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  1. The looks very cool, any idea when it will be out?
  2. Im currently boosting the 500 games played, is it possible to do it on endless lobby or must be ranked? As for the requirement for the 500 ex, pandora's box .. etc can it be done in local vs, training ..etc ?
  3. Just started on Days Gone, Street fighter x tekken i'm very close to complete it i just need the online stuff.
  4. Blood Waves & Need for Speed (PS4)
  5. DeathShadoow - Survivalist
  6. if u dont like easy platinums then dont buy them, no need to argue over the internet showing how hardcore trophy hunter you are. Everyone want to get whatever game/trophy they want, some time people want to hunt trophies but die to their life style it's not possible to grind hours and hours for one platinum, some prefer short ones to substitute for harder trophies. If you get a bit upset over some easy games then you should reconsider why you are playing video games, have fun dont make it a full time job that will create stress for you.
  7. i've tried kicking lots of heads twice and still didn't get the beckHAM trophy, any ideas?
  8. i heard it's out next week, 16th of april.
  9. Hope there are more people like u out there, u deserve more.
  10. It's not as hard as you think, after the forward mk you can input Cr.LP into s.LK it will help getting the rest of the trial much easier.
  11. you can also do s.MP and do the ulltra motion with an addition of forward up motion and hit the 3ppp. Just make sure that the s.MP hits close not the far s.MP attack.
  12. it's not as hard as you think, you can have multiple melee damage upgrade. I've leveled mine about 4 -5 times and used the same place mentioned in PowerPyx's guide it worked from the second try since melee kills count for the trophy along side the takedowns.
  13. My body is not ready for this.
  14. 6175 unearned trophies, Planning to make it around 4800 by the end of 2019.
  15. Dude, i love your games. Please keep doing this for as long as you can.