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  1. Hey folks, as i have seen, that the game is extremly exploitable... like you can pause to the max, which means the game is absolutly free now by terms of difficulty. I was wondering if anybody of you, could share their pausing strats and if i need something to look out for? I would like to ask, if the game or console crash, if you upload your score or video clip to the leaderboards? Because i thought a free stack would look nice. Sincerly and thanks in advance.
  2. Yeah lol we're still waiting .... Or we will throw you out away. Take some responsibility finally and do something good in your life.
  3. 'dem Paint Skills by faking the original feed Get good man...
  4. I wish i had these "worries" lol. Well i did the MP twice of the Game, PS3 and XBOX and i never had any problems with the game at all. Other then that, just wait the 6 months... not sure where the problem is? For a game like this, with a glitchy MP it doesnt really matter if you have a long gab or not.
  5. Just a small head-up; Servers are still active, did them yesterday with a friend of me.
  6. Im sure most people thought at first it's a girl haha
  7. Im sure most people thought at first it's a girl haha
  8. BBCS PSN Avatars are awesome... but it looks like if the sh*ty JP Stored don't have them -_- 

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      Good facelift, but still pretty uninteresting place to spend more than 5 minutes, same for the chatbox. Stay awesome mate, and Happy birthday Lloyd.

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      Haha, i agree with you Lou. Thins were here once different. Thanks a lot old buddy! ^__^ I'll do my best to stay awesome =P

  9. Hi!

    No i don't, but the scenario is just getting hilarious and it might be an other Saionji.
  10. Hi!

    What do you think, what i'm thinking?
  11. Hi!

  12. <- There. Well by cutting of anything from my post except this, is for me the confession that you agreed with what i was saying.
  13. Hey folks, i have been clearing as much as possible from the fastest achiever Board for "Devil May Cry 3" - aka DMC3. Many players who were cheating the game got removed allready. Since i'm taking at least 2-3 looks each day into the Boards especially for the Top #10, to check if there are new appearances. I did that also for the reason to raise up my old account to the Top #10, normally i could have fastest with it as well, but the only problem i had back then, that the game just simply bores me so much that i didn't had much motivation to play it after a 20hrs session with Vergil again. But on the later spots (#11 & #12) i found a very suspicious evidence which i never saw ever before. Both players have, as my Topic Title is allready saying, exact same order, timestamps & completion time. How is this possible? The game has for sure always different loading times, gameplay can't be always 100% the same, lines can't be taken always 100% all the same time, same as correct landing criticals and more. I don't see how it is possible. Correct me if i'm wrong or missed something... but i'm simply wondering So my question is here, any possibility to remove them? Or can someone explain me this situation. Player 1:〈=de#content Player 2:〈=de#content Thanks!
  14. It is virtually impossible to do the same excact run with every same second. Alone loadingscreens aren't always the same, they're always different. Also it is impossible to have the same 100% gameplay and execute them 100% as the other. I know this very well, because when i'm going for my DMC4 runs, they're always different. Unless there's a TaS (Tool Assisted Speedrun) possibility for the PS3, which i highly doubt.
  15. Why DMC1? How about thinking of DMC4:SE? You only thing which 99,9% of all Platinumachievers did, buying all DLC's, taking Super Characters for the hardest Characters in Game, - you inclusive. Avoided default Nero, Dante & Vergil Bloody Palace. For the Bloody Palace run skipped for sure all Knights on Stage 99. Avoided to do Untouchable in a legit way, of course choosed Lady/Trish for DMD S Ranks, if you had been playing it with Nero & Dante then you haven't for sure learned their mechanics but abused their most broken sh*t to cheese anything. Also i know that most people who did DMD S Ranks, still needed to use Items and exploit other fights to rank up their S Ranks. I wouldn't wonder as well, if you did Down A Notch with cheesy Lady as well. At this point i'm asking myself why i'm creating a masterpiece guide and made it even as Nero, as simple as possible and no one isn't using it. If i haven't been posting my Dante SSS Tutorial on Youtube and serval different websites only a handfull people would have it done as Nero. But even now... it seems to be to hard for people, that they have to pick up Lady.... because you only basically needs to use 2 buttons. But for Nero way more. I also wouldn't wonder if you did LDK with S-Chars as well. Because the thing about LDK S Ranks is, that you almost can't miss the S Rank itself if you would play it naturally and collect a few Orbs and thats the reason why i've been calling you out for this, you didn't staked it. Now lets continue with all Bosses SSS Ranks, since you avoided the real challenge which offers the game, i'm pretty sure like around 90% had done the trophies with a Super Character as well. Same as for Hell & Hell, i'm pretty sure here as well, only a handfull of people did this mode as well by abusing Super Character & Items as well. Because if you still struggle with the other campaign difficulties then there's no way you did this mode without any kind of abuses, especially fights like Agnus M6 and since you did Hell and Hell before the other S Ranks, then i know allready what's going on. I also remembered now that i've been complimented you for doing the Platinum quite fast for the average and asked you with which characters you did the S Ranks but you haven't still answered tho, so yeah i'm sure it had to be Lady/Trish. Now the Secret Mission, there's one where you need to beat a few waves of Assault's & Chimera Assaults, i'm sure everyone did it again with Super Character, same as the last Secret Mission which can be found on M17 with the lasers. Anyone used again super to avoid the Challenge here. I'm not sure why you're taking the PSN Avatar of Nero, since you didn't even stacked the S Rank Bloody Palace Trophy as him but i guess you just only like it.
  16. Gameplay is imo the most important thing to me, because when it comes to Hack'n Slashes or Fighters i need a good Gameplay and not a good story. Like for example if DMC4 would have such a bad Gameplay as the previous DMC (especially 1&2) Games, i never could play it as long, as i do it. If these Games are offering a good story, then it's a cool additional - thats all.
  17. I know i'm late with this but thanks for answering. Well RaveNScythE18 did the game before the other guy so yeah. At least i could report quite many people there and the Top #10 is safe now.
  18. I haven't been reading the other posts here yet, but custom Headers don't work atm for the PSNP Profile (Not Forum) - for some odd reasons I can only choose last Game played or from the games i've been playing.
  19. Anyone else got problems with custom Headers for your PSNP Profile as well...? // Not the Forum Header~

