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  1. Finshed the Remnant campaign last night, have to say I did a full 180 on this game.  Initially thought this was a bit janky.  Played the whole thing in coop and now just mopping up a couple of trophies.  I'd love to see them do another one

  2. When i first played Remnant I thought it was janky as hell and looked terrible.  Started playing this with a friend and really got into it.  It's still pretty rough around the edges but there is a fun game in there.  Its tough in places but not too tough that you want to quit.  Its get the tag of being "souls with guns" and tbh its a pretty accurate assessment.  If you are on the fence, grab a mate or two and give it a crack

  3. Still waiting for Hades to come to PS5...

    1. StrickenBiged
    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      This would be fantastic, one of the absolute best games of last year. Hey, Disco Elysium was another incredible indie that came to consoles (nearly two years later) so there's hope!

      (Yes I know Hades was on the Switch, that's how I played it)

    3. MidnightDragon


      They won't release Hades, but they'll release Among Us

  4. I just did this and got the jump trophy? From the trial. WTF
  5. I'm 62 hours in and on chapter 10 on my hard run, watched all cutscenes and took my time on normal but skipping a lot on the hard run. I'm glad its not just me but that first boss on hard took my by surprise - honestly struggled more with this than hell house (2 attempts i think) and almost gave up on the hard run completely. Dreadding the fights near the end
  6. Demon souls update - rings done, one spell and a couple of miracles for the plat :-)

  7. I seem to remember this being a lot harder on ps3 - but i guess since then i've gone on and beat ds1,2,3 and bb so got used to the mechanics. The hardest part was wrapping my head around the tendancies again. Oh and the prison, i get lost every time lol
  8. Back into Demon Souls - might plat this, workingon spells and rings - so glad they removed the tendancy mechanic in the Dark Souls games 

  9. good to know - thanks
  10. Neon Abyss - deeper than it first looks, gets hard in places too Children of Morta - lovely game, tight mechanics, varied classes, highly recommended Swords of Ditto - lovely couch coop game, me and my wife put in a load of hours Salt and Sanctuary - nice twist on the soulsborne in 2d Motorstorm RC - a perfect "one more go" game, excellent game to compete with friends (time trails etc)
  11. thats a good sign
  12. not really what i was hoping for Kena by far the most interesting title there for me Deathloop i like the idea of Returnal i am more interested in than i previously was
  13. good to know the devs are responsive and will look out for the patch
  14. So i played about 3 hours last night, beat the 3 short quests and two of the medium ones, i dont see me ever getting 10 perfect runs on any boss however this is a fun game so i'll keep playing and just see how close i can get
  15. im the same but with speed runs on countdown timers - i just panic lol