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  1. To be fair it wasn't THAT hard. It sure was challenging but nothing you can't manage alone. You just need to try different routes and see what's the best in terms of enemies and food/combos.
  2. My absolute favorite has to be Arcanine, followed by Metagross in P2 and Skarmory in P3. I echo the post that said that our choices as so unique, however if that thread was named "With which Pokemon do you relate with?", I'm pretty sure that over half of us would go with Snorlax.
  3. The theme of time-travelling really affected me and made me think several things, mostly personal but the thematology of over-cheesy-hipsterish-nooneelsemattersexceptmybae-bs really threw me off. In my hands, Arcadia Bay lived another day. With great power, comes great responsibility.
  4. Hold the R3 button down to see how much time you have left. Your shift from the time you put your uniform on is approx. 6 minutes
  5. Yup, CrazySoft itd is based in Greece.
  6. Absolutely not.
  7. Keep entering and exiting the buildings in Theater Square. Debolah was the best place for me
  8. Japan/Asia probably (?)
  9. It's a very refreshing game that's for sure. It's very short in length (45-60mins) but if you enjoy it as much as I did you'll play it more than once.
  10. Wouldn't it be possible to have both skins as a choice here? As far as I'm concerned, the reception has been mixed so far, so is there a possibility that we can have the choice as to which skin we want to use for our personal browsing of the site? (Much like what happens in several forums). I don't know if it's up to the editor or up to the possibilities of the service responsible for this website, but it would be cool if that feature was possible.
  11. Someone actually bought the WHOLE package as it seems
  12. Ηοw old are you? You remind me of myself and the stupid "jokes" I was telling to cover my lies when I was 13-14. Disappointing...
  13. Just admit you're lying and move on. You're impressing noone. The game has more trophies so maybe it's more "fair" this time. Only time will tell but I'll stay away. I hate this company and the mystery they're hiding
  14. While the ending was sad, I cried somewhere else somewhere in the end of the story. You probably know where
  15. You're pretty good at this, top job! How's the endless mode so far?