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  1. Hey dude. Why did you hide all your awesome plats? I saw your site, awesome job on DMC4.

  2. Nice Vegeta pic.

  3. Yeah lol we're still waiting .... Or we will throw you out away. Take some responsibility finally and do something good in your life.
  4. 'dem Paint Skills by faking the original feed Get good man...
  5. I wish i had these "worries" lol. Well i did the MP twice of the Game, PS3 and XBOX and i never had any problems with the game at all. Other then that, just wait the 6 months... not sure where the problem is? For a game like this, with a glitchy MP it doesnt really matter if you have a long gab or not.
  6. Just a small head-up; Servers are still active, did them yesterday with a friend of me.
  7. Im sure most people thought at first it's a girl haha
  8. Im sure most people thought at first it's a girl haha
  9. BBCS PSN Avatars are awesome... but it looks like if the sh*ty JP Stored don't have them -_- 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. AlphaLloyd
    3. LouTheDroog


      Good facelift, but still pretty uninteresting place to spend more than 5 minutes, same for the chatbox. Stay awesome mate, and Happy birthday Lloyd.

    4. AlphaLloyd


      Haha, i agree with you Lou. Thins were here once different. Thanks a lot old buddy! ^__^ I'll do my best to stay awesome =P

  10. Hi!

    No i don't, but the scenario is just getting hilarious and it might be an other Saionji.
  11. Hi!

    What do you think, what i'm thinking?
  12. Hi!

  13. <- There. Well by cutting of anything from my post except this, is for me the confession that you agreed with what i was saying.
  14. It is virtually impossible to do the same excact run with every same second. Alone loadingscreens aren't always the same, they're always different. Also it is impossible to have the same 100% gameplay and execute them 100% as the other. I know this very well, because when i'm going for my DMC4 runs, they're always different. Unless there's a TaS (Tool Assisted Speedrun) possibility for the PS3, which i highly doubt.
  15. Why DMC1? How about thinking of DMC4:SE? You only thing which 99,9% of all Platinumachievers did, buying all DLC's, taking Super Characters for the hardest Characters in Game, - you inclusive. Avoided default Nero, Dante & Vergil Bloody Palace. For the Bloody Palace run skipped for sure all Knights on Stage 99. Avoided to do Untouchable in a legit way, of course choosed Lady/Trish for DMD S Ranks, if you had been playing it with Nero & Dante then you haven't for sure learned their mechanics but abused their most broken sh*t to cheese anything. Also i know that most people who did DMD S Ranks, still needed to use Items and exploit other fights to rank up their S Ranks. I wouldn't wonder as well, if you did Down A Notch with cheesy Lady as well. At this point i'm asking myself why i'm creating a masterpiece guide and made it even as Nero, as simple as possible and no one isn't using it. If i haven't been posting my Dante SSS Tutorial on Youtube and serval different websites only a handfull people would have it done as Nero. But even now... it seems to be to hard for people, that they have to pick up Lady.... because you only basically needs to use 2 buttons. But for Nero way more. I also wouldn't wonder if you did LDK with S-Chars as well. Because the thing about LDK S Ranks is, that you almost can't miss the S Rank itself if you would play it naturally and collect a few Orbs and thats the reason why i've been calling you out for this, you didn't staked it. Now lets continue with all Bosses SSS Ranks, since you avoided the real challenge which offers the game, i'm pretty sure like around 90% had done the trophies with a Super Character as well. Same as for Hell & Hell, i'm pretty sure here as well, only a handfull of people did this mode as well by abusing Super Character & Items as well. Because if you still struggle with the other campaign difficulties then there's no way you did this mode without any kind of abuses, especially fights like Agnus M6 and since you did Hell and Hell before the other S Ranks, then i know allready what's going on. I also remembered now that i've been complimented you for doing the Platinum quite fast for the average and asked you with which characters you did the S Ranks but you haven't still answered tho, so yeah i'm sure it had to be Lady/Trish. Now the Secret Mission, there's one where you need to beat a few waves of Assault's & Chimera Assaults, i'm sure everyone did it again with Super Character, same as the last Secret Mission which can be found on M17 with the lasers. Anyone used again super to avoid the Challenge here. I'm not sure why you're taking the PSN Avatar of Nero, since you didn't even stacked the S Rank Bloody Palace Trophy as him but i guess you just only like it.