  20. It wouldn't, like i said in my prev post, for example NG3 without DLC or with, is a huge difference ^.- But having both would be really nice, because if a game would get out of nowhere a DLC then your run would be ruined tho.
  21. Fixed, everything is good now
  22. I have this error for a plenty of Games, like NGS2 (ok i'm 2nd Spot now but Sergen is missed as well), DMC4:SE, DMC3 and many more =/
  23. I have plenty reasons to say that i can create the best guide for this Game, which i will answer to one of the other quotes here in my post. Also it's not like i could do this guide in like 2-3 days compared to many many casual games. Well, people are always getting super salty when i'm talking about my all time fav Game Thanks for your post, but we'll see. It is like Sergen said, first you don't simply know if there's someone who would use your advises. Second, we both know everyone especially to Games like the Ninja Gaiden Series won't be read that much because people preffer to ask Sergen if he can help them out, instead of reading his guide and try to do it like he's saying. So there's no real point of doing Guides sometimes, unless it comes to Online / Collectible Trophies for example. Third; i did for example the most informative Guide to "Down a Notch" Trophy for DMC4:SE and made it now way simplier to get then it used to be, but even that was to hard for people, so they decided to cheese it as Lady. Of course if i would go for it, i would give many examples how to achieve this Trophy but however, when it comes to this game people are getting always so salty. It's just simply incredible haha. You both guys are one of the examples of human beings who are living behind the mountains. Ok i didn't wanted to make this post but well, it looks like i have to do, so it will ends up as a brag - at least it's how people always calling out these things. First: I made the fastest Achiever for this Game in a very fast time which is almost impossible to beat legit. I kicked out the Asians without any problems, i could even have many sleep sessions and could still beat them from their places without any real trouble. This has a few reasons; I can Speedrun the Game, i can play the game in a very stylish, fast and complex way and i can play for Leaderboards all these categories has been mastered by myself and i have been combining the skills all together, to clear the Game in 1d & 5 hours. I can also even improve the run better and i will do this someday. My only problem was there to idle boost the last Kills for the 10.000 Kills Trophy. There are only very few people who did this Trophy as their last one legit. But some has to delete their save to make it look more "impressive". If you don't think the Asians like Kuruno-K didn't their best, then you should take a look on their Account and then you'll see all these Accounts been made for Speedruns and so he did his best as well, but way slower then me - which don't mean it's a bad run overall, i would say a good one for sure. All my stats from my Trophy run are viewable here in this video: All stats can be calculated up and so you can see i made my Trophy run without any sleep. If you're gonna talk about Spot #2, DevilVergilXT he's a very good friend of me who comes from Germany and since i've been teaching him a lot in this game and he's been dedicated to the game as well, spent +400 hours he easily could kick out the Asians very easy. His only problem was to get a free Weekend to kick their Spots. Second: Like i said before, i can play the Game very stylish. I have mastered all kind of Combos as Nero/Dante to get through the game in a fast and efficient way. Since no one of you had been playing the game wouldn't understand the deeper matters of it, so i will link some Clips where i'm showing off my natural Gameplay. All these things are very complex to do and needs much practice to perfect them. There are many many inputs which had been executed in a few seconds. Only a few very good players can do them without PC Mods. All my Gameplays are naturally done on console. Also i know if i would explain all these things, it would overhelm you and starts to leech and cheese things. Hack'n Slash Games are simply one of the best examples DMC4, NGS2 and many more. And i thought people in general want to search for real challenge... Third: I have done way to many World Records on XBOX 360 (40x) and on PSN (38x) currently, i made Scores which no one can beat and all these runs have to be executed in a perfect way. Which means, SSS Ranks, No DMG, No Items. The No Damage Bonus is the most important thing there, i have found out many Strats and stuff which no one would ever found out. Like for example i'm the only one who did on M12/DMD the 1 Million PTS but no f*cking Asian could get it. And this Mission is not even one of the hardest one. Here you can check out: & I have found out also many secret strats which no one knew just like for example with the Down a Notch Trophy. I'm there for the original founder and developer how to get into the Slash-Parry-Loop as Nero VS Dante: I also can tell you the history about this method. This method is allready quite old, like from 2010, but no one until i came knew, how to get into the loop on purpose, so when i was going for the WR's for Mission 1 i've been asking many people how they got into the loop, but no one could tell me in a party how to get in it, all they said was "luck". But i took the time to beat the WR's there and found out 3 different methods to get into the loop and as you can see i've been releasing there knowledge which no one else knew until today. I also know way more then this, but i haven't been releasing a guide for different methods, even it was requested by many people. But doing these guides takes a lot of time and it's also not easy to explain them in a noob-friendly-way. And for these reasons i know i'm first the Wolrd Best DMC4 Player and of course know way more then anyone else in this Game. I've been playing the Game soon for 7 years and spent in hours way more then you guys invested in your Trophy Account. If i would go for a guide, where i share all my knowledge for this Game, it would be a huge book. Fourth: ONLY 3 people did the "Untouchable" Trophy legit, me - LordGamolth - SphinxRun (he didnt stacked the Trophies like i did, but he has on PS3 a Bloody Palace Score of 6.6 Millions PTS which is in a way harder to do then Untouchable). Everyone can only choose a Super Character and still struggle with it way more then i did. Since it's a 50-50 chance to leech it. As well no one did a Bloody Palace run as default Dante and only a very few as default Vergil. I am writing these things because i'm getting requests from different players, outside of PSNP of course who want to go for the real legit Platinum. But since, the motto for most people is "cheesing is the only way to achieve" i can't help it. And this is also why i have the feeling it's sometimes pretty not worthy to do a huge guide for it. There's so much hate and such when i'm going to talk about this game, in our days most people aren't very thankfully. Unless you are acting like a filthy casual and play the same game as they do. Not many people here on site aren't a real pro in any game, so they can't have the same experience as i have, Luca, Sergen or DevilVergilXT and have the same feeling as we do for creating guides. Simple as that. PSNP has currently only a few good detailed guides for harder Games like NGS2, NG3. These two games were written for example also from Pro Players Sergen and Phorus. But in case, no one really used them because they asked them instead to leech the Trophies. I made as well the same experiences. I mean it's their decision what they're doing i won't blame them since no one is perfect, but this is for example one of many reasons why writing a guide for a skilled Game is useless. Sorry that i've been sounding like i'm "salty" (how you would call) but writing such bs and "insult" the person, they should get some researches of the person before. I can understand sometimes there are trolls outside, but not with me.
  24. I could do easily the best Devil May Cry 4 Guide, but the effort isn't worth it. People wouldn't appreciate the work behind it.
  25. I guess i'm doing some well progress on my personal project =) - If there are any display issues etc, let me know, thx!

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      The only thing you're progressing in is pissing me off with your ego, I'm more than salty, you always bring up the fact that you're the best at this. Nobody cares bro. #SaionjiSalt2016

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      I bet you paused every damn frame to get these scores and you stole everyone's strat :(

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