSK is a completely different game with Doom Eternal. Quick swapping at 144fps is just eye meltingly good. Both DLC packs become jokes because of how fast you are.
  4. I've literally been mocked for being a hipster by my friends for saying I'm not getting the digital version of the PS5. As if discs are just this retro thing we have no use for anymore... like... have you been paying the slightest bit of attention to industry trends lately? Do you realize how short the lifespan of this stuff is?
  5. Anyone else disappointed by the final boss of Part 2? No spoilers but I thought he was a little easy. I thought Hayden in Part 1 was a more satisfying fight. I'm also not saying this to brag, I just thought with all the insanity these two expansions brought there would be something more to it. Absolutely stunned that id made this while working from home during a pandemic... like... fuck me man. That demands credit. A lot of us would have understood if they delayed this content but by God they ended up keeping their year plan on schedule and made some truly intense levels. One of the coolest devs in the industry if you ask me.
  6. Finished Control. Really didn't enjoy playing it and the story and characters had zero appeal. That being said, the soundtrack was utter dynamite (see what I did there) and it had a couple awesome action sequences. To each their own, I'm just more of a Max Payne and Alan Wake fan than what they've recently made.

  7. As on of the nominees, congrats to the winners! And here's to many of you on the fence about writing more guides. Absolutely give it a shot.
  8. Step 1: Read Charlotte's Web Step 2: Cry like a bitch Step 3: Now you love spiders, solved!
  9. There's a war goin' on from Mafia 3. Really satisfying to take down a bunch of klansmen, I assumed you would be doing more of that in this game.
  10. Well thank you for voting for my Doom guide even though it didn't help you personally!
  11. I think you got a fair chance of winning considering how many weeb- I mean RPG fans we got on here! Shit posting aside, your guide was insane and I have been using it in my New Game Plus run so once my backlog clears up I look forward to finishing it! I’ve only made one VR guide and I can attest that it forces you to be way more empathetic to the reader when writing. I foolishly wrote in my original draft to play using a certain controller method only to be called out that my suggestion might lead to motion sickness. What feels comfortable for me might not for someone reading. Lots to consider there which makes writing guides for those types of games really impressive.
  12. I just checked my Doom Eternal guide to respond to a comment and saw the badge. Holy crap is it an honor to even be considered. Guide writing has been a fun hobby and I love this community. I recently built a PC and have been mostly spending my free time playing games on that platform, but I'll try to write guides on here when I can as it's extremely rewarding and entertaining. Thank you all!
  13. Well you can get the trophy as long as you beat the game on a save file that is one continuous playthrough on classic difficulty. That's all I know. I accidentally hit a new chapter, quickly panicked and exited and resumed where I was normally and could finish the game and get the trophy. I'd recommend beating the whole game on classic in one streak rather than stage select
  14. Dude I'm horrible with RPGs. Seriously, they alway fall through for me. I often spend months kicking myself before finally settling down and shouting "do it!" in a mirror repeatedly. Combat is usually what turns me off, but Witcher was thankfully damn good in this sense.
  15. I'm so sorry about leaving ya'll hanging. I still plan to get it up, I ended up building my first PC so that swept up my free time. It's the next guide I plan to write as I do love this game.