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  1. Not a speed runner guy but i think its a great list. I'm sure there will be umlimited ammo for guns. I used these perks to help get my s ranks on re5 - professional will be no joke
  2. Like a Zombie at work today, two late nights playing Divinity...

  3. I wonder if it gets a bit too repetitive by then? Gonna have a go anyway
  4. Any estimates on time to plat - looking at 5-10 hours?
  5. Downloaded and looking forward to playing it. Looks like most people agree on a refreshing change of pace which is just what I am after
  6. Divinity Original Sin 2 - i think i have restarted this game about 7 times, silly mistakes, parties with little synergy but something has finally clicked and i feel like this party is pretty solid.  

  7. Gonna have a pop at this, love them icons
  8. Rogue Legacy - so close... Thanatophobia is a tough one but you got this 💪
  9. Divinity Original Sin 2 and Salt and Sacrifice for £23 - that should been me busy a while

  10. How long did it take you to get to the final boss - around 10 hours?
  11. Agree with the point about trophy hunters picking this up in a sale. I picked it up when it was about £10 without looking at the trophies, if i had I probably would have been put off
  12. thanks for this detailed explanation. A real shame from the devs, I've started to get into this but looks like i'll never have the plat which is frustrating (clearly not as frustrating for someone you is stuck on 98%). I really hope it gets fixed for you guys who have all put the time and effort in
  13. thanks for that - very clear and i understand now. So the glitch is from an update patch? I can see someone has the plat, was that pre patch or perhaps someone who just got lucky? Really sucks though
  14. very excited to get my hands on this, not often i get stuff day one anymore. This looks like i will get lost in it forever
  15. I'm confused about these events - when you have an event with 3 options, do you have to (over multiple runs) select all 3 events OR just pick 1 of 3 options and that is that event ticked off the list? Assuming there is no tracking for this too?