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  1. heard the servers are being turned off in Jan - seems like this has sparked a little more interest online - all this week i have had a enough people on to play
  2. without a campaign this year i am really tempted to buy COD BLOPS 4, i never really play the story mode

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lorajet


      Why not?  Sounds good to me!

    3. MidnightDragon


      Red Dead Redemption II is a prequel. That being said, if you get a chance at some point, play the first one. The single player is one of the best I've ever played...that's saying a lot, trust me.

    4. chickenbaltipie


      OK thanks i'll look into seeing what my options are to play it! 👍

  3. #57 Celeste - wonderful game - anyone who gets all 175 strawberries without assist mode is a better gamer than me
  4. Dead Cells - shaping up to be my GotY so far

  5. that was pretty funny
  6. really enjoyed this game, i'd be very happy with a remaster to warm me up before a sequel
  7. 100% try Rogue legacy What about that new game coming out - The Messenger - but old school ninja
  8. Let's try this Destiny 2 thingy

  9. hard drive space #firstworldproblems

    1. MidnightDragon


      External drive or erase some stuff?

    2. chickenbaltipie


      yeah i bought an external drive - just 2TB but its helped a huge amount - cheers

  10. Sleep LOL Funny that coming from the guy that communicates to me through the language of snoring everytime we coop (or walking into walls) 😆
  11. DEAL - That's 2 hours coop (falling asleep doesn't count) per level
  12. ok if i can can make some space i'll do that last level with you if you will join me on D2
  13. played the first game, enjoyed it but my friends fell away from it and in turn i did. Tried the demo for the second one and no mates interested again so didn't bother. Hoping this time @barakmh will join me as its free :-)
  14. Guacamelee 2