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  1. just bought the vanilla version of this game a while ago, would have waited a while if i knew.
  2. berserk and the band of hawks. god of war 3 or god of war ps4?
  3. persona 4 golden
  4. titanfall 2. beat the master challenge is very hard kudos.
  5. if anybody want to add me for data exchange moaljanahi
  6. kingdom hearts 2
  7. world of final fantasy should be a game you platinum, its a really good jrpg. for platformers i think rayman origins is a very fun game that i enjoyed platinuming digmion cyber story sleuth.
  8. is it okay if i join now i have a vita and some games i need to finish.
  9. i have the platinum for digimon cyber sleuth
  10. mirriors edge
  11. crash bandicoot.