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  1. Appreciate the response. I'm still a bit away from my speed/low-death run. I'm on my first playthrough still. Going to get all the other trophies before I go for those.
  2. Do these have to be done in one sitting? If not, I would assume save scumming is possible? (i.e. - Run through the first world with minimal deaths.) Save and quit. Upload save to PS+. Rinse, repeat? Any insight on this?
  3. With the amount of people playing Diamond Dynasty Battle Royale dwindling, do you think it's possible to kinda schedule times to play against people on here to "boost" the wins needed? Thoughts?
  4. Guys. I am done. Platinum achieved. I already uninstalled the game, packaged it up, and put it up for sale on Craigslist and FB Marketplace. Sayonara to the longest gaming grind I've ever completed.
  5. Oh jeez - 328K - You are going to have to play a ton between now and December 1st. After a marathon session right now, I went from 940K to 983,892 -- It's so close, I can taste it!
  6. Just hit 940K this morning. Congrats. This thing is ridiculous. Then, to see if I can ship this sucker on Craigslist for anything at all lol
  7. Hit 900K today. 90% of the way there!
  8. How you coming along? I didn't have much time to play at all this week. I'm at 862,798 as of this morning.
  9. God. This is so tedious. There are so many other games that I'd rather play in my free time, but this December 1st server shutdown is looming. Once I hit 750K, then it really started to feel like a slog. On the plus side, I'm ranked 8th worldwide right now in Rivals Arena! (That and a dollar will get me a pack of gum...)
  10. Up to 842,436. Made a lot of progress this weekend!
  11. 804K - Just checking in. Got about 35K since Monday. If I average about 50K a week, I can have this done by the end of October. Cutting it close!
  12. Yeah. If you can find a show to binge, you can just mindlessly strum. I've been basically playing it legit on Rivals Arena for the past month or so. Last I checked, I'm at 770K - Give me strength.....
  13. What I've been doing from basically 400k on has been playing Rivals Arena - When I get matched up with a rival, I play for real and try to rank up. (currently at division 2 and only 2 wins away from division 1). When I don't get matched with a rival, I just basically strum rapidly through the whole song. If my wrist cramps up, I'll give it a rest for 20 seconds or so. I play about an hour or so a day. This week, I've gotten about 60K strums this way since Monday, just playing about an hour or two every day before or after work, sometimes less.
  14. God speed. I'm at 609K, and it's brutal. I believe in you!
  15. 666K strums left. All other trophies acquired. The hand mixer thing might have to do lol