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  1. Someone forgot that Senna doesn't have the Pole record anymore. Obviously they made that trophy before Hamilton took the record recently but still just pointing it out.
  2. I got the Platinum in the PS3 version but didn't buy any DLC, I would totally buy the PS4 version if I can get my save on to it. There is no way I will buy the game otherwise because as much as I enjoyed it I've already put in 100 Hours on the PS3 version and I won't be doing that again on PS4.
  3. Something to Prove - Sauber and McLaren As a McLaren fan this hurts lol
  4. Is this a walking simulator with some small puzzles?
  5. same here #notmycircuitbreakers lol
  6. I have a guide for Rebel Galaxy on my favourites which at somepoint became unpublished and cannot be used anymore. Thing is I can't unfavourite the guide which means it's permanently on the list.
  7. Well this is a welcome surprise. I hope this gets a digital release as the JPN version is Retail only. I got the Plat for PS3, will totally buy this as Ultimate Tetris is a mess.
  8. I was stuck trying to get 3 stars on Puzzle 5 for awhile, decided to look up the solution and well the Xbox One solution starts with a different block. It starts with a 2 tetramino line, which can be slid under the blue shape. But for me I get a 3 tetramino corner which means I can't use the guide either. How did you fellow PS4 players do this puzzle and get 3 stars with the corner as a starting piece?
  9. Get 80% is always my goal and then Platinum if it feels doable. I decided to change my PSN ID last year so it was tied to my own country so there are a few games I need to replay which has been fun but also means I may not go so hard for trophies as replaying JRPGs is a big commitment.
  10. Does anyone know when this is coming out?
  11. Can I use my PS3 save on the PS4 version?
  12. The Walking Dead Season 2 ... apparently.