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  1. No probs - have fun with it - we certain got off to a good start. you 100% get both versions, i preordered mine and it downloaded both on my PS5 - this is the digital edition - assume its the same for a physical copy, hopefully someone else on here could confirm that
  2. I bought this game on PS5, my son played coop with me on the PS4 upstairs for about 4 hours on Sunday. I have one copy of the game, i did have to make him a second blizzard account to be able to play with me. We did have a couple of disconnection issues but didnt lose any exp/equipment just progress on that part of the map/cave etc. To be 100% clear i am playing the PS5 version of the digital edition of the game whilst he is obviously on the ps4 version on the ps4
  3. Diablo 2 early thoughts (never played it originally.)


    A lot of fun in coop, looks great, runs well.  


    Some connection issues, got kicked a few times - trophy list looks a challenge



  4. I never played Diablo 2 so i'm excited to finally give this a go
  5. i was thinking the same...
  6. 3 successful runs on Hades now 😀


    Some method to the madness now rather than hacking and slashing has paid up, you would have thought LOL

  7. Gungeon 100% - beat the Advanced Dragun last night - think i might work on completing the ammonomicon.  What a great game this is...

  8. Battle Fantasia - are you insane - how did you get that - massive kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hades is almost here :-)

    1. AK-1138


      Are you talking about the game, or are you one of these doomsday prophets?

    2. chickenbaltipie


      @AK-1138 - good point, it could be either in the current climate...

  10. Thoughts on Rise of slime - looking for something to scratch that Slay the spire itch - current £9 in sale - worth a bash?


  11. Homefront: The Revloution 👏
  12. Team Sonic Racing is not a 4/10 plat.  I consider myself decent at racing games, not the best but decent.  Done everything on expert but some of these challenges I have outstanding are tough!!!!

    1. LancashireLad87


      I'm sure you can get them done. You finished both CTR NF and Wipeout 2048 on PS Vita. Not sure how difficult they are compared to Sonic All-Stars Transformed though. Best of luck!

    2. AihaLoveleaf


      Difficulty ratings here can be real weird sometimes. If we consider 5 to be "average" difficulty, then a 4/10, objectively speaking, should be the high tier of "below average" that an experienced player will crush in no time and an inexperienced player will get through with minimal stress. Additionally, the Platinum rarity does not fit the difficulty or time investment given in the guide. I've platted two racing games with similar rarities and they were about a 6 and 7 in difficulty, respectively. Some people might get onto me here saying that rarity doesn't always prove difficulty, but this game has enough players for the metric to work in this case.


      Anyway, considering your achievements (Wipeout is no joke!) I'm sure you'll get this game done. Good luck! 👍

    3. chickenbaltipie


      Well I finally did it. Two challenges were a weirdly tough difficulty spike. Must have been two hours on those alone. The expert races themselves not too bad in the end. Thanks 

  13. I really enjoyed the London 2012 games, is pretty much that same as this (same team, event types etc)? If so i might pick this up
  14. I was execting to hear something from Sony by now to say they are doing there own thing.  Really hoping to see some TLOU 2 factions news

  15. Undermine - what a little gem this is :-)


    1. gruffiiti


      I was looking at this after finishing Children of Morta. How does it compare?

    2. chickenbaltipie


      I love CoM which is a better game overall. The combat is lacking in comparison but the permanent progress is great and synergies in this are fun. It’s not that difficult I mainly die to silly mistakes or greed