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  1. I never knew that. Currently at 208 so this will speed it up. Thanks
  2. it's my indie PS+ machine. I rarely play any cross play games on it now if i can play them on PS4 unless its a smaller game that suits the screen. POOP is a little harsh
  3. yeah the same as above
  4. Owlboy and Hollow Knight in the flash sale - worth a punt?  I like metroidvania's so these seem like a good choice

    1. starcrunch061


      I haven't played Owlboy. Hollow Knight is worth full price. On the cheap inexpensive like this? It's a no-brainer for the metroidvania fan.

    2. Durandal


      I've been playing Hollow Knight for the last 4 weeks now and I can say it is a truly great game. It is not just a metroidvania for me, it is actually more like an open world RPG with interesting characters and lots of things to discover. The world is vast and there is a lot to learn about the history of it. Of course there is lots of jumping involved and lots of bosses to fight too. On top of that the game features an interesting character system and some rather unique gameplay features.

    3. chickenbaltipie


      thanks guys - bought Hollow Knight


  5. Overcooked 100% - did the whole thing with my wife and had a blast.  (and by blast i mean we slagged each other off for making mistakes 😀).  


    Now for Overcooked 2...

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    2. bubba3m


      Nice! I was thinking about getting this game for my girlfriend and I. 

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. chickenbaltipie
  6. ^^^ genius 😀 I think if i was missing one or two characters and they had a sale on for cod points then i might just do it
  7. Best fun i have had on my Vita is Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy and Shovel Knight If you havent played these you have a ton of gametime there. All can be played in short bursts too
  8. #58 FIFA 18 - I think getting FIFA/PES every other year has worked a treat as i didnt get fed up with this one


  9. thanks for the heads up; settings changed!
  10. heard the servers are being turned off in Jan - seems like this has sparked a little more interest online - all this week i have had a enough people on to play
  11. without a campaign this year i am really tempted to buy COD BLOPS 4, i never really play the story mode

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    2. Lorajet


      Why not?  Sounds good to me!

    3. Spyro


      Red Dead Redemption II is a prequel. That being said, if you get a chance at some point, play the first one. The single player is one of the best I've ever played...that's saying a lot, trust me.

    4. chickenbaltipie


      OK thanks i'll look into seeing what my options are to play it! 👍

  12. #57 Celeste - wonderful game - anyone who gets all 175 strawberries without assist mode is a better gamer than me
  13. Dead Cells - shaping up to be my GotY so far

  14. that was pretty funny