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  1. Gone back to Lords of the Fallen - i have no idea why i stopped playing this - i am loving it

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    2. chickenbaltipie


      Looking back at my log it was 2016 when i played this.  It seems that Uncharted 2 remaster, resogun and bloodborne distracted me.  I wonder how many other gems we have all missed for one reason or another.  A review of my unfinished games are needed...

      @IntroPhenom i just simply had to start again - no idea where i was going.  I'm almost back to where i was (if boss trophies are anything to go by) and really enjoying it - good luck with your final 2 runs


    3. BlackSquirrell1


      Looking at my list I've neglected quite a few of my games.  Think I'm going to make an effort!  I really want to start my Metroidvania games, but I have to finish 2 games before I'll allow myself to do that.

    4. Hemiak


      Haven't played LotF yet but I want to get to it eventually. I know a lot of die hard Souls fans give it crap for being a cheap knock off so I guess we'll see. 


      I did play The Surge and had fun with that. 

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