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  1. Any idea when it's released ?
  2. Thanks will check it out.
  3. For me is the legendary hunter trophy for wildlands,it requires you to collect all the collectibles in the map which it is alone takes around 10 hours or so and after i've collected all of them it doesnt pop. Some people suggested another playthrough and try to collect a bit of those collectibles will unlock the trophy but to no avail. The devs will not even patch it and they have ignored the several attempts from the community to fix it.
  4. Is there a way to farm faster with ninjutsu & magic ?
  5. Cool thanks dude.
  6. Is it possible to track down the 180,000 Proficiency in game? as i dont know how much i have with each weapon.
  7. I guess you always pick the easiest setup in any game and then complain when it's nerfed. 🙃
  8. the game was released in the store yesterday and it got removed after an hour or so, is it still available in EU store or just my Middle east store ?
  9. The platinum for Street fighter V, i got it few months after the game was released and the grinding for fight money was unbelievably slow due to no content was out at that time. I remember i had to fight myself using different account just farm 50 fight money out of 1 million. the grind was insane and i will defiantly be insane if i lose it.
  10. Yeah i was planning on buying it but i decided not to after seeing how expensive it is, i will wait till they do dlc sales or something in the future.
  11. i didnt know that completing any missions gives an ability point, will check it out. Thanks.
  12. This is regarding the trophy *More human than human* as i've read in different trophy guides and comments in few websites they all point out that reaching level 80 is the maximum level required to get all abilities, while i'm currently at 85 and still require 7 more levels to be able to buy the remaining upgrades as the last two upgrades require 6 points while the other is 3 points. I'm wondering is there anything that i could have missed, as i finished all missions and side missions plus the treasure hunt ones. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey man that's very cool of you, hope we can see it soon.
  14. it was saying some kind of error preventing it from downloading, now i'm able to download the game. Could be a PS network issue.
  15. Does anyone else having the problem of not being able to download the game from the store? i tried downloading it my ps4 and the store page from the internet both gives the same error message.