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  1. ngl I wish this was just the Win a Fight and Lose a Fight trophies, would be hilarious
  2. This is hitting all the right nostalgia buttons. The 90s is imo the golden age of puzzle games and these days we get the odd scrap if we are lucky. This looks fantastic and I'll definitely be giving this a try
  3. Surprisingly this has been released on the UK store making it the first Kairosoft game to do so. Hopefully the rest will follow, especially Game Dev Story.
  4. I wish they hadn't dropped Vita support, if only for the fact that I miss getting smaller indie titles.
  5. Puzzle Bobble 2 was released today on EU PSN Storefronts! The music of this titles is one of the most iconic soundtracks of the 90's imo. With there potentially being a shortage of Hamster releases in the coming months I really hope they can use that time to fill in the many gaps still remaining from the dry period the EU territories got in 2018 and 2019. Would love to get Twinkle Star Sprites and Neo Geo World Cup '98, though those have yet to appear on the US storefront either.
  6. I've played Hi-Score Mode and got the Hi-Score Trophy and the Mark Score Trophy, when the game asks me to post my high score to the leaderboards I select yes but Record Score doesn't unlock. I also played Caravan mode but still haven't got the trophy to unlock. Am I missing something or do I need to reinstall the game?
  7. Da fuq? How on earth did they let that happen? I mean the game tracks the bursts and everything
  8. Subtle as a punch to the face isn't it? Basically a cross of Guts and Kenshiro
  9. Can confirm that downloading the trial and buying the unlock key from the menu still works as of March 2020! Cost £1.69
  10. Did this Yesterday. Grinded for a couple of hours against Deitus, healing between each fight with Tents. I used two cats and a Villager. I would Magic Reflect with Abram since most of Deitus' attacks are Magic based. I'd then steal with both cats incase one would miss, each successful steal would get a Dream Fragment. I'd then use Fear with the Villager to up Abram's stats. Then the next round I'd use Rapid Edge to take out Deitus. Through Dream Fragments and trading large crystals for STR fragments I was able to get Abram stats up to about 1400 with max level. This along with the Illusion sword made the first 10 rounds of Enah a breeze to get through. So much so I probably could have gone in about 30 mins earlier I reckon. But given the strength of the Hades Weapon it definitely seems as though using cloud saves to try and get that on the DRP Lottery assuming you have enough left for a few rolls each attempt would be a good way to go too.
  11. After far too long a wait (especially since it's been on the NA store for awhile) this title has finally made it's way to the EU Storefronts, hopefully we won't have to wait too long until the 2nd game comes through as well.
  12. Okay so I actually got the 3,000,000 on the English Rom myself but I unlocked the Record Score trophy on the Japanese Rom instead (I want to complete the English Rom so I'm using a save state) and was immediately surprised by how much easier it was. You get to the big chain scores alot quicker. I easily got to 3,000,000 on a single credit on the Japanese Rom so using the save state should make it a breeze.
  13. I finally FINALLY did this about 20 minutes ago. I'm so glad that I didn't let this broken and cruel game beat me. I'm actually like legit good at Tetris, it's the only game series I feel confident in saying that BUT man this game! This stupid glitchy and masochistic game almost broke me, ALMOST! But not quite. I did the playthrough without using the cloud or even bothering with worrying about fixed block patterns, if anything by knowing what I had coming it made it slightly easier for me to plan out attacks. Then again it could also have made it a ton harder I'm not sure. Predicting when your going to win a stage can be quite difficult sometimes due to the cascade nature of line clears, I always did like that mode in Tetris Evolution. But yeah after alot of swearing and back to title screen reloads later I finally achieved it. I'm pretty proud to have done so, as I mentioned I pride myself in my love of Tetris and my above average skills at the game and I was determined to eventually return to this title and defeat it and today is that day and I'm very happy. Sadly I will probably never play this game again, I bought it blind solely because 'Hey, it's got Tetris mechanics in it' and while the idea of the game is quite good the sheer difficulty of the game is just madness and the game ceases to be fun pretty darn quickly. Most Tetris games to me are like zen, ultimate chill out but this was hellish. Having to battle the controls in the later stages was a nightmare. I mean the glitch of blocks just not rotating despite controller input can ruin a potentially stage ending run and that kills me and my swear jar could send me round the world given the amount of times I found myself battling against that glitch. Then there is the constant speed up, the game having the cheek to tell you to hurry up mere moments after starting a stage despite putting a labyrinth before you to complete. Puzzled is an absurd game made by masochists. At the end of it all I probably did have fun and I ventured to achieve something with this game I would never have normally done so with alot of these Hamster releases solely because for once they put the challenge there. Someone at Hamster was playing a cruel joke on everybody when they decided 300,000 i.e a playthough and more in score would be the Gold Trophy. So thanks Hamster but never again and thanks Puzzled but also **** you Puzzled.
  14. Okay so yesterday I hit 99 Avatar's unlocked. I then hit 100 A Ranks and unlocked 3 avatar's at once (Zen avatars in the Journey section). Putting me on 102 avatars but the trophy did not unlock. I eventually unlocked a 103rd avatar this morning and got the trophy. After talking to fellow member Eric_742 who didn't get the trophy pop till 101 I have a theory as to why. Firstly the trophy states you need to EARN 100 Avatars. i.e the first one you start with doesn't count. This would explain why Eric_742's trophy didn't pop till 101. Next that you need to earn a SINGLE avatar for the trophy to pop. Which would explain why my 3 Zen Avatars didn't pop the trophy at 102. So yeah don't worry if when you finally get to 100 Avatars that the trophy doesn't pop. Chances are you'll only need 1 more Avatar and the trophy will pop just fine.
  15. For some reason I can't find this game on the EU or US PSN Stores? It says online it came out on the 28th of June and clearly a few people have played it but I can't find it on PS4 anywhere.