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  1. Alright thanks dude, will start working on it immediately.
  2. Any idea if there are missable trophies in just cause 4?
  3. I'm wondering if there are any missable trophies in this game or the trilogy in general since i'm about to start the game and hoping that i dont have to replay the game for missable trophies.
  4. There are 3 ways of doing the super, first is the normal input downback -> downforward then upforward. second is after is after performing a flash kick is to add downback then upforward quickly third way is after the flash kick is to just input downback immediately after using flash kick and it will happen but for all those ways u need to do it super quick.
  5. not really, the game is really fun and i enjoyed every minute of it.
  6. I don't recommend buying the game since it's already Free to play on PC just wait till it's free, no point of buying and then regret buying it when it goes F2P.
  7. All Rachet and Clank games, Jak trilogy, Hitman GO. There are many others but those the ones that came in my head instantly.
  8. This!!
  9. Thank god i didn't buy it when it was on sale few weeks ago, i will start working on it soon.
  10. Ultra street fighter 4, it was tough due to the trials in that game, it took me 2 months just to finish 1 trial for 1 character. no wonder why the plat trophy it is below 1%.
  11. #67 The lego movie: Video game
  12. Back to the future: The game on ps4.
  13. Thank you for the guide, i will start working on this game as soon as possible.
  14. Easiest platinum: Hitman GO: Definitive edition Hardest Platinum: Super street fighter 4/ Ultra super street fighter 4. Those trials gave me nightmares.
  15. #52 Bloodborne Really liked the game, hated the grind.