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  1. Slay the Spire coming to PS4 next month - awesome.  Been watching a lot of this on twitch

  2. thanks for the calculations Luckily, me and 3 mates bought this day one so we are in this together
  3. Path of Exile is going to ruin my backlog project

  4. Looking forward to having a crack at this tonight. My mate on PSN has played a ton of this on PC and we are going to coop the whole thing. Whilst he won't spoil anything for me it will be handy to have a helpful coop partner
  5. Grinding out two plats


    Diablo 3: 316/500 bounties


    PES 2019: 33/100 wins

  6. Finally got around to playing Breath of the Wild and oh boy is it something special.

  7. i'm on chapter 4 and just used Evan, Roland and the tank Pirate dude so far. Is Tani any good? What does she bring thats different to my current 3?
  8. Sometimes you go back to a game and it just clicks.  Lords of the Fallen story completed.  First played Jan 2016, I'm going to do two more playthroughs of this and get the plat i think - really enjoyed it

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    2. chickenbaltipie


      i have the DLC @starcrunch061 so will give it a go ☺️

    3. starcrunch061


      It's good to play it before you finish your playthroughs, since there is a weird trophy that requires you to beat the final boss of the main game with the weapons from the DLC.

    4. chickenbaltipie
  9. Oh yes thanks for the reminder - i also need to do that without being hit
  10. Good to know about the stats - very helpful thank you I'd like to give NG+ a go, can mop up the remaining special weapons i missed and any new audio logs (as is my understanding from the guide), but i might start again for the third class - thanks for the tip
  11. Okay so i have read the guide and i am a little bit confused (doesn't take a lot) I'm just about to finish my first play as the warrior class (red magic type), when i come to start a NG+ I need one of the other two classes - does this mean start NG+ i will have a ton of points allocated in strength that perhaps would be better suited in faith or does the game allow me to re-allocate all of these at the start. Also - you have to chose another magic type, so if i choose green for example, will it give me the trophy for finishing the game with the class that is associated with green - even though i have the red already unlocked? thanks
  12. Gone back to Lords of the Fallen - i have no idea why i stopped playing this - i am loving it

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    2. IntroPhenom


      @Hemiak  I don't think anyone would argue the quality of the game is inferior to the Souls series, but that's not to say it's a bad game.

    3. Hemiak


      Yeah from what I've seen it looks OK. The main complaints seem to be that the dodge and block are wonky. I guess I'll see when it's time. It definitely took some getting used to the Surge. No I frames so you have to actually dodge attacks instead of dodging through them. 

    4. chickenbaltipie


      It's a lot of fun, the story is a bit meh but the gameplay is great (i am someone who likes a souls game).  Quit short, which is perfect for my precious time

  13. Purchased :-) Will try it tonight I saw this - think i am just going to play it and have fun - if they patch it later it will be a bonus
  14. Its on sale in the EU store this week - £9 i think
  15. #60 The Binding of Isaac - (USA) - my second plat for Isaac - I really love this game