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  1. If you played Black Ops 3 campaign on Realistic Mode. It's basically one hit and you're dead. I get your frustration but this is how some games work. It's meant to be so frustrating because it's so unfair. I remember playing Black Ops 3 on Realistic difficulty and being really frustrated by the fact that is was impossible. But you just have to be patient and frustrated. it may look badly designed but it's really not
  2. This game was available free on Playstation Plus 🤔
  3. Hey guys, Very new to the forum game so I thought why not try to start something. Sometimes I really like to look the names of or sentences of trophies when you get them and I came with the idea to make this into some sort of game. It's very simple. Choose a trophy's name that will fit with the story and let's make this a fun and random story! I'll start with a lovely cliche RULES 1. Use only trophies that you earned 2.Try to fit it as much as possible. Only use a verb if needed 3. Do not try to offend anyone Good luck everyone! A long time ago
  4. Me too. I regret starting this game! Thank you! 🙌
  5. Good day everyone, I'm TheTrophyDude on PSN and I post all my platinums and 100% trophies here. I am 18 years old and I study computer science. I got a Playstation in 2015. I didn't start trophy hunting until I found a Youtuber introducing me to the concept of trophy hunting. Goals for 2018 Becoming Level 14 Reaching 25 Platinums PSN Trophy Card Platinum trophy case 100% Trophy Case Platinums Platinum 1 - 21 100% Games Backlog List of games I'm playing next
  6. I'm trying to find the function where you can hide content in box so gives you a overview in the editor. But the problem is I can't find out how and where to find it What I want: If somebody can tell how I can get this in my post please do!
  7. Well it could be satisfying if Playstation would bring the reward system to Europe cause getting platinums would actually be rewarding. I always enjoy seeing the platinum trophy pop. Sometimes it's sad because you really don't want to see a game end!
  8. PSN ID: TheTrophyDude PS Systems: PS4 Accept blank friend requests: Add with a notice that you're from PSNProfiles. Never had any friends who are into trophy hunting. I'd love to make some new friends to play or talk with. I'm mostly into single player games but I also love some good co-op games.
  9. That awesome man! It's really fun game. It's really unfortunate that studio shut down year ago. Would have loved more games from this studio!
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  11. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. Game looks so awesome!
  12. Loadout I really enjoyed playing this game since it came out on ps4. The only sad thing is that the servers are closing down on 24th of May. I had to grind the game in order to make it to 100 hours. The only downside was the amount of game modes and more support for console. RIP loadout
  13. Seasoned Vet Play in matches for 100 hours. Got this just before the servers going down
  14. Currenlty playing Assassin's Creed Unity. Really fun game altough it's still a bit glitchy. After this I'm planning to continue Oddworld New'n Tasty