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  1. Just plat this game and was a bit worried about the last Valkyrie however by the time i got to it i was sufficently levelled and it wasnt as bad as people made out. I did die a few times but once you recognise the patterns its ok. After dying 5 or 6 times in quick succession i ended up beating it without needing a resurection stone. I was playing on the second setting and would imagine on the hardest setting this will be VERY punnishing. A great end to a great game
  2. #103 - God of War - I played this back at launch and for whatever reason i put this down.  Went back to this as part of the PS+ collection on PS5 and so glad i did.  What an amazing story and fun gameplay experience.  Now i am excited for a sequel.  Anyone on the fence about playing this game should give it a go - never really clicked with other GoW titles but this was simply brilliant

  3. Wipeout 2048 1.26% Catherine 1.27% Helldivers 1.88% Downwell 1.91% Darkest Dungeon 2.04% A better list than i thought 😲
  4. No I havent - i dont think Dirt 5 is on now/plus but some of the earlier ones are - given those are free are might try Crew 2 and one of the earlier dirt games (if you can recommend them too)?
  5. Never played the Crew - PS5 is missing a racing game so this might fill the void for a bit
  6. I never finsihed God of War (2018) so started this up on PS5 - wow what a great game this is.  I have no idea why i stopped playing it - amazing


  7. Will we ever get Monster train and Hades on Ps5?

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    2. chickenbaltipie


      I'm crossing fingers for both, i am shocked Hades isnt on it yet.  Monster train has just appeared on Game Pass so there is hope...


    3. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wondering the same thing about Hades. I've almost bought the Switch version but holding out for a PS4 or PS5 version 

    4. chickenbaltipie


      Its on a lot of GOTY lists for 2020, seems an obivous move to come to PS5 (i hope so anyway)

  8. 100% agree with this
  9. same - no crashes yet - might try putting it back on and see what happens
  10. Finshed the Cold War Campaign - actually really enjoyed it and thought it was the perfect length no need to make it longer than it needed to be.  Have to say the soundtrack on this game is amazing!

  11. I have moaned constantly through freezes, bugs and getting kicked off PS5 all the time. Patch 1.09 (16/12/20) seems to hAve fixed that weird stuttering bug. I played Zombies and got to round 35 and no issues. Campagin - did a couple of missions on veteran and went fine. Multiplayer no errors and progress actually workng on my camos now. THEY MIGHT HAVE ACTUALLY FIXED IT (although i havent tried Dead Ops yet) WOW - i thought this was hard enough already - havent managed a single gold yet
  12. i feel your pain! I was running the easter egg with mates, i got chucked at the final part and they didnt and got the trophy AND they dont even care about trophies :-( I've also been kicked at high rounds after a couple of hours of setting up, getting the wonder weapon, all perks, elements and packed guns just to be kicked - frustrating to say the least. Now even the campaign stutters and trying to do my veteran playthough i have been cought a couple of times in areas with unforgiving checkpoints - i really want to play season one but i am now sick of getting kicked, not being able to join parties (even though apparently i am already in them) and just buggy bullshit Not even gonna attempt dead ops at this point
  13. Campaign really laggy now too. What the fuck are they doing with this game
  14. New patch 15/8/20 seems to have made my zombies even more laggy. Ffs
  15. Just thought i'd add my experience to this in case anyone wants more data. I bought the cross gen version and have the trophy on both ps4 and ps5. On both i did them solo, didnt open any doors, just went in with the OP shotgun and and used the ammo box and equipment when needed. On PS4 i killed the elite in the room, on ps5 i did not. There is a slight delay on the trophy and popped at the start of the next round.