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  1. I was convinced i didnt want one at launch but thought i'll try for a preorder knowing i wouldn't get one... I got one
  2. Convinced myself i didnt need a PS5 at launch and i have one pre-ordered.  Now all i can think about is launch day :-)

  3. I wonder if we get a patch on PS4 (i think there is one on PC atm) that might help with any buggy trophies
  4. thanks for the heads up
  5. Is the sad eggs trophy just luck or can you influence in any way. Had 4 in a row twice...
  6. thanks for the info
  7. I've done this so many times 😀
  8. The only thing i have found to be rubbish is that egg that turns hearts to mouldy hearts - i dont see how that helps? Thanks for the hint about the lotto ticket - i'll remember that. I've played on normal from the start and bombs do hurt you. I got both trophies at once threw a bomb at the wall and jumped on it whilst it exploded PING (x2)
  9. Neon Abyss is so much fun

  10. Good to know thanks. It's a good point, when I have been OP i have taken damage simply becuase i couldtn see the bullets coming torwards me. Maybe my eye will tune in like it did with Isaac, or maybe this is something that can be patched... The 5 secret rooms i got in the first run after i unlocked the upgrade the guarentees there will be one - guessing this wont be a rare trophy at all. I had an explosive weapon so simply cleared the floor then shot all the possible locations until it appeared. I actually got secret rooms on all floors. Similar with the eggs, it was my first run to the second boss so doubt that its rare esecpecially with more levels the more you play (more chance to get eggs i guess). I also got the 5 successful hatches in a row, seems 0% have the 5 fails - is that random or can i infulence it somehow? Have you had any "do not pick up items" yet? Everything i have collected seems to be beneficial so far - was expecting one or two bad items.
  11. I just got the 5 secret rooms and 50 eggs on the same run (check my trophies). I’ll put the seed here although like you said not sure if it works. I’ll be interested to see if it does. Please let me know 0DQ9V2VS what a great game this is.
  12. Plat #89 - TLOU2 - I dont think I would use the word enjoy as it was very stressful at times LOL.  Amazing game IMO

    1. MidnightDragon



    2. Kale


      congratulations !! hope your like the story ^^

  13. This will be a rare plat I think. Looking forward to giving a go.
  14. i just finsihed the story last night, not where i was execting it to go but i think this game is really good. Not sure if i would say i enjoyed the game becuase thats not the right word, i was stressed out a lot. I am going to play it again in a month or so after i go back to something light hearted :-)
  15. Little mini challenges between friends is a good way for me to clear things.