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  1. Did you play the demo? I thought the demo was ok but reviews seem to suggest it get boring pretty fast.
  2. Just started Marvel Midnight Suns, a lot of dialogue, bit of a slow start but starting to really enjoy it now

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      how are the maps? because that and the dialogue are why I canceled my preorder. 

    2. chickenbaltipie


      There is a small radial map for the hub world which is pretty basic.  In terms of the combat maps, they seemed varied with a lot of environmental hazards to interact with.  But i'm only a couple of hours in, I get the feeling there is going to be a lot of repetition here, but i'm cool with that.  The dialogue is a little cheesy but thats fine by me.  Its the interaction in the hub area that buffs the characters in the main game. Hunter (pratagonist) seems a little vanilla but i think thats intentional given the characters story.  I picked it up on sale on PSN about a third off, i'm happy with what i have paid for so far.  

  3. #120 (and first of 2023) Tunic - what a wonderful game.  I didnt know too much about this game before i played it.  Was recommended it so gave it a go.  Wonderful game, tricky puzzles and great mechanic around the instruction book.  Highly recommend

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Congrats on the first Plat of the year!  Will take a look at the game - sounds interesting!

    2. chickenbaltipie


      Thanks @BlackSquirrell1 I won't spoil anything but I would at least have a look at a review to get the idea :-)


    3. ihadalifeb4this



  4. still cant get mine to work, will try again tomorrow. Althought biggest game is gonna be Elden Ring or Isaac
  5. #119 God of War Ragnorok: My personal choice for GOTY. I can't recommend this game enough

  6. Just finished God Of War Ragnorok, what a game this was. 

  7. Do it mate, you'll get a new fresh start - dont play any sports games this time around :-)
  8. very handy thanks
  9. Great tip thank you
  10. Picked up Roguebook in the last sale.  As someone who loved Slay the Spire i was looking for something similar.  Couple of runs in and i can see me investing some time into this one :-)

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      @chickenbaltipie yeah - it's cool with the duel decks - it makes it a little more complicated to learn, but it works really well once you get the hang of it, and man, does that game look gooooood 😂


      @IntroPhenom - the torphies are a bit of an odd one, but I think they're so rare just because there aren't any "normal progression" ones. You could feasibly be an absolute master of the game, complete it 100 times, collect every card, see every encounter etc. and still be a 0% 😂

      Basically, none of them are super tough, but they all require you to do a run or build specifically to get that trophy, and only that trophy, if that makes sense? Pretty much none of them would unlock "by accident" while just playing normally

    3. IntroPhenom


      @DrBloodmoney Seemingly designed with trophy hunters in mind. I like it.

    4. Rally-Vincent---


      Griftlands is quite fun to play, I'd recommend it for deckbuilding fans.

  11. Bought this in the PSN sale for ~£5 after a recommendation from a friend. Love Hades and Dead Cells so thought why not. Had one quick go last night, looks like it has potential to be fun. Couple of thoughts, Are there any misable trophies? Are there any long term grinds to concentrate on? I started on Normal, should i start again on the hardest difficulty or can i change this at any time? Any hints/tips welcomed
  12. The Binding of Isaac (Rebirth onwards) ~2500 hours Slay the Spire - 506 hours Enter the Gungeon - 468 hours COD: Cold War - 353 hours - bit of an anomally this one, got into Zombies with two mates and played it loads Several games on 200 hours mostly indies but a couple of soulsborne games are up there too
  13. I struggled with one boss in particular, i wont spoil it here but i think its pretty common knowledge who that is. I refused to summon anyone on my first run, but subsequent runs i summoned others and it was so much easier. I actually did the PS4 version after the PS5 version and was much quicker with a different build. (magic was very OP) I think with these souls games their difficulty has to be taken with a pinch of salt. A large % of those that play these types of games are the hardcore souls fans and i think that tips the rareity of the plat. Having said that becuase of the open world approach (knowing you can run away from almost any fight) and how well the game was received by critics, i think it attracted some outside of that souls fan base. If you havent played these games, i think this is a quite a good intro to the style of games and would recommend playing it. You can also save scum the endings to save a couple of play throughs - which i did on my second plat
  14. good to know, thanks
  15. Oh really? So if i buy a spray in the character menu (say Mei) but its a generic overwatch logo it won't count unless its somethign to do with her or ice